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5 Benefits of Green Bananas For Maag and Health - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Green Bananas For Maag  - Healthy T1ps

GREEN BANANAS  - Who is not familiar with the bananas? Banana trees grow very dawn across the islands of Indonesia. Fruit type and size varies from small to large. Not difficult to find these fruits in the market or supermarket. The price is affordable all societies. No wonder the banana is often classified as a fruit consumed in Indonesia.

The banana is one fruit that is rich health benefits. Nutrients contained in bananas which are proteins, sugars, fats, water, vitamins, and minerals. But in this article I will discuss more about the benefits of green bananas that may not be as popular as yellow banana fruit in general.

Here are the benefits of green bananas for health that may be considered for you feel yourself usefulness:

The Amazing Health Benefits of Green Bananas For Maag  - Healthy T1ps

Benefits And Efficacy Of Green Bananas For Health 

1. treating Ulcer
Patients with gastritis or gastric acid disorders can use green banana as one of the ways to treat diseases of the stomach. The problem with the regularly consume green bananas can be addressed in addition to heartburn, indigestion will also be healthier.

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2. treating Diarrhea
Diarrhea or usually known as menret disease usually occurs in adults and a small child. If you do not want to consume medicinal chemistry, green bananas can be a natural herbal solution to this digestive disorder. Green bananas apparently has the ability to help absorb water so that the defecation process can be normal again.

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3. Strong Bones
Who would have thought green banana has the ability to help maintain the strength and health of our bones. That is because green bananas can make the body better absorb potassium intake so that bones receive appropriate and maintained its strength.

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4. prevent Anemia
Anemia occurs when the body lacks red blood cells. Anemia is usually not considered a problem too serious but if continually allowed of course the risk of complications can occur. To prevent or treat anemia body needs iron. The iron will trigger the production of red blood cells in the body so that the body is no longer a shortage of red blood cells.

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5. Energy sources
Including bananas green bananas are inherently contain carbohydrates that are needed by the body for energy. For some people who are on a diet of bananas is one of the breakfast menu is quite popular for consumption. Enough with 2 servings of green bananas body's energy can be charged quite a lot.

Thus the benefits of green bananas which is very good for health. If you usually mengkonsum ripe banana yellow or you may want to try eating bananas were still green. Black spots on the banana yellow banana is a sign of maturity. It is believed that the more black spots on bananas compared with the whole anti-cancer agent that is owned banana. You might wonder, then what's the difference eat green bananas? Would not it be nice if consuming banana which has more anti-cancer agent?

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Answers to these questions are on a starch content of bananas. In green banana starch content can be easily absorbed by the body for the next fermented by bacteria in the gut and used as an energy source. It serves as a starch carbohydrates that do not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. So starch in green bananas is suitable for diabetics or anyone who wants to maintain the stability of sugar darahya.