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Breast Cysts Treatment With Natural Treatments - Healthy T1ps

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Breast Cysts Treatment With Natural Treatments - Healthy T1ps

Breast cyst is a kind of disease that might still arguably not dangerous according of the level or type. However, in order to prevent and maintain the health of organs throughout the body, it's good to consult a doctor in case of strange things in the body, one of which is the occurrence of a lump in the breast. Therefore, to expand related information, below we've summarized some of the short description that might be able to help and give a little insight into the characteristics of breast cysts and how to prevent it.

A basic knowledge of breast cysts, this disease is occurring or there are pockets in the form of small lumps filled with fluid. Identical small round shape more oval and resemble a small balloon filled with water. As for size, depending on how severe and light type of cyst suffered. Some other people also mount size. And if it is large, then the breast tissue that is located nearby will be depressed, causing pain and discomfort.

Breast Cysts Treatment With Natural Herbal - Healthy T1ps

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Breast Cysts Treatment With Natural Treatments - Healthy T1ps
In general, among women may experience breast cysts of this disease. Especially for those aged 35 to 50 years but who have not experienced menopause. In fact, each person may have a cyst more than one, or even up to 2 or 3 at a time. However, sometimes these cysts will disappear on its own when you've entered the menopause, but each disease will definitely be detrimental to health so as to detect early on, as soon as you have to check the doctor if there is a lump in the breast in order to know exactly what you are experiencing , I'm afraid the lump is cancer or tumor type that the effect will be worse if left unchecked.

What are the causes of breast cysts?
If traced from various sources on the internet, there is information that is not known or have not really known what are the exact causes of breast cysts. But there is also evidence to corroborate that excess estrogen in the body can lead to the existing network in the breast so that it can only help the development of cysts in the breast cells. There is also a description that mentions alin under a breast cyst develops because of glandular and connective tissue in the breast milk ducts resulting inhibit the gland and the fish tissue to widen (dilate) and the impact will be filled with the liquid and form small lumps.

What are the common symptoms caused by breast cysts?
We summarize from multiple sources and is then redefined to make it more easily understood by all people. The symptoms are usually unknown and is perceived:
The presence of a small lump on the top of the breast glazed oval shaped and a bit slippery. These lumps are easily moved.

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Pain as well as pain in the lump and the surrounding area.

The larger size and increased pain before going through the menstrual period (menstruation). But slightly reduced when menstruation has been completed.
Experiencing discomfort and as always there is a wedge.

How To Treat Breast Cysts?
There are a lot of methods that you can use. And some of them are using modern methods and herbal remedies with ingredients we can get from the surrounding environment.

Modern Medicine:
The first step is to carry out checks on doctors so that doctors will analyze and know exactly what there is a lump in your breast or not. That way, if it exists, then it will be taken further measures is by imaging tests.

Imaging tests are usually by doing an ultrasound to help doctors see the condition contained and formed lumps in the breast, so it can determine whether solid or liquid form. When in liquid form, then you are suffering from a disease refers to a type of cyst, but if solid, then you are likely to suffer from breast cancer.

Fine-needle aspiration (fine-needle aspiration): This activity is a doctor's diagnosis process performed by inserting the needle tips of the lump and take a sample of fluid from the inside. Usually the doctor will use ultrasound so that the needle placement is right on target. This procedure can be used to treat breast cysts, but there had to do many times to be able to remove all the liquid so that the symptoms disappear completely.

The use of hormones (birth control pills) can also be used to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce the recurrence of breast cysts. But birth control pills have side effects if used so that only recommended for women who experience severe level cyst disease.

Operation: This step is the final process and remove a cyst directly. The surgical procedure is done if a lump in the breast is already causing excessive discomfort in the long term and showed some alarming symptoms.

How can I minimize the discomfort of breast cysts?
There are a few simple tips you can do to keep discomfort to the cyst can be reduced. What are these tips? following more:
Reduce or avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine. Indeed there is no scientific evidence to prove, but in certain circles concluded that by not consuming caffeine can reduce and even eliminate symptoms caused by breast cysts. So there is nothing wrong if we also follow suit.

Consuming pain medication (pain relievers). It is certainly aimed to relieve pain or pain caused by these cysts.

Reduce consumption of salt so the symptoms fade.

Any Herbs To Treat Breast Cysts?
Actually there are some materials that you can use in making herbs for breast cysts. Some of them are Crown gods, white turmeric, parasite tea, pearl grass, mangosteen skin, maca root, black cohosh root, milk thistle seeds, dong quai root, liman, gotu kola, crabbed and much more.

How to make herbal medicine for breast cysts?
There are some simple steps in making herbs for breast cysts. Recipes and supplies needed are:

  • 10gr white turmeric
  • 10gr leaves liman
  • Fresh chicken paw leaves 30gr
  • Gotu kola leaf 10gr
  • 10gr pearl grass

How to cultivate enough to wash all the ingredients and then coarsely ground. Boil 5 cups of water until the remaining 3 cups. Strain and drink regularly 3 times a day each 1 cup for 1x consumption.

Maybe that's all we can say about Breast Cysts Treatment With Natural Herbal Ingredients. Hope can be useful, especially for those of you in need. Do not forget to also share it with friends to another, this article is more helpful. Thank you!