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Mandatory Know! 15 Benefits of Betel Leaf FOR Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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Mandatory Know! 15 Benefits of Betel Leaf FOR Beauty - Healthy T1ps

15 Benefits of Betel Leaves For Facial Beauty - Betel leaves have varying types but have the same chemical content, among other green betel, betel yellow, red betel and betel black. All types of betel magical ability in treating facial skin beauty in addition to a potent cure some diseases, eg able to eliminate unpleasant body odor, launched menstruation, and as cleaners feminine area.

The content of Betel Leaves - Healthy T1ps

There are some of the content contained in the betel leaves, among others:

  • flavonoids
  • The active compounds tannins
  • oil astsiri
  • Strong compound saponin
  • Substance Fenil propoda
  • substance terpenana
  • substance hidroksikaficol
  • compounds karvokrol
  • compounds Allylprokatekol
  • Substance P-cymene
  • Substance Cineole and Coryofelen

All compounds in it acts as an antioxidant, anticancer, antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory natural but powerful in overcoming a variety of health complaints including skin cells block the activity of cancer that attacks the skin.

The virtue of Betel Leaf

    The Amazing Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf For Health And Beauty - Healthy T1ps
  • Has no side effects. The use of betel leaves to treatment and care for the skin is relatively safe for the long term. This is because all the compounds in it relaxes blood flow around the face, it is natural, it acts as an anti-inflammatory active and potent antibiotic and does not damage the skin tissue in the deepest part though.
  • Can be used as a facial treatment outside and inside the body. When someone does a facial skin care from the outside using the betel leaf it is advisable to consume stew betel leaf that has added palm sugar and lime juice is beneficial for the treatment of facial skin from the inside so as to accelerate the process of healing the inflammation, swelling, acne, rash, and itching on the face. In addition, preventing the onset of cancer cells in the skin due to frequent exposure to ultraviolet light every day.

  • Has many benefits in addition to facials. Betel leaf decoction would not only facial beauty care from within; it can prevent and treat other diseases associated with bad body odor, launched menstruation, scent of womanhood, and others. For example, diligent eating betel leaf stew least 3 times a week to maintain the freshness of the face and maintain the cleanliness of the face of attack the bacteria that cause acne, blackheads, and pimples small very itchy.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf For Health And Beauty - Healthy T1ps
Here are some benefits of betel leaf to face, in the beauty and health:

1. Curing inflamed acne and cystic acne

Anti-inflammatory compounds in the betel leaves helps relieve, restore, and curing inflammatory or cystic acne, painful to the touch. This can be done by softening the betel leaf and apply gently on the face that is inflamed. Do this every day morning and afternoon to speed healing.

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2. Shrink pores

Antiseptic compounds can shrink the skin pores are dilated by the use of make-up every day. You do this by applying a betel leaf that has been trimmed before going to bed at night and let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Afterwards, relax with a face free from any use of a night cream.

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3. Fades dark spots and acne scars

All the compounds present in betel leaf has the ability to fade the color of the skin due to exposure to ultraviolet light, caused by acne, or for the use of cosmetics. The way to do that is by taking the betel leaf previously crushed and added lime juice and squeezed the water. Then apply on face and let sit 20 minutes dive. Do it as often as possible until the black spots disappear naturally.

4. Treat itching on the skin

Stew betel juice that has been refrigerated for a day is very beneficial to wash the face in the morning, set aside some time before rinsing with clean water. This can relieve and heal rashes and itching of the face.

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5. Dry the wound to the face

For someone who has injured by squeezing pimples are arbitrary, due to scratched, hit, and so can be removed by using a betel leaf. This can be done by membalurkan betel leaf that has been mashed face and let sit for 30 minutes so that the anti-inflammatory compounds and strong antibiotics able to penetrate and accelerate the process of drying the wound.

6. Lifting the dirt and dust in the face

Boiled water betel leaves can be used to wash your face in the morning after waking up, set aside some time before rinsing with clean water. Betel leaf boiled water can remove dirt or dust that still remains on the face.

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7. Kill the bacteria that causes ulcers in the face

Juice of betel leaf water that has been mashed and added with a thick turmeric water can be applied gently and let stand for 20 minutes can kill bacteria that cause ulcers on the face. This is due to turmeric and betel leaves have anti-inflammatory compounds that when combined can kill the bacteria so it does not spread to other places and meninbulkan acne.

8. Prevent and resolve phlegm in the face

Panu is a skin disease caused by fungi due to exposure to free radicals and lazy to clean the skin before going to sleep at night. Panu can be eliminated with the use of betel leaf that has been mashed previously added a little water Langkuas. Then apply on face berpanu and let stand for 20 minutes. Intervenes in this way twice a day until the skin fungus disappears.

9. Prevent the appearance of blackheads

Betel leaves that have been pulverized and then smeared on the face covered with blackheads blackheads then will be able to remove its contents naturally without pemencetan by hand. Blackheads have come out you can immediately wash with boiled water betel leaf that has been chilled in order to face really free from blackheads growth back.

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10. Inhibit active movement of cancer cells in the skin

Alkoloid on betel potent compounds to block and destroy the growth of cancer cells that are outside or on the surface of the skin, for example skin cancer. Skin cancer is a cancer that begins with the appearance of black spots which later turned life into a benign tumor cell that if not addressed it will potentially mutate the DNA into cancer cells.

11. Tighten the skin

Rinse face with betel leaf decoction is lukewarm, after returning from their daily activities so that the skin is always tight and avoid fatigue.

12. Balancing the excess oil

Making betel leaf that has been refined as a daily mask will make the face shape is always fresh, bright, and not greasy. Astsiri compounds that exist in betel leaves most powerful in balancing the levels of excess oil, especially in people who have oily skin types.

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13. Treating swelling caused skin allergies

Anti-inflammatory substances may relieve and deflates inflammation of the face caused by allergies. Many people who develop allergies is suddenly swollen face after a few minutes of consuming seafood that contains mercury for instance crab or lobster.

14. Refreshing and smooth the skin

To prevent the display face of sluggish, dull, rough and then wash your face with betel leaf decoction cooled previously been added with a little salt on a regular basis.

15. Heals burns on the face

Burns can leave scars that can make blush become less attractive, to speed healing and relieve burns should wash your face with boiled water betel leaves every day. Then let stand for a while and then wash back and let stand for 20 minutes. Then rinse with clean water that has been spiked with an antiseptic substance dermatologist recommendations.

Betel leaf herbal treatment for the daily care of the face

1. Betel Leaf + salt

How to use:

  • Wash and betel leaf puree
  • Add salt plain that contains no iodine
  • Then knead for a moment that the two natural ingredients evenly mixed into one
  • After that gently smeared on the face

This simple traditional herb that can be applied every day because it can prevent the onset of blackheads on the skin which if left unchecked could potentially become acne. For someone who tmemiliki blackheads this herb can speed up the release of blackheads without pemencetan.

2. Betel Leaf + Air Jeruk

How to use:

  • Betel leaves are washed first and then puree until it is completely smooth
  • Then add lemon juice to taste freshly squeezed lemon or lime
  • Squeeze slowly
  • Then apply on face and leave on for 20 minutes

This unique herb can be used every morning before dressing or using cosmetics. This herb is proven to remove excess oil on the face that have oily skin types. In addition, this method can balance the levels of excess oil and make a powder that has been applied on the face is more durable and does not fade or face quickly became shiny as greasy.

3. + Honey Betel Leaf First

How to use:

  • Betel leaves are washed first and then puree until smooth
  • Add honey to taste
  • Apply on the face that is experiencing inflammation due to sunburn, resulting from the use of cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals or are inflamed due to acne pemencetan wrong.

This anti-inflammatory herb could heal inflammation or injury that occurs on the face and is suitable for sensitive skin types or very dry prone to irritation.