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TOP 31 Benefits of White Turmeric and Side Effects (Tested) - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of white turmeric become one of traditional medicinal plants which many people use to treat various health problems. In the previous article, we discussed about the benefits of turmeric. Turmeric unlike white with yellow turmeric commonly encountered, because it is rather rare plant is used for seasoning cooking. White turmeric is a kind of tuber annual fruitful, with round and white rhizomes almost like kencur. Learn more about the benefits of white turmeric will be reviewed in this article.

Benefits of  White Turmeric For Treatment

White turmeric can cure various diseases complaints, the following prescription medications with white turmeric:

Treating ulcer disease - symptoms of ulcer disease occurs due to irregular eating patterns and eating foods that trigger too much stomach acid. It is better we treat it with turmeric and white for the disease is not getting worse. How: White turmeric cleaned and cut into pieces. Then boiled with 500 cc of water, boil until the water a half. Strain herbs and then chill. Drink while warm with honey added. Drink 2 times a day, a dose of 50 cc at a time.

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Preventing breast cancer - In addition to cervical cancer, symptoms of breast cancer is feared by women, to reduce the occurrence of this cancer resikon can make a potion with white turmeric benefits. The trick, white turmeric and some other materials such as taro white wash and cut into pieces. Boil the water as much as 4 cups, wait until the half. Strain and let cool, then drink with a mixture of natural honey for sweetener.

Content of Substance On White Turmeric

TOP 31 Benefits of White Turmeric and Side Effects (Tested)  - Healthy T1psAs one of the herbs, white turmeric is used as ESEP traditional medicine for a variety of herbs for herbal medicine. Indeed, the resulting flavor of herbs such as kencur benefits or benefits of ginger is very unwell, but it has good properties for the body stored in pregnancy. White turmeric contains essential minyat were also present on the benefits of Moringa leaves.

In addition to the research done, it turns white turmeric benefits mangandung a number of substances that are able to control the symptoms of cancer because it can withstand the inflammation and swelling of body tissues. White turmeric can also be overcome white to mrnghindarkan occurrence of more serious problems such as symptoms of cervical cancer.

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White Turmeric Side Effects

Although white turmeric is an herb that has been widely consumed, but at least there are some side effects to its use as follows:

White Turmeric

  • White turmeric can be obtained by various forms of either liquid or capsule. Too much consumption of turmeric can cause damage to white blood cells and red blood cells. this if it happens continuously can damage red blood cells like anemia.
  • One possible while consuming white turmeric is a decrease in blood sugar. But this should be wary because if consumed in excess, sugar can fall dramatically. This condition can occur, called hypoglycemia, or the condition of the body is deprived of blood sugar.
  • In addition to the treatment of herbal plants are often used for beauty treatments, as well as white turmeric. However, white turmeric bit dangerous for those who have sensitive skin for use on the skin continuously can irritate the skin.
  • Although turmeric putif often used as an alternative treatment, but may decrease the effectiveness of medical drugs if used simultaneously. So it took a doctor's supervision if you want to consume.
  • For pregnant and lactating mothers also need to avoid the use of white turmeric directly (edible). Because the content of the white substance in turmeric may harm the fetus and cause miscarriage and colon disorders.