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The Amazing Health Benefits Of carica papaya seeds - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Health Benefits Of carica papaya seeds - Healthy T1ps

Carica is native of Indonesia who came from Central Java Dieng. The Latin name of this is a carica papaya pubescens. Where this carica fruit by local people named the mountain papaya. In terms of form carica fruit does have a shape similar to the papaya fruit in general. Only difference between fruit and fruit carica papaya is its size. Carica fruit which has a smaller size than the papaya fruit. The taste of the fruit is sweet keasam- carica asaman when ripe so many who make candied fruit carica as tasty and delicious taste.

The content of carica

Carica fruit that has a yellow color is rich in vitamins needed by the body to nourish from the inside. The following compounds contained in carica fruit, among others:

  • Vitamin A is a vitamin that is good for eye health.
  • Vitamin B is a source of energy so as to enhance the body's natural metabolism did.
  • Vitamin C rich benefits to prevent Sariwan and brighten the skin.
  • Vitamin E nourish the skin from the inside so that the skin smooth and supple.
  • Fiber works to launch the digestive system.
  • Calcium is good for maintaining bone density and teeth.

Benefits carica papaya seeds

Carica fruit containing seeds therein are believed to be able to prevent some types of diseases. Here are the benefits of carica seeds in the field of health:

1. Preventing cancer

Cancer is a disease that attacks an organ in the body and continue to rise until well into late stage. End of the spread of cancer in the body is death. So that cancer also called as the number two killer in the world after heart disease. Preventing cancer is better than cure. Therefore, one way to prevent cancer is the seeds of Carica premises consumption. Carica seeds have been proven safe to prevent cancer.

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2. Digestion

If you have problems with digestion try using seeds from the fruit carica to launch the gastrointestinal. As it turns out not only the flesh of the fruit, but the seeds of carica fruit also contains fiber which is good for digestion. Digestion smooth body to be healthy and fit. Also of course makes the body eager to perform daily activities.

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3. Healthy gut

Guts is a place where the food that has been eaten in nutrient absorption through the intestine. Human intestinal long Sagat once primarily the small intestine. Absorption of nutrients is important because it will be draining the intestines to the blood supply to the organ in - other organs in need. That's why maintain intestinal health is very important as well to support the absorption of nutrients in the body. Here's how to make healthy gut is a natural fruit consumption are seeds from the fruit carica.

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4. Good for Eyes

The eyes are the window to the world to see the world and its beauty. Carica seeds also contain vitamin A in it so it is good to maintain eye health. So to get healthy eyes you can vary the fruit to be in konsusmsi, eg tomatoes, carrots, Rimbang and seeds from the fruit carica. Carica bean consumption is consistently able to nourish your eyes naturally.

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That's some of the benefits of apricot seeds to heal and overcome health problems. You can get this fruit also directly along with the seeds in an area where the fruit is cultivated that Dieng, Central Java.