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Benefits Dates powder For Fertility, Men and Women - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits Dates powder For  Fertility, Men and Women - Healthy T1ps

Powder or powders date palm is one of the herbal remedies that come from Arabia, especially in the area of ​​Mecca and Medina. The powder of dates has been known since ancient times as a medicinal herb that is very good for health. one of the benefits of the most phenomenal in the community is a benefit on fertility for both men and women. Many people believe that the powders of these dates can increase fertility so that a solution for couples who have not been blessed with offspring.

Benefits And Efficacy of powder Dates For Fertility - Healthy T1PS

In Indonesia alone, the presence of palm pollen may still rarely found because there are no palm trees. But now you can get it easily because it has long imported products in Indonesia as more and more of a request. For the price is quite expensive due to get powder dates are not easy and also because of the distance arab and Indonesia far enough. Nevertheless, you can still benefit from the palm pollen for fertility as follows:

Benefits Dates powder For  Fertility, Men and Women
Improve male fertility
For those men who are already married and no children because there is a problem in yourself then no need to worry anymore because you can use the benefits of powder dates. Dates powder believed to increase the number of sperm and also improve sperm cells be of high quality because sperm will be produced sharper and more healthy.

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It has also been studied by the college of medicine Tikrit where date palm pollen by eating twice a day and each 500 mg of pollen will be able to increase the number of tests on up to 47.83 percent. Besides the number of the hormone testosterone in the body will increase to 64.25 percent. This number was a tremendous amount into a fresh breeze for men who experience problems with fertility. If taken regularly, you can memproleh faster descent. But of course that is more accurate results, consult first with your personal physician because there can be other issues that cause you impaired fertility.

Improving women's fertility
Benefits powder these dates for a woman is able to help increase production of the hormone estrogen hormone which has a major role in female fertility and also maintain the quality of the menstrual cycle so that the egg can be produced with a maximum.

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This has been evidenced from research conducted by the university Diyala and Baghdad university that uses samples of mice. Rat be an option because it possesses body systems similar to humans. The result will be increasing the fertility of women is almost over fifty percent with the regular consumption of powder dates.

Currently you can get palm powder that has been packaged and consumed lived alone with honey mixed. Various dates powder products already on the market, especially coming from Mecca and Medina. For the price is a bit expensive but comparable to the properties is not it?

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Remember to always consult with your doctor on your fertility problems with the couple. Regular consultation and appropriate treatment will create fertility problems more quickly and easily overcome. Consume powder of dates if doctors allow because it can also be a problem other diseases that cause impaired fertility of you and your spouse.

Thus this article I hope you can take the benefits, thanks and hopefully useful