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Benefits of Avocados To Lower Cholesterol - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Avocados To Lower Cholesterol - Healthy T1ps

Cholesterol disease is a disease where a person's cholesterol levels in their blood that exceeded normal levels. The meaning of the word cholesterol itself is a waxy fatty compounds which are mostly produced in the liver and other partly obtained from food. People affected by cholesterol is actually an effect of diet on his own and his own activity. The condition of high cholesterol can increase the risk of serious diseases. cholesterol disease usually affects other diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

Already diseased cholesterol can be exposed to other diseases as well. Usually a lot of people who do a lot of ways to be able to reduce levels kolesrol. Included with regular exercise and a healthy diet. But this way has often been carried out but the result is zero. Actually, by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet that's just not happening for her to prevent cholesterol disease more severe. In this article the authors suggest eating avocado.

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Why avocado?

Because the avocado is a fruit popular and most frequently consumed in the community. This fruit is useful to help reduce your cholesterol levels.

Because the avocado there are many in the womb of her that is among others:
  • alpha-carotene
  • beta-carotene
  • beta-cryptoxanthin
  • chrysanthemaxanthin

The Amazing Health Benefits of Avocados To Lower Cholesterol - Healthy T1psthe content of the above is required by the human body, in addition to the fruit aplukat also stores vitamins A, B, C and E and very good for the body. By eating it regularly may be able to help lower cholesterol. And that's one of the benefits of avocado for cholesterol.

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How do I take it?

Actually, to consume the avocado is very much the way from juiced and also serve fruit soup. But with the way it all are not as effective and may not to be used as a cure. Even create new diseases. Because we know that sop fruit sold in the community will certainly use sugar essence and it would be easy to make diabetes approaching us.

So how to consume it like this:

  • Eating an avocado directly with alpukatnya wash prior to really clean up.
  • Then peel alpukatnya beforehand so that it will easy for his editorial.
  • After that, choose to want to be eaten directly or mixed with other ingredients that can support the health of the body such as honey and milk are also low in sugar.
  • If you want to be eaten. Immediately eat fruit alpukatnya. Because the avocado is very good when eaten directly without being juiced or made fruit soup because it will mix with ingredients that are not healthy.
  • If you want to be treated again. Prepare honey or milk that is low calorie sugar. The author suggests to use honey. article related Benefits Apple Vinegar and Honey
  • But remember it is not honey adulterated honey that has been mixed by unknown materials suggested.
  • Once the material has been prepared. Put 2-3 avocados as needed into the blender. Remember her yes cored and cut pieces advance alpukatnya not too small and not too big. Because the blender will be difficult to smooth the avocado if 2- 3 avocados included everything.
  • Turn on the blender and wait hingaa avocado really smooth.
  • Let the avocado that has become subtle remain in the blender. Put honey into the blender about 1-2 spoons remember it as needed, and the portion of the avocado in a blender before.
  • Then turn on the blender back around 2- 3 minutes, then the already delicate avocado and honey will be mixed together in a blender processed.
  • After that serve and drink immediately. If you want a favor at the time the better drink cooled in the refrigerator or can use ice cubes.
  • Perform routine and scheduled to really get benefits.
  • Easy is not as simple as eating an avocado mixed with honey alone can help get rid of bad cholesterol. Because we know that cholesterol is a type of fat made by the body that is essential for the body to function normally. But if excessive, usually derived from cholesterol that comes from food, it can lead to heart disease and stroke.

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The content of an avocado:

  1. Avocados are rich in vitamins, we know that the vitamin is needed by the body from vitamin A, B, and C. Now the avocado all there is of it all.
  2. The mineral, the content of which one is an obligation to accept the body. If there is no intake of minerals may all people would feel thirsty and tired outstanding during the activity.
  3. fiber, means food that has an energy content therein. Many foods and fruits that contain fiber one is avocado.
  4. compounds inhibiting cholesterol absorption (phytosterols), if this one is certain because it is one of the benefits of avocado is lowered cholesterol disease.
  5. well as antioxidants, which can contribute to heart disease prevention (polyphenols).

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Research says that the avocado fruit beneficial for lowering cholesterol

The researchers conducted penilitan whether avocados can to lower cholesterol. Who do penilitian state of health of 50 healthy men and women, overweight and obese between the ages of 41-70 years. They are grouped by three types of different cholesterol-lowering diet:

  • Low-fat diet without avocado
  • Moderate fat diet without avocado
  • Moderate fat diet with one avocado per day

And what about the results? Participants who were fat diet and eat avocados every day had higher levels of bad cholesterol lower than participants who were fat diet without eating avocado. LDL levels decreased 15.5 points after the diet and regularly eat avocados. While those who diet without avocado fat was reduced by 9 points and the low-fat diet without avocado decreased by 8 points.

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In addition, various other studies had already demonstrated the benefits of avocado to help prevent stroke, cancer, coronary heart disease, and help control diabetes. Although the benefits are many, but the avocado should still be consumed in limited amounts. An average avocado has 300-400 calories is the amount of calories that is large enough for the size of the fruit. Too much eating avocados can actually make you fat fast.

By eating avocado sure your body will be protected from excess cholesterol. Good luck and feel the benefits.