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The Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya for High stomach acid - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya for High stomach acid - Healthy T1ps

Diseases of the stomach acid disease or also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a State in which rising levels of stomach acid up to eskofagus or to the chest causing the pain and sense of burning in the chest. This is actually common diseases experienced by community typically begin with the disease ulcer or late meal and ultimately lead to a more serious disorder other is GERD.

Causes and symptoms

The cause of the occurrence of diseases of stomach acid are not the proper functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which function of the LES is as automatic closers on the circle of muscle eskofagus. LES it will open and close automatically when food enters the stomach acid so that it doesn't rise to the top but due to this crash or LES at all does not work then there was stomach acid to rise and not unstoppable making some symptoms of the disease stomach acid.

The most common symptoms experienced by sufferers of stomach acid it is the pain and the feeling of burning sensation in the chest area and this would mainly happen at the time after eating. In addition to other symptoms is a bad taste in the throat and difficulty swallowing food so if left constantly can cause other health disorders because the body not including the nutrients from the foods with good.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya for High stomach acid - Healthy T1ps


If you experience some of the picture above with the intensity often then it is highly recommended to conduct the examination to the doctor so that getting the right diagnosis could be made so that the actions of prevention and treatment the right anyway. To get an accurate diagnosis then the doctor will typically asks patients about symptoms that are experienced and then after further in-depth research conducted conducted further tests namely endoscopy.

This endoscopy test done using a tool called an endoscope. An endoscope is a device of some kind of a very long hose fleskibel the diujungnya there is a camera. The tool is then inserted through the mouth to the stomach even eskofagus section and see what the cause of the rising of stomach acid and further to see if there are any injuries at the eskofagus or in the stomach.

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Treatment of gastric acid

After the doctors get the right diagnose results then you will be given some prescription medications can relieve the symptoms that you experience as well as the drug-lowering levels of stomach acid. But the most important thing in this is that you should pay attention to low-fat food intake and also has high nutrition. the combination of the right food selection as well as the proper use of medicines will get optimal results.

Treatment of gastric acid, this may not work due to his acid disease phase, which is already severe. If this is the case then that should be done is to do a surgical procedure disease GERD. In addition patients will also get a long-term treatment in accordance with the severity of the disease of stomach acid and must perform regular controls with the doctor.

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Treatment Of Stomach Acid With Food

The best treatment is not derived from the consumption of drugs and other medical material but the best treatment is to apply a healthy lifestyle so that the disease of stomach acid can disappear little by little but definitely without any dependency on a particular drug. Diseases of the stomach acid is one of the common diseases and you should know what type of food is capable of lowering the levels of stomach acid. More information refer to the following:

Fruit that does not know this season is very easy to find with many different varieties of banana that you can select. In the banana contains potassium which is capable of balancing the pH or acid levels in the body as well as the levels of stomach acid so as not too acidic gastric irritation which could make. In addition the content of potassium in bananas can also relieve stress and depression can also cause ulcers and disease rising stomach acid.

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Fruit of the most sought after at the moment of the season arrives it has flesh-colored orengs with a distinctive sweet taste. Currently there are many types of mango you can select according to the tastes for example Mango Mango sweet, where arum again, mango egg, mango apples and others. each type of mango has a uniqueness that is different and unique flavors as well. Inside there is the antioxidant content of mango and a natural anti inflammatory so as to make the body more immune from ailments including stomach acid. By eating mangoes will make your abdominal wall layer became colder as well as controlling the production of stomach acid so as not to overload.

Coconut water has many benefits and one of them is to prevent the formation of acids in the stomach. In the coconut also contains glucose and salts are commonly referred to as ions. By consuming coconut water fitness will make you awake longer and could eliminate the tired and tired you feel.

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Who does not know with this one. Yes round fruits with the skin is green and green lines this older does have a flavor that is delicious and contains a lot of water so it is very appropriate to use for quenching his thirst. Inside there is a high ammonia content of watermelon. substance ammonia serves to maintain the level of acidity in the body including the stomach acid. Can you eat a watermelon in various ways according to your taste.

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Cucumber has the effect of cooling the skin so that it becomes more fresh and healthy. that makes the cucumber as a mask or be affixed to the eyelids in order to be more fresh. It is also done in people with stomach acid, you only need to slice the cucumber and then lay on your stomach especially the existing left his side. Cold from cucumber this would make the production of stomach acid decreases and not make stomach acid disease relapse.

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Some of the food list at the top of course are just some of the types of foods that are good for sufferers of stomach acid. Of course there are many other types of foods that you can choose as a natural treatment of gastric acid.

Benefits Of Papaya For Stomach Acid

One type of fruit that is quite powerful in addressing the diseases of stomach acid or GERD this is the fruit of the papaya. Fruit that does not know this season is not only good for the eyes and gastrointestinal Yes but also good to control the production of gastric acid in the body so that it is not excessive and did not rise to the top of the eskofagus. This is because the fruit of the papaya contains papain enzyme capable of affecting acid levels in the body as well as optimize the absorption of protein from the food that goes into the stomach.

In addition in the fruit of the papaya also contain high fiber so it can launch your digestion. Fiber can turn into gel and create food in the stomach becomes like jelly that can finally make the body feel full longer and hungry is not easy. So that the fruit of the papaya is also very good for those of you who are doing the diet. You can find this papaya fruit easily because there are many sellers who sell fruit papaya. Pawpaw trees are not difficult to find so you can plant and eat free every day. Konsumsilah be processed various types to suit your tastes so that treatment of gastric acid also being fun and painful.

The case review on the benefits of papaya for stomach acid. May be useful.