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Top 9 Benefits of Damar Tree - Health and Industry - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Tree Resin For Health and Industry - Healthy T1ps

Health Benefits Of Damar Tree - Damar is one type of gum derived from the type of tree resin. Damar is obtained by harvesting of gum rosin plant which is still fresh. The process to get a resin such as a process for tapping sap on rubber trees. Damar became residue is often referred to as resin. Resin itself can grow on various types of wood that has been damaged. One of the greatest potential for many resin obtained from the Moluccas.

Characteristics of Damar Tree

Damar included in the group of plants gymnosperms. It is one of the plants native to Indonesia. This plant produces a special latex which is often called by the name of resin. Characters tree resin has a trunk with a size could reach more than 50 meters. Diamates size resin tree can reach more than 1 meter.

The outside of the timber will be covered by various types of gotu kola with the older color. Damar tree leaves have oval shape character and tapered at the small end of the size of about 2 to 8 cm. This tree also produces seed with a size of about 7-9 cm in diameter.

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Chemical content of Damar Tree

Damar also contain various compounds of the chemical element that has an important role in its function. Types of compounds found in amber is like resinat acid content, complex alcohols, balsam and resen. All the chemical content will be out during processing. Damar has the form of a hard, clear as plastic, easily melted and sticky. Besides resins are also prone to evaporation, do not contain fatty acids, and contains many carbon substances or wastes. Damar in the industry are often grouped according to its kind, such as latex, resin, oleoresin, gumresin and balm.

Benefits Damar Tree 
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Tree Resin For Health and Industry - Healthy T1ps

Resin or Damar for some people is one of the foreign substances that might use can not be realized directly. There are basically two types of resin produced from a tree resin, which is a type of resin that is solid and a liquid. Solid resin actually comes from the resin liquid has evaporated. Solid resin does not have a distinctive aroma as the type of liquid resin. Below are some of the benefits of resin.

1. Become Paper Materials and Construction Home

Wood generated by tree resin can be used as an ingredient to produce pulp or paper dust. Wood from the tree resin has the nature and character that can produce quality paper dust. Even the type of paper powder produced from tree resin has a high level of resilience. wood rosin is also a lot of material utilized to make the construction of the house.

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2. Become Industrial Products

Resin is also widely used as agricultural tanamam to be taken sap. The resin will be taken as the process of tapping rubber latex. The sap will be allowed to accumulate and dries in a special place. Cuts to sap will be made every morning after the trees are harvested sap. After it has dried sap will be taken from the place regularly. Resin produced from the processing of sap used to make various plastic film products, textile, paint, ink, plaster materials and korep fire.

3. Plants Greening

Tree resin is also widely used as a penghijaun plants in major cities such as Jakata and Bogor. Tree resin has the character of a tree that easily found and can be planted anywhere. Besides the size of the trees that are huge damage usually can protect the soil and prevent soil water scarcity.

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4. Being Drug Ingredients

Resin or resin obtained from the sap that has hardened also developed into drugs for diseases of memory disorders. America has become one of the researchers who took the subject treatment with resin. The resin has one of the types of enzymes that could be a mediator to improve memory and increase comfort for patients with memory disorders.

5. Drugs For HIV disease

The sap from tree resin also contains one of the active compounds called amentoflavon. These compounds provide a huge influence for HIV disease. Infection with the virus can be controlled with the consumption of drugs containing amentoflavon. These compounds can only be found in tree resin so that the resin can be a very potent drug.

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6. Fuel Lights

In antiquity resin could also be one of the substitute fuel. The resin can produce a chemical compound that dissipates heat like other types of fuel. It is not impossible that one day could create fuel from the resin or resin.

7. Resin Aromatic

Recin type liquid widely used as one component of an aromatic resin. This product can be used to create special drug to prevent mosquitoes, drugs - drugs for mushrooms and a variety of other products.

8. Traditional Medicine

In the old days parents often use resin as a medicinal plant to treat various types of diseases such as sores, pus, pain gigim ulcer pain, problems in the ear and eye pain. Until now a typical component of aromatic compounds from the resin was developed as drugs including drugs for herpes.

9. Materials Natural Dyes

Resin or resin is also widely used as a natural dye. Traditional batik often use resin materials for the drug color or reinforce the color line. Resin or resin absorbed too many industries to make paint, wax and various other coloring materials.

Advantages of Using Damar

Resin or resin derived from tree resin does have enormous benefits for the industry. Resin or resin are widely used as industrial materials including dyes and various types of drugs. Here are some advantages in the management of raw material resin or resin.

Basically resin is a material that is very safe for the environment. Wastes from the processing of the resin does not have an impact on the environment and easy to control.

Fees for processing industrial resin or resin included in the low cost so that it can support the development of the industry.

Chemical and mechanical properties of which are found in the resin material is also very beneficial for the environment so that it can be developed.

Resin or resin could be developed into many different types of drugs that are useful to humans.
Benefits resin tree is quite famous in Indonesia, there is a lot that can be used in addressing this tree. But of course we must remember well the preservation of forests.