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5 Benefits of Strawberry to Whiten Teeth - Healthy T1ps

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5 Benefits of Strawberry to Whiten Teeth - Healthy T1ps

Fragra the Latin of strawberries that have meaning perfumed, strawberry belongs to the Rosaceae family which have been domesticated in the area of ​​North America and is called Wuttahimheash fruit or berry that has meaning in ancient Greece hearts of strawberries used as a symbol of the goddess of love. The person who first gave the name Charles Linneans with strawberry is Fragaria species name.

The name strawberry itself has its origins in the name is etymologically that where the strawberry was derived from the word Straw that have meaning straws, because at that time the gardeners have activity in the cultivation of this fruit with a straw to plant and also the planting of a straw alone can protect strawberries from the decay process. At first the fruit is avoided to not be consumed because at the time of strawberries grown near the ground and assume that the strawberry fruit contaminated by snakes and frogs, but at this time these plants grow on land covering 25,000 hectares in the United States and also in America North.

In the strawberry fruit contains substances that are good for the body of his specialty to the teeth, here are some of the benefits of strawberries for human teeth:

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Strawberry For Whiten Teeth - Healthy T1ps

Can be used as toothpaste
In strawberry contained compounds that are good for dental health can usually be used as toothpaste, as well as commercially available toothpaste strawberry also contains compounds that nature and function have the same role in toothpaste normally. In strawberry contained the same antibacterial active substance found in toothpaste sold in the market, in which it has an active role for the health of our teeth to avoid the occurrence of the damage that would be experienced if the teeth are not given the substance. But in toothpaste sold in the market are not recommended the use of toothpaste has a concentration of fluorine is high, the toothpaste on the market itself there is the active ingredient of antibacterial in the form stanium fluoride, sodium fluoride, sodium monoflourosfat that where if user is used at high concentrations can cause side effects such as fluorosis email. Then use toothpaste made from strawberry would be safe to use in the usage of toothpaste because it has the same function and role in toothpastes on the market but have different properties to the toothpaste on the market.

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Prevent fluorosis email
Fluorosis email a malfunction of the email in the teeth quality contributing factor because of the increased concentration of fluorine high going around ameloblast the occurrence during the formation of the enamel, the signs of dental experience fluorosis email is viewed from the tooth color is no longer as white as the color of teeth pad generally white as healthy teeth and teeth look white and opaque and tooth enamel becomes brittle.

Preventing dental caries
Dental caries is the destruction of the bones or teeth caused by having teeth that undergo a process of disease outbreak that was originally started with the beginning of the tooth infection and then up to the teeth with caries or tooth decay, the result of it is caused by the presence bacteria that makes the occurrence of dental caries.

Dental caries can be overcome by inhibiting the bacteria that make the infection in the teeth with a toothpaste containing anti-bacterial and brush your teeth regularly and properly in brushing the teeth, which is where the strawberry can be made toothpaste because of the content of catechins that have the same function like toothpaste being sold in the market and therefore strawberry contains catechins that can be used as antibacterial properties bactericidal or chemical substances therein are capable of killing also destroys bacteria in the teeth and have bacteriostatic properties or chemical substances contained therein is able to restrain the growth of the bacteria that where it is against the bacteria streptococcus mutans.

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A self-cleaning
Just as toothpaste sold in the market that can clean teeth to healthy teeth become more awake, strawberries can also clean the teeth and can kill the bacteria that can lead to disease of dental caries and so forth caused by the bacteria streptococcus mutans. That's because for their content of pectin in which pectin tersenut as a natural fiber that has a function as cleaning teeth naturally produced from strawberries.

Reduce the occurrence of plaque on the teeth
Plaque on teeth is one of the diseases of the teeth other than dental caries disease that can affect the health of the teeth, dental plaque itself an existence as lengketan on the teeth of the results of the rest of the food stuck to the bacteria on the surface of the tooth. On the plaque itself there are a variety of substances that can undergo desquamation or the release element epithelium on the teeth resulting from the rest of the food that sticks to the surface of the tooth, the tooth enamel to be coated by name polikel that where polikel is an organic layer that is not clear shape from the deposition of saliva which will form a glycoprotein which is included in the polikel.

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Polikel has a very sticky nature so as to make certain bacteria can be easily attached to the tooth surface. In the strawberry contains catechins catechin which alone can make the bacteria can not afford to live even destroyed that make the plaque on the teeth, sehigga dental plaque can be prevented with dental treatment with a strawberry.

The following is a benefit of strawberries that can prevent the teeth from dental diseases that can damage the teeth so that the health of the teeth become unhealthy because of bacteria that attach to tooth surfaces, the diseases of the teeth due to lifestyle habits that are not clean because of irregular brushing teeth later the rest of the food will cause the attachment of bacteria on the teeth and not just because of the attachment of leftover food and bacteria that stick but because of the use of toothpaste that has a high concentration of fluoride that are not recommended by the use that should be on the teeth. Then use the one toothpaste that has fluoride concentration is low and teraturlah the teeth rub and use good manners in brushing teeth that would make the teeth become more healthy and well groomed.