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The Amazing Health Benefits of Jicama For Diabetes - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Jicama For Diabetes - Healthy T1ps

Jicama plants into the family beans - beans that can grow up to 4-5 meters and the tuber can reach a weight of 10 kg. Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) is known by the people of Indonesia because it is used as one of the fruits for salad. Jicama also believed to brighten and whiten the skin so it is widely used as a face mask. Yam fruit that often we know it is actually a tuber of yam plants. Jicama taste sweet and juicy very suitable dikreasikan in a variety of processed foods.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Jicama For Diabetes - Healthy T1ps

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Jicama nutrition

In 100 grams of yam are eaten raw, the body's energy gained about 38 kcal. Yam also contains fewer carbohydrates with approximately 8% making it suitable for consumption by people who are dieting or have a history of diabetes. Jicama is a source of vitamin C and potassium, which is needed body. In addition yam also contains vitamin B complex, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium.

about Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused by a deficiency or none at all of the hormone insulin in the body. The hormone insulin functions to keep blood sugar balance in the human body. When insulin levels are insufficient or absent blood sugar in the body will continue to rise and cause many of the body's systems. Of cause, diabetes is divided into two, namely diabetes type I and type II diabetes.

Type I diabetes - diabetes is caused by the body's systems that can not produce insulin.
Type II diabetes - diabetes is due to insulin levels very little role in the body is unable to control blood sugar levels.
There are no treatments that can restore this condition so that treatment is only done so that the symptoms of diabetes are not getting worse. Treatment is usually by injecting insulin into the body on a regular basis so that it can be used to control the body's blood sugar levels. People with diabetes should always control the intake of foods consumed.

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Jicama For Diabetes

Diabetics should avoid foods or drinks that taste sweet. The sweet taste usually indicates the presence of sugar (carbohydrate) therein. Jicama also has a sweet taste, whether Jicama fruit can be consumed by diabetics? It turns out though yam has a sweet taste, flavor is produced by a compound called inulin. So it is still relatively safe for consumption by diabetics. Inulin compound itself poorly digested by the body to increase blood sugar levels in the body is not too high.

Besides vitamin C in Jicama serves as an antioxidant that works to maintain the body's health. Potassium is also useful in a variety of metabolic processes. So that the process in the cells of the body work better.

Such description Jicama benefits for diabetes. While it's good to be consumed by diabetics but the amount of fruit consumed should be well adapted to the daily intake consumed. So that no excess blood sugar levels which can worsen the symptoms of diabetes. May be useful.