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8 Benefits of Red Pineapple For Health - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Red Pineapple - Healthy T1ps

Red pineapple (Ananas Bracteatus) is a kind of ornamental plants from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay with pineapple-shaped fruit and red. This plant has flowers pale violet-colored spiked with red and pink bias. Pineapple red leaves are long, linear and curved with pseudo-stem rosette 30-50 cm tall. Pineapple-shaped stem widens and becomes sheath in dark green and red highlights. Pineapple red has a yellowish-white flesh and contain a lot of liquid with a sweet taste, sour and fragrant and no seeds.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Red Pineapple - Healthy T1ps
The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Red Pineapple - Healthy T1ps

Brief of red pineapple

Red pineapple on average smaller than the regular pineapple. Duri red pineapple also looks small and soft at the base of the leaves that sloped down toward the base of the plant, although the usual pineapple prickly fairly large. Pineapple of this type can usually be harvested in 4-5 months. Age harvest marked with red pineapple fruit base that has been surrounded by a few shoots of plants with a smaller size. Shoots at the end of the pineapple red sometimes have more than one branch.

Nevertheless, it can be said that the pineapple is a prima donna who often sought his fans considering its availability is fairly rare in the market. It is rather difficult to get the kind of fruit this one because there is no genetic engineering can improve the productivity of the fruit of this one. Pineapple red this time can only grow naturally, thus making the selling price is quite expensive red pineapple for. Wow!

Perhaps not many people know about pineapple red because it rarely appears on the market. But who would have thought, a fruit that is quite unique and has a high selling price has some benefits that are not less than the pineapple in general. Curious? Let us refer to in the following article.

8 Benefits of Red Pineapple For Health - Healthy T1ps

Although usually only used as an ornamental plant, it turns red pineapple has an attractive benefit. Here are the benefits derived from pineapple red, as follows:

1. Carrier Luck

Red pineapple crop is regarded as good luck for its owners at the Chinese. But the red pineapple should not be the slightest flaw when it was purchased, either cut shoots or buds in a state of disrepair. This is because the handicap conditions pineapple red when purchased can interfere fortune.

2. Prevents flu cough and fever

Red pineapple is believed to contain vitamin C is high enough to be useful as an antioxidant to combat the virus, including the virus that causes flu and cough. In addition, the content of bromelain in pineapple red is also believed to help launch cough phlegm so quickly subside.

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3. Lowering blood pressure

Health experts believe that regular consumption of red pineapple for people with high blood pressure can help them to lower their blood pressure. This is because red pineapple fruit is believed to have an effect that can lower blood pressure and make blood circulation becomes more normal.

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4. Help you lose weight

For those of you who are trying to lose weight, regular consumption of red pineapple can perhaps help launch your business because of the high content of natural fiber. Besides believed to help to decrease weight, high natural fiber content in red pineapple fruit can also help cure constipation and nourish the digestive tract.

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5. Stronger bones

Red pineapple contains high manganese which can help strengthen bones and can prevent osteoporosis. By consuming one serving of red pineapple, you can obtain the daily manga needs as much as 73 percent. It is good for your body because of manganese compounds needed by the body to form bone structure to be more solid.

6. Healthy gums

Vitamin C content of red pineapple friendly on the gum can help you to take care of the health of the gig and gums. In addition, the vitamin C in red pineapple can help you in preventing and treating canker sores that never healed.

7. Smooth menstruation is not smooth

Consumption of red pineapple believed to help launch period for women with menstrual late schedule. However, this needs to be caution for pregnant women due to the consumption of red pineapple can be risky for pregnant women to have an abortion, although not medically explainable.

8. The fibers made clothing

It is said that in the Philippines and Thailand, red pineapple leaf fibers can be used as a great outfit. Wah, creative huh!

Similarly, the information the which we can pass on the benefits of red pineapple. If you want to use pineapple red for health, but doubt it will be when it will use it, you can consult it to your doctor first. Thank reading and hopefully useful!