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Recipe And Procedures to Make Delicious Chocolate Banana Ice - Healthy T1ps

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Procedures to Make Delicious Chocolate Banana Ice - Healthy T1ps

How to Make Banana Chocolate Ice - if your child used to buy ice less obvious level of cleanliness and health. you need to worry and be ready to provide solutions so that your children do not purchase less healthy snacks. name the child only interested in outward appearance and taste to you as a parent it is better to make healthy snacks that will obviously be clean.

Problem tasty ice that you can make your own with natural materials such as banana delicious nan. would be more palatable serving it. banana brown coat was going on until blended then sprinkle meses. will certainly appeal to kids. if compared with an ice lolly or ice would like it more enjoyable. the name of this ice is chocolate banana ice or abbreviated piscok

Procedures to Make Delicious Chocolate Banana Ice - Healthy T1ps

How To Make Chocolate Banana Ice

secret of delicious banana ice is certainly of the quality of materials, use ripe banana and nice, could use golden banana or banana, or can be customized. use a nice brown matter. could use cocoa powder or chocolate bars, all the same because there will be dissolved or melted. banana is used as dyes.

Materials and How to make banana ice chocolate powder

sufficiently ripe bananas
150 grams of sugar, puree in a way in mashed
70 grams of cocoa powder, use a good quality
cooking oil 70 ml
sufficient ice sticks
materials sprinkles
meses, nuts or to taste

How to Make Banana Chocolate Ice Bags

The first banana peel, then prick with the stick ice if no one can use a skewer. then input into the freezer until frozen
dissolve chocolate powder or bars with a little hot water and stir well. then add the confectioners' sugar. stir well.
heat the cooking oil, and put the mixture of chocolate and sugar earlier. stir well. in this process use a small fire. and briefly. after so thick cream. turn off the heat. lift then cool.
grab the frozen bananas. then dip into the chocolate before. sprinkle meses or beans. then freeze again into freezer
ready to be served.

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