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Keep Share ! Benefits of Mango Root For Humans - Healthy T1ps

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Keep Share ! Benefits of Mango Root For Humans - Healthy T1ps

Health Benefits Of Mango Root - Mango is known as the sweet fruits and fresh fruit in a particular season. In Indonesia many types - types of mangoes, from the taste, smell, shape and size. This fruit spread throughout Indonesia and is widely cultivated and planted himself in the yard. Mango itself saves a lot of benefits as vitamin, mineral and nutrient that are beneficial to our health.

Not only the fruit, mango leaves is also beneficial for our body. Although not many people know the leaves are quite well known as one of the natural herbal remedies with a lot of content benefits. This is because the mango leaves also contain substances that are able to treat some diseases.

In addition to fresh fruit, sweet and tasty, and also leaves a lot of benefits turned out to root mango can also be beneficial, especially for health and the environment. During this time we might just take it and enjoy its fruits are rich in vitamins, but it turns out there are hidden benefits are also at the root. Mango roots, including the type taproot. Where the roots of the many branches and too long, could even reach 6 meters. The roots are very important because it is the supporting tree, a tree without roots would not exist.

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Which is not widely known is that there are benefits in the roots. For the mango roots alone would serve to strengthen the mango trees that are not easily collapse. Moreover function is to absorb water and nutrients in the soil to be distributed to the rest of the mango tree. In addition to the mango tree roots capable of gripping the soil so that the soil will not be a landslide. It was a benefit for the roots of a mango tree mango tree itself and the environment. While the benefits for our health will be discussed further with the explanation below.

Mango Roots for Health Benefits

1. Treating colds and fever

Keep Share ! Benefits of Mango Root For Humans - Healthy T1psFor those who are able to use the root mango fever as an alternative treatment. By using the roots of the mango is a natural material would be better than using chemical drugs which have side effects.

The trick is to apply the roots of a mango that has until finely ground and then rub it into the soles of the feet and palms. Prepare to taste fresh mango roots that have been cleaned and pounded until smooth and resembles pasta. Oles-rub and rub the paste into the root of the mango with fever, the fever will disappear gradually and the body refreshed. So rather than rush to the doctor mango roots can be one of the natural alternatives to reduce fever.

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2. For the vitality of men

Problems vitality pretty much feared by men, especially those who are elderly. Indeed, many now available drugs - drugs but it would be much better to use natural ingredients, one of which is from the root of the mango. How to prepare mango roots are still fresh and clean taste later in the grate. Enter the root grated mango to the pan and add 2 cups of water, then boiled. After boiling wait until low tide that had two glasses become into the remaining one cup only. Strain the cooking water and drink one glass a day and feel the benefits and differences. So the roots of mango could be an alternative natural herbal medicine to increase male vitality.

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So the mango trees including trees that have a million benefits. Starting from the fruit, leaves, and even to its roots is also beneficial. Therefore, from now could begin to be planted mango trees, could start in our own backyard or even now can dibudidayan well in pots. With the plant but we can take the benefits to our health, the yard is also so much cooler. Thus the benefits of mango roots that can be explained. Hopefully this information can add insight and information regarding the benefits of mango root. Use the knowledge wisely and protect the environment and our health.