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The Amazing Health Benefits of Celery For Gout - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Celery For Gout - Healthy T1ps

Uric acid can be caused by unhealthy lifestyles such as lifestyle irregular, especially also likes to consume foods that can raise cholesterol levels. So an increase in cholesterol in the blood can lead to the emergence of symptoms of gout. The initial symptoms of gout is unbearable pain at the tip of the big toe, pain as if pierced by a needle, it is difficult to move because of the pain and swelling that occurs. Food - food consumption such as organ meats, red meat and alcohol are required to be avoided so that uric acid does not arrive - arrived relapse. And there are some important points that you should know to prevent recurrence of gout, namely:

The Amazing Health Benefits of Celery For Gout - Healthy T1ps
The Amazing Health Benefits of Celery For Gout - Healthy T1ps

Benefits And Efficacy Of Celery For Health - Healthy T1ps

Drinking water
One way to prevent recurrence of gout no longer is by drinking enough water for the body. It aims to remove existing acid in the body through urine regularly spending. So it's good not to forget to drink enough water. Sign - the sign of the body that indicates the existing water in the body is the color of urine out of the body. When the color of urine was clear like mineral water menandkan fluid intake the body needs are met while the opposite happens if the urine is dark yellow.

Dietary habit
In real life - the day we need food to still be Able to perform activities as usual. Diet Becomes the most important part of uric acid that does not recur again. Not only diet but Enters Also the food that the body need to be considered. Foods that can increase of cholesterol levels in the blood it is better avoided. Examples such as offal, fat, especially red meat to consume alcohol is not good for the body. Could - could you gout will recur.

Expand the fruit and vegetables
Once you pay attention to diet multiply eating fruits and vegetables. The benefits of fruits and vegetables for the body are numerous and related to the health of the digestive system. So do not hesitate to eat healthy foods as it will give health to the body in the long term until you are older. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables multiply Balance Also by doing sport.

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If you are one who is feeling safe and comfortable in using drugs from natural ingredients such as celery then use celery to overcome gout. Celery has long been believed to overcome gout. Many use celery leaves because the content of celery, among others:

  • Vitamin A is used to prevent night blindness and also gives the health of the eye. Vitamin A found in carrots and Rimbang vegetables.
  • Vitamin b1, b2, b3, b5, b6, or also called the vitamin B complex found in fish, chicken and cheese. Vitamin B complex is useful to keep the digestive system as well and increase energy to perform daily activities - day.
  • Vitamin C found in oranges, papaya and kiwi. The benefits of vitamin C is to prevent ulcers and maintaining healthy teeth and mouth.
  • Vitamin E is more related to the level of male and female fertility. Vitamin E found in bean sprouts and rice.
  • Vitamin K functions as blood clotting, so that when the skin is injured, the blood flow will not be much because there is a role for vitamin K blood freeze so that the victim is not a lot of blood loss.

So much vitamin content in the leaves of celery so in every soup celery used as support material in any cuisine.

Dishes are given celery leaves to add flavor of the cuisine itself an example of dishes made with celery is making soup and fried rice.

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How to Make Stew Celery

To take advantage of celery leaves as a herbal medicine to treat gout, there are two ways to process them as follows:

a. Decoction of leaves of celery

The steps - steps to make a decoction of the leaves of celery are:

  • Take some celery leaves and wash under running water until clean.
  • Pieces - small pieces - the small celery.
  • Provide a pot that has been filled with water raising above the stove to be heated. Then enter celery leaves that have been cut - the little pieces into the pot.
  • Heat and wait until boiling. After boiling do not forget to turn off the fire.

Wait until stew can already be drunk and drink twice a day for gout.

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b. Celery juice

For those of you who prefer to cultivate celery in a manner juice can also follow the steps - the steps below:

  • Celery rinse with running water until clean.
  • Enter into a blender and add the water that has been cooked.
  • Rotate the celery leaves to right - right into juice.

Drink the juice of celery leaves twice a day in the morning and evening saa.

Celery Side Effects

Although until now research had never been told that celery has adverse effects on health. However, some sensitive people have experienced disruption in the form of:

1. Pregnancy

When you are pregnant is not recommended to drink a decoction or juice of celery because the content in celery improve uterine contractions and so could disrupt the pregnancy later. It's good when pregnant just multiply the consumption of fresh fruit.

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2. Impaired bleeding

Some people who have a history in the form of blood disorders should avoid drinking the decoction of the leaves of celery. This is because compounds in celery leaves makes the blood circulation becomes impaired.

3. Lowering blood pressure

Celery leaves are also believed to reduce blood pressure so for those of you who have a history of low blood should be avoided to drink a decoction or juice from the leaves of celery. And for those of you who have a history of high blood pressure stew and celery juice can help to normalize blood pressure condition you have.

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4. Allergies

Some people also sometimes become allergic after taking decoction of the leaves of celery. Allergy is a disease that is not contagious but has gejalan include itching - itching in all parts of the body and slowly will appear spots - red spots. What's worse allergies cause swelling of part of the body due to the resistance of the body itself.

5. Do not drink before the surgery

Consumption of celery leaf decoction is also not advisable to approach future ahead of you do the surgery. This is because some of the compounds contained in the celery leaves.

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6. Kidney

Kidney is one organ in the human body that serves to filter the incoming fluid to take the benefits and then remove fluid that is not useful in the urine. For kidney health a good idea to limit drinking boiled celery. Although no study has concluded that.

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So the side effects of celery is a good idea in consumption according to the needs of the body alone.