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8 Benefits And Efficacy of Tiger Shrimp for Health and Society - Healthy T1ps

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8 Benefits of Tiger Shrimp for Health and Society - Healthy T1ps

Benefits Tiger shrimp -  is one of the many species of shrimp in the world. Most of these shrimp are ocean dwellers. Shrimp size is quite large and has a sale value is high enough. Besides tiger shrimp are very popular as shrimp farming and outdoor public interest also in the country.

Tiger Shrimp Nutrition

In per 100 grams of shrimp are nutrients as follows:

  • Protein 21%
  • Fat 0.2%
  • Vitamin B1 0,01mg
  • Vitamin A 60 SI
  • Substance Kapur 136mg
  • phosphorus 170mg
The Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger Shrimp - Healthy T1ps

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Tiger Shrimp - Healthy T1ps

Here are the benefits of tiger shrimp in nutrient content Owned :

Tiger shrimp has a very high protein content and low cholesterol, so safe when consumed all circles.

The fat content in black tiger shrimp is very low. It certainly makes the tiger shrimp into a secure high protein menu though in fad diets.

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Vitamin B1

  • Important role in maintaining physical fitness, one of the which is the keep the immune system in order to Werner optimal.
  • Prevents the body from anemia or lack of red blood cells.
  • Helps the body process glucose metabolism.
  • Optimize brain function.
  • Launched digestive system.
  • Prevent neuropathy.
  • Treating the disease beriberi.

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vitamin A

  • Inhibit breast cancer cells.
  • Enhance immunity.
  • Maintaining brain function.
  • Digestive system.
  • Inhibits the aging process.


  • Helps the body to make it more slender.
  • Against osteoporosis in the elderly.
  • Inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Maintaining heart health in order to remain optimal.

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  • Chitosan on shrimp heads fabrics useful in industry because it is fireproof, add strength dyes, and is not easily soluble in water.
  • Chitosan has a positive ion and contains a variety of nutrients and dietary fiber is one that is good for the body.

Aside from the nutritional content, there are also other benefits of tiger shrimp, among others:

Based Benefits Of The waste
Meat on the base of the head (comb) can be used to make a protein hydrolyzate and shrimp pasta.
The head and legs can be used as flour to feed the shrimp aquaculture.
In developed countries, shrimp shells can be used in various fields such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, kometik, textiles, paper, food, and more for the shrimp shell contains about 25% chitin.

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Based usefulness in Processed Food
Tiger shrimp can be processed into a variety of foods such as crackers and shrimp paste by way of processing frozen, dried, or inserted into the canister.

That's some of the benefits of tiger shrimp that can be categorized based nutrients, wastes, and its use in processed food.