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Benefits Orange Lemon For heartburn - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Orange Lemon For heartburn - Healthy T1ps

Ulcer disease or gastric acid commonly found in people who often have unhealthy diet and irregular. Ulcer occurs because of an irritation of the stomach wall so as to make excessive stomach acid production and even stomach acid can come up to the chest or eksofagus. If this happens then the situation has become a complication of ulcer disease and become GERD disease.

Ulcer disease and gastric acid are often experienced by teenagers, especially those who are still far away from their parents as a student because it has irregular eating patterns. The ulcer patients will usually feel nausea, vomiting and dizziness when he eats late or the wrong type of food. The ulcer patients are encouraged to eat foods that are neutral on the hull in the sense not too make excessive stomach acid production.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Orange Lemon For heartburn - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of lemon juice for ulcer

The patients with ulcer disease and gastric acid had to be very selective about the type of food, not too spicy, sour, sweet cold and also because it can make stomach acid up. However, there are pieces that can be used as a therapeutic solution for those of you who have an ulcer. Lemons maybe you know be one of the foods that are not good for people with ulcers because it tastes very sour. But who would have thought that turns sour fruit is actually good for the health of the stomach.

According to health experts, lemons did have a sour taste, but if it enters the body will not turn into stomach acid and mixed with stomach acid that already exist. The content is in the lemon it will turn into an alkaline substance in the stomach. Alkaline substance is then able to bind stomach acid and help menetralisirkannya.

Besides the chemical constituents in the lemon juice would be able to make protective enzymes of the stomach so that no excessive stomach acid production in the stomach. In developed countries like America therapeutic use lemon juice to overcome the gastric acid has been done even encouraged. It has also been proven to be effective for patients with gastritis. Surely this is a breath of fresh air for those of you who are having problems with ulcers.

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How to cultivate lemons for ulcer

Actually there is nothing special and specific to cultivate lemon as a remedy for ulcer disease. You can make it into some preparations that you enjoy. However, it is recommended to drink lemon juice alone. how to make it also very easy. You just have to squeeze the lemon juice and then the juice mixed with warm water and then drink in the morning when your stomach is empty alias missing any meals.

Maybe you find it strange why it is consumed in the morning when the stomach is empty. Sour taste in the lemon juice will indeed make your stomach a little queasy, but it could be a therapy so your stomach so accustomed to the taste of immune gastric acid also increased. Drink lemon juice regularly to get the most and always choose fresh lemon.

Similarly, a review of the benefits of lemon juice for heartburn you need to know. In addition to consuming lemon juice and, if your ulcer patients also advisable to always choose nutritious foods and avoid spicy food. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol activity because it could aggravate ulcer you have. Also do not forget to eat on time and not excessive during meals so that the stomach stays healthy.