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9 Benefits Of Longan Fruit For Health - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit - Healthy T1ps

Longan fruit much used as supplementary material in food recipes, mainly used as a topping on the cake. Perhaps in part of us, had never read these longan plants. Though longan fruit crop, is native to Southeast Asia. Longan fruit, there are many who liked because of the sweetness but fresh are in the flesh. Because the fruit is seasonal, many manufacturers of food packaging in canned form.

But this fruit is very well taken, because the benefits of longan fruit is able to support health as follows:

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit - Healthy T1ps
Health Benefits Of Longan Fruit

Health Benefits Of Longan - Healthy T1ps :

1. Increase Vitamin C
Intake of vitamin C deficiency, is likely to easily develop high blood pressure, heart disease, age-related macular degeneration and certain types of cancer. Crude longan is a source of the benefits of vitamin C are very good, which is about 84 milligrams of 3.5 ounces. This amount supplies 93% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 90 milligrams in men and more than 100 per cent of women need 75 milligrams a day.

2. Strengthen Bones
A study published in 2013 in the "Maturity" reported that postmenopausal women who have lower minerals such as copper are significantly more likely to develop osteoporosis with age. Adults should consume about 900 micrograms of copper every day, and 3.5 ounces of fresh longan supplies provide 19% of these recommendations. Dried longan is a better source. One 3.5-ounce serving of dried longan had 807 micrograms of the mineral, almost 90 percent of the RDA.

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3. Adequate Needs Iron
Vegetarians tend to have iron deficiency than those who eat meat. This is because iron is provided by plant foods is not absorbed as easily as iron from animal products for example on the benefits of beef. Pregnant women, athletes and teenage girls probably goes a more iron. Dried longan can help increase iron intake. Each 3.5-ounce longan contains about 5 milligrams, or about 62 percent of the daily requirement of iron.

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4. Prevent Crashes In Eyes
Riboflavin is an essential vitamin that is part of the benefits of vitamin B complex. Men need 1.3 milligrams of the vitamin every day, while women should have 1.1 milligrams. According to the "Archives of Ophthalmology" study published in 2005, does not consume adequate riboflavin may increase the risk of eye disorders, particularly cataract. Longan raw contains 0.14 milligrams of riboflavin in every 3.5 ounces, but the dried longan had 0.5 milligrams per serving. Eating 3.5 ounces of dried longan supplying 38% of the daily requirement for riboflavin men and 45% women's needs.

5. Healthy Brain Function
Copper on litchi fruit promotes brain function. Copper is needed to produce norepinephrine, which is a chemical used brain cells to communicate. Copper also helps keep the sheath that surrounds nerves and nerves to function efficiently. This allows the brain to metabolize communication molecules the brain, including dopamine. In 100 grams of longan fruit supply 169 micrograms of copper, or 19 percent of the daily intake recommendations, which are set by the Institute of Medicine.

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6. Metabolism Healthy
Litchi fruit contains riboflavin that support metabolism. Riboflavin is abundant in litchi create components that are essential for energy production. It also helps enable coenzyme required for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. One portion of litchi offer of 0.14 milligrams of riboflavin, which is 11% of the recommended daily intake for men and 13% for women, established by the Institute of Medicine. Litchi fruit also contains niacin and thiamine also supports metabolism.

7. Prevents Tissue Damage
Consuming litchi fruit can protect tissues from damage because of its vitamin C content. Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant benefits and this means that, can prevent free radicals from the oxidation of cell membranes, lipids and DNA. If not, the free radicals will accumulate in the system and harm the network, thereby increasing the risk of arthritis and cancer.

8. Natural Anti-Depressant
Longan do wonders for neurological problems. Longan provide a relaxing effect on the nerves and proven to improve nerve function, anger is lower and reduces fatigue. Longan treat neurasthenic neurosis and insomnia and is also able to handle the neurasthenia and sleep disorders.

9. Maintain Healthy Skin
Longan is also beneficial for the skin. Longan contains anti-aging properties and proven to improve skin health. The fruit is very beneficial for the skin that are around the eyes, minimizes cracking of skin and improve skin tone. Longan also can maintain healthy teeth and gums, to be in good condition.

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Nutrient Fruit Longan

Small round brown fruit is very similar to the popular lychee found in China. Packed with essential nutrients, this fruit is an excellent addition to the daily diet. Delicious and sweet fruit also very pleasant for dining, as well as providing many benefits.

Here are the details of the nutritional fruit longan:

  • Water - 83 grams
  • Protein - 1.3 grams
  • Carbohydrates - 15 grams
  • Fiber - 1.3 grams
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - 0,031 mg
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - 0,014 grams
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - 0.3 mg
  • Vitamin C - 84 grams
  • Calcium - 1 gram
  • Iron - 0.13 grams
  • Potassium - 266 mg
  • Magnesium - 10 grams
  • Zinc - 0.05 mg

Enjoy fresh longan fruit as a snack or cut to be used as a topping on a salad of spinach or kale. Canned litchi fruit is also widely available in stores yet, versions of canned fruit is often packed with extra syrup, which means extra sugar. For optimum health benefits, choose fresh litchi fruit and contain no added sugar.