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10 Benefits And Efficacy Of Honey Syamil For Health - Healthy T1ps

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10 Health Benefits of Honey Syamil - Healthy T1ps

Honey is a natural substance that is believed to have good benefits for health. Honey has a sweet taste and does not have side effects when used to maintain health. Even in Islam, honey is a type of drink was honored for having different types of benefits. The content in honey is very diverse and to protect the body that are not easily affected by the disease.

Honey has various types, ie there is forest honey, honey, coffee, kelulut, and several other types of honey syâmil one of them is. Honey syâmil different from wild honey. If the pure forest honey bee honey derived from forests, while syâmil honey is pure honey that has been coupled with a variety of other useful materials in order to increase the efficacy of the honey itself. Although there are already a mixture in it, but honey syâmil also has many benefits for the honey mixture syâmil also a natural substance that is rich in benefits.

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Natural Ingredients Contained in Honey Syamil

Blend of natural ingredients mixed into honey syâmil is not derived from any natural material. however, that are used are natural ingredients that also has health benefits. So if everything is combined into one in honey syâmil, properties acquired customers will be very much at all. Some natural substances contained in honey syâmil include:

  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Sari Kurma
  • Habbatussauda
  • Curcuma
  • propolis
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E

The Amazing Health Benefits And Efficacy Of Honey Syamil For Body Health - Healthy T1ps

The natural ingredients are mixed in order to become honey syâmil extremely diverse and each has the benefit of natural ingredients that are good for health. Some of the health benefits of honey syâmil to include:

10 Health Benefits of Honey Syamil - Healthy T1ps1. Intelligence Improve Brain
Various natural ingredients contained in syâmil honey has many benefits one of which is useful to help boost intelligence. The content of omega 3, 6 and 9 in the syâmil honey, helps nourish the brain. Syâmil excellent honey consumed by a child who is experiencing a period of growth and development. The period of brain growth and development coupled with providing nutrients such as honey Shami, can help a child's brain to be more responsive and faster in receiving a response from the surrounding environment.

In addition, honey syâmil also very useful for improving concentration and memory because omega is in it. Arginine substances contained in honey syâmil Seed is also very useful for the future development of the child.

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2. Add Stamina
Body always require nutrition to generate energy that increases stamina can be maintained. In syâmil honey are natural materials such as palm juice and Seed, which both natural materials could be useful to increase energy. With adequate energy intake, it will increase stamina and can run a daily routine well.

3. Increase Appetite
Many young children have problems with appetite. Most of the children have a low appetite, which is why many children are susceptible penyait. To increase the child's appetite, it is not necessary to use the herbs. Syâmil give honey to children who have problems with appetite maknnya will help restore the child's appetite to normalcy. Honey syâmil containing Curcuma in it, Curcuma diamana it is known as a natural ingredient that is capable of restoring the child's appetite.

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4. Digestion launched
Healthy digestion will make the whole body to be healthy anyway, because all the substances that are drawn to the whole body is absorbed through the digestive tract. Digestive problems, or substandard digestion can cause problems in other body parts. Digestive problems can be done by drinking honey syâmil. Honey and the juice of dates in honey syâmil able to help the digestive system to be healthy and able to work smoothly.

5. Overcoming DHF
Dengue fever is a type of deadly diseases. So the treatment should really ever be completely so it will not endanger life. It would be very dangerous for dengue fever patients who have low platelet count. Palm juice contained in honey syâmil also useful for recovering patients or those whose disease dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue. Palm juice can increase the number of platelets for DHF patients who have a low number of trombost.

6. Overcome Fever
If there is a heat or fever attack, do not need treatment. By drinking the honey syâmil, some people have argued hot fever is going down. This is because honey contains honey syâmil and palm juice can reduce the heat caused by fever.

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7. Increase Muscle And Bone Health
Honey syâmil calcium content in it. Calcium is good for maintaining bone health in order to avoid the disease osteoporosis. People who are elderly are very good to consume honey syâmil, because usually in the elderly will experience problems in the bone.

8. Prevent Flu
Flu usually characterized by cough and cold is a seasonal disease and occurs because the immune system of patients is less good. Overcoming the flu can be done by drinking honey syâmil. Seed and pollen in honey syâmil dates can keep the immune system and boosts the immune system so the body is not susceptible to disease.

9. Spared From Heart Disease
Heart disease is also included in this type of dangerous diseases. The disease is caused by a buildup of cholesterol or the bad fats in the arteries. So that blood flow into the heart becomes blocked. To overcome heart disease, heart disease may need to lower cholesterol from clogging the arteries. To lower cholesterol can be done with honey mengkosumsi syâmil. In honey syâmil olives there is the content, which itself is a kind of olive oil or fat belonging to the good fats that can lower the levels of bad fats in the blood.

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10. Preventing Cancer
Cancer is also included in the category of dangerous diseases which must be prevented cause. Consuming foods or beverages that contain antioxidants can be done to prevent the occurrence of cancer. One of them by drinking honey syâmil. The content of propolis in honey syâmil can work as an antioxidant that may help prevent cancer.

As essentially honey, honey syâmil has many benefits that are not less with various other herbal remedies. Its sweet taste also not a reason for not taking it. Instead, drink honey syâmil will improve health and tackle health problems being experienced.

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