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The Amazing Of Benefits Grapefruit For Healthy Diet - healthy t1ps

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The Amazing Benefits Grapefruit Diet Healthy and Natural - healthy t1ps
According to the Dictionary of Indonesian Language, is a special food diet for health and is usually done under their doctor or consultant. Diet is generally significantly in an attempt to lose weight by proper regulation of diet and intake of certain nutrients. There are several ways to diet, one by consuming certain types of food one is grapefruit.

The Amazing Of Benefits Grapefruit For Healthy Diet  - healthy t1ps

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Overview of the grapefruit/Pomelo

Pomelo (Citrus grandis or Citrus Maxima) is one type of citrus with a large size. Meat grapefruit can be colored white to reddish oranydie thick rind with green kekuningan.Terdapat four grapefruit seed cultivars in Indonesia, namely grapefruit honey, Nambangan, srinyonya and Magetan. The fruit is called 'pamelo' in the international market, so that the Department of Agriculture are now advised to use the designation 'pamelo' for this fruit because nothing to do with the province of Bali. However grapefruit also has other names such as large linden (Malay), lukban or suha (Philippines), dou you or Youzi (China), jambura (Bangladesh) and bontan (Japan).

In Indonesia, planting grapefruit mostly uses grafts because it is considered more profitable than planting using seeds or cuttings are cropping period is shorter. The fruits of the plants that can survive in dry areas as well as resistant to the disease may be harvested only twice a year the third year after planting. Nevertheless, it should be wary of the threat of pests such as fruit flies and kecabuk that interfere with the growth of fruit and make fruit black. To overcome this, the necessary trap flies and pesticides and methyl eugenol.

The content of Grapefruit/Pomelo

Grapefruit has a few that are actually beneficial to the body, among other things:

Grapefruit has a fairly high lycopene content of 350 micrograms per 100 grams of flesh grapefruit. Lycopene may act as an antioxidant, especially when in synergy with provitamin A (beta-carotene) found in grapefruit.

Having made juice, grapefruit contains pectin that is more than any other citrus. In one serving of grapefruit juice alone there are more than 3.9 per cent pectin

Vitamin C
As one kind of orange, grapefruit course also contains vitamin C. Every 100 grams of flesh grapefruit, vitamin C contained 350 micrograms.

In addition, grapefruit also have other ingredients such as vitamin A (440 IU), pro-vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C (350 mikrogr / 100gr), protein (0.6 g / 100gr), carbohydrates (12.4 g / 100 g), fat (0,2gr / 100gr), calcium (23 mg / 100g), phosphorus (27 mg / 100gr), iron (1 mg / 100g), potassium, insulin, magnesium, fiber, potassium and bioflavon. Also, there is also a chemical compound in grapefruit that include narigin, bergamottin, glycocitine-I, 5-hydroxynoracronycine, citrusinine-I, 5- hydroxynoracronycine alcohol, grandisine-I, and ciracridone natsucitrine-II-III.
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Benefits of Grapefruit for Diet

The content of vitamin C contained in grapefruit can be useful to put down fat in the body, because vitamin C has benefits to increase metabolism so that the process of burning fat and calories in the body into a maximum. According to the research of dr. Ken Fujioka (2006), a specialist weight, consumption of grapefruit three times a day for 12 weeks dpat weight loss of 1.1 kg to 1.6 kg. This is because the content of insulin binding in grapefruit that is not easily hungry. In addition, insulin also has a role in fat storage in the body. Oh yes, the fiber content in grapefruit also give the feeling of satiety less food intake.

However, dr. Jenni Kusumo, SpGK, Kes disagree about it. According to him, the weight loss just rely on the consumption of grapefruit was ineffective. Someone needs food intake is different, so it requires a diet with intake according to the needs of each body.

Using grapefruit diet is usually a very low calorie diet (the very low calory diet or VLCD) are recommended for detoxification or weight loss quickly. The weight loss on this diet also usually do not last long, despite the drastic weight loss in the first few days of the diet. This type of diet was not recommended by health experts as well as weight loss and is considered a fad diet.

Nonetheless, it is advisable for those who want to try certain types, including grapefruit diet, to consult a doctor first. Consult doctor this is especially important for adolescents, pregnant or nursing women, people with kidney or liver disorders, eating disorder sufferers, people are out of operation as well as people who want to lose weight by 13 kg.

How do I do the grapefruit diet?
Grapefruit diet can be done in two ways, namely

grapefruit diet very low in calories
This type of diet focuses on the menu very low calorie diet that is by consuming half grapefruit at every mealtime with the same pattern every day.

grapefruit diet high in protein
This type of diet is accompanied conducted by consuming grapefruit is accompanied by a series of strict rules and a list of foods that can be consumed by dieters.

Grapefruit can be consumed with how consumed directly or juiced. Well, here is how to make grapefruit juice that you can do.


prepared grapefruit, peeled and cleaned
Similarly prepare honey, ice cubes and boiled water

  • enter grapefruit flesh into a blender
  • add a little honey, ice cubes and water cooked to taste in a blender
  • these materials blender until smooth
  • after completion of blending, pour the juice by filtering it into the empty glass
  • grapefruit juice ready for consumption
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Similarly, the information which we can pass on the benefits of grapefruit to your diet. How good is good before you do the grapefruit diet, consult your doctor first. And do not forget, still keep your health. Thank you for reading this article and hopefully useful!