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Mandatory Know! 5 Benefits of grape for Healthy Teeth - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits of grape for Healthy Teeth - Healthy T1ps

Do you still remember the words of the parents at the time of childhood, when we are going to sleep they would tell us to brush our teeth before bed. Brushing teeth is one of our actions to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. If you do not take care of and cleaning the teeth properly, it will cause various kinds of diseases as follows:
  • inflammation of the gumsCavity
  • Inflammation of the heart or endocarditis
  • Lowering memory
  • Diabetes
  • It's hard to Pregnant
  • pregnancy problems
  • Cancer, etc.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits of grape for Healthy Teeth - Healthy T1ps

There are so many ways to treat dental health so well kept. One of them is to consume foods that contain the nutrients needed by the body. The wine is a fruit that has a lot of substance in it that can help dental health. Nutrients contained in each type of course different, but the wine dasarny composed of 20% sugar, 70% water and for the other ten percent are:

  • Vitamin
  • Sugar
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • acid Error
The substances mentioned above including the substances and nutrients needed for healthy teeth. And here are a few wine buanh benefits for dental health.

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The benefits of wine for tooth:

Assist in the establishment and strengthening of teeth
The content of calcium contained in grapes can help in the formation and strengthen teeth, then small children are encouraged to eat grapes. How the consumption of grape juice or made do in apapum but eat it straight. By chewing your child's teeth will feel so that it will strengthen the power of children's teeth. If you are less intake of calcium into the body, the strength of your teeth will decrease.

Maintaining the health of the gums, tongue and oral mucosa
In grapes contained iron that has a benefit in maintaining the gums, tongue and oral mucosa. If a person is less intake of iron will cause disease, namely glossitis tongue. Glossitis is a disease in diaman tongue tongue look red and sore. Then with vitamin C contained in grapes may help keep gums, vitamin C is also needed to produce collagen.

Help bone growth and tooth eruption pattern
Folic acid is dimiki fruit can help the growth of the facial bones especially the jaw bone which will host the teething and tooth eruption pattern.

Assist the development of facial structures in the fetus
Vitamin B complex owned by the grapes, consisting of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B9 have benefits to assist the development of facial structures in the fetus, especially the teeth. It is recommended for pregnant women to consume enough fruit wine when pregnant.

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Preventing bleeding in mouth
Vitamin K has a function to help blood clot, dab prevent bleeding arrived - arrived in the oral cavity. Vitamin K is also found in grapes.