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13 Benefits of Water Roses Beauty Face and Skin - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Water Roses For Beauty Face and Skin - Healthy T1ps

Rose one flower that symbolizes love and romance. Protection of interest using thorns indeed one lambing, how valuable such interest. So when you wish to have it, there are only two risks that you might encounter. First you get the pain because a thorn stuck with the flowers. In other words, you let these thorns hurt you for the sake of a rose. Or you are injured because of thorns, only few and small wounds, but without bringing home the roses.

Sekelopak just how difficult getting the interest, you would have been able to analyze that such interest is not a casual interest. Roses, other than beautiful in its state as a flower, it is also excellent for maintaining the health and care of your body. Even usefulness is already widely in use and well-known since time immemorial.

The moisture content of roses

The Amazing Health Benefits of Water Roses For Beauty Face and Skin - Healthy T1psRose water is palin many are applicable to health and feminine care. Many properties in hasilkannya. Because abortion is indeed very much and good for maintaining health. Rose water contains antiseptic ingredients and antibacteri that keep you from the irritation. The nature of rosewater own anti-inflammation makes your face that initially appear reddish subside.

In addition, there are vitamins A, C, and E are very good for the skin and hair. Even the content of vitamin C in grades 8 times more than vitamin C in general, because of the content of Roses Hip Seeds. This gives the content of anti-oxidant effects are excellent for keeping your skin from aging.

As for the care and health care of skin and hair, rose water application is able to count on. The following benefits:

1. Good for acne prone skin

Rose in value wise enough to handle acne prone skin problems. Enough with water Sewer rose in the morning and evening, able to cope with your acne inflammation. One is as an antiseptic properties of matter very susceptible bacteria in the acne, so the pores are clogged initially could come back clean again.

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2. Refreshes skin

Rose water is quite refreshing when you apply over your skin. Good all types of skin, rose water is good for use. Usefulness able to soften and refreshes your skin. Even the redness of your skin can also be lost

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3. Brighten the skin

Another benefit that can andaperoleh when using rose water is able to brighten your skin. It is influenced because kandunganb vitamin A and vitamin E, which works very well to help slough off dead skin cells. So it can be replaced with a fresh new skin and brighter.

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4. Preventing premature aging

Another very womb in unggulkan of rosewater is Rose hip Seeds. This substance contains vitamin C which is very rich. Even able to become one of the anti-oxidants, so that nutrient is able to be felt by the skin of the inside. This makes your skin more elastic. Not only that, but also prevent wrinkles as a result of the effects of aging.

5. Healthy eyes

You often sleep a night or stay up? Yep this is not good for the health of your eyes. Usually you will look lackluster, underpowered, even to the areas surrounding your eyes become dark like a panda. Do not worry, because the use of rose water kompresan able menyegarka back of your eyes as well as healthful.

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6. long hair

Rose water is not only good for your skin and your face, but also for the health of the hair as well. If you merawa anxious because of the short hair does not go long, try using rose water concoction. Dneganmengusapkan enough rose water on your hair.

7. Maintain healthy hair

You feel less confident with your hair dry and easy to get dirty? Rose water solution. The benefits you can use to maintain the health and care of your hair. The trick with the scalp dry and dirty the cleaned using water roses. Abortion is an antiseptic to prevent iiritasi.

8. Reduce dandruff

Rose water is also able to eliminate annoying dandruff your head. The way is easy, by washing away part of the head there ketombenya this with rose water.

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9. Reduces the result panty lines

In the folds of the foot and the female organs usually leave a mark underwear. It is very disturbing beauty of the skin of your feet. Even usually leave red scars. One way is to compress with rose water.

10. Eliminate acne scars

Rose water that you combine with sandalwood paste a very powerful role to eliminate stubborn acne scars. Because only rely on the natural solution, then the process a little penghilanganya take longer.

Here's how:

  • Combine the 2 tablespoons of sandalwood powder with 1 tablespoon rose water
  • Stir to create 'sandalwood paste'
  • Wash your face with warm water. Functions that your pores open
  • Apply the paste all over your face
  • Let the first 20 minutes or wait till mongering
  • Wash using ice cold water

11. Good for dry skin

The benefits generated by the water rose for dry skin moisturizing ingredients. rose water contains rich water is able to seep into the skin, making it excellent for moisturizing. Apply toner and wash your face in the morning and evening.

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12. Good for the treatment of skin diseases

Skin disease is one of the most disease appears in a tropical country. One of them adalam eczema, blisters, dermatitis, and burns. Use rose water that works as an antiseptic and prevent inflammation as a treatment for skin better.

13. As relaxasi

Psychologically, rose water provides a calming effect. When you are in covered, by a sense of stress from your job, or are still in a period of tension, try soaking in warm water which add with rose water. Usefulness of providing security and refreshing for your body. Even for those of you who have psychosomatic symptoms, such as stress due to peptic ulcers or heart disease will slowly be cured this way.

That's the benefit of rose water. Hopefully can help.