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Benefits of Coconut Tree - Roots, Stems, Leaves and Fruits - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits of Coconut Tree - Roots, Stems, Leaves and Fruits - Healthy T1ps

Coconut is a member of the family Arecaceae which is a species in the genus Cocos. Coconut tree is a kind of palm tree with a straight trunk that is much more versatile and important function since prehistoric times. This is one type of tree where almost each part has its benefits, including fruit, wood, roots, and leaves. In many places, such as in South India, a palm tree widely cultivated both in housing, as well as diperkebunan-plantation.

Over time, the coconut tree is known as the tree of life, this tree can produce a wide range of products from various parts, such as to build a house, decorations, and even drugs.

Here are some of the benefits we can get from Yag coconut:

A. Root

The benefits of coconut trees from roots to shoots is not inevitable, palm roots is very beneficial for the environment. Coconut has roots that resemble hair, and has a fibrous root system. Coconut roots consists of thousands of thin roots that grow out of the ground and only a few of these roots that penetrate deep into the ground. Coconut trees produce roots from the base of the stem throughout life continuously and the number of roots produced depends on the age of the tree and the environment. The size of the palm roots typically have a diameter of less than 3 inches.

Coconut roots commonly used in various fields, including:

    Benefits of Coconut Tree - Roots, Stems, Leaves and Fruits - Healthy T1ps
  • Beverages and herbal medicines. The roots of coconut trees can be used as a dye, the manufacture of toothbrushes, and the base material for the tool dessert. In addition, by consuming coconut water decoction of the roots that have been filtered out, can help treat various gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, dysentery and other gastrointestinal problems. It can also treat itching.
  • Building construction. Because it has a structure strong enough, the roots of coconut trees can also be used as a buffer to the building (scribble).
  • Antidotes flood. Because it can absorb water in huge quantities, coconut root also believed to prevent flooding. This is what might be used as a reason why a lot of coconut trees planted in residential areas.
  • Material variety of handicrafts. Since ancient times, coconut plant roots are also often used as one of the crafts that have economic value, such as a bracelet, necklace and others.

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B. Trunk

Trunk tree coconut trees have a fibrous grains. There are three basic colors associated with the density of the wood, which is a dark brown, medium brown, and golden glow. Palm stems generally at a height of 25 mtr with diameters ranging from 300 mm. The content of silica in the tree trunks provide elasticity effect.

Palm stems have many applications, such as:

1. As the material structure and interior design.

Utilization of palm trunk to the interior design is divided in accordance with the quality of its density, namely:

Palm trunk which has a density of hard (high-density), suitable for general structural such as pillars, rolls, rafting, furniture, windows, door frames, flooring, decking and floor joists.
Medium-density palm stems can be used for walls, ceilings, beams and studs horizontal.
Palm trunk with low density are used in non-load bearing applications such as wood paneling, internal trim and ceilings, as well as household appliances.

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2. As the exterior design. Palm stems can also be used for building exterior applications, such as entrances or gates, screens and doors.

3. The basic ingredients papermaking. Palm stems can also be extracted for the manufacture of paper pulp.

C. leaves

Coconut has leaves that are part of a single and pinnate leaves. Various uses palm leaves which are:

  • Young coconut leaves or commonly called the leaf, can be used to berbahai sorts of things, such as webbing material for decorating a traditional ceremony, as food wrappers, such as diamond, and lemet.
  • Old coconut leaves, can be used as banahn webbing to make the roof and walls of the building.
  • The dried coconut leaves can also be used as an ingredient for the manufacture of woven mats, hats, bags, and various types of handicrafts. In addition, the dried palm leaves can also be used as the base material of paper maker once extracted into mush.
  • Stem leaf or commonly called a stick, can also be used as materials for hygiene kits, such as broom garden.
  • And perhaps we do not know, it turns out palm leaves can also be used as an alternative fodder. Coconut leaves a favorite food for the elephants.

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D. Fruit

Coconut has a fruit with a fairly large size and spherical. Coconut fruit diameter can reach 10 to 20 cm, or even more. This fruit has a variety of different colors, such as green, yellow, or brown. Coconut fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants. The fruit is composed of three elements, namely:

  • Mesokarp in the form of fibers or fiber can be called to duty to protect part of it.
  • Endocarp that is the hard part, or commonly referred to as shell or shell. This water-resistant properties. Endocarp serves to protect the seeds.
  • Endospermium the form of a liquid which contains enzymes. As we get older, it will experience solid phase will be mengendapa on the walls of endocarp.

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Each of the parts of the coconut fruit also has various benefits such as:

1. Coconut water

The water inside young coconuts can be beneficial for our health. He can give proper hydration in the body, the natural cleansing the kidneys and electrolyte balance in the body. In addition, coconut water is also believed to cure burns, eliminate acne and scar, clean the amniotic fluid, preventing gray hair and prevent dehydration. In some countries, such as India, Thailand, and srilanka, coconut water is used as a mixture of making soup.

In the world of beauty, coconut water is also an ideal material to be added in a homemade face mask.

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2. Meat coconuts

There are various kinds of utilization of coconut meat are:

  • Meat young can be consumed directly or used as a mixture in various types of beverages, such as fruit ice. While the meat is old utilized as coconut milk in many types of processed foods.
  • Coconut meat can also be used as a basic ingredient of making coconut oil. Coconut oil has an interesting flavor unique. It can be used as a butter substitute in many recipes.
  • Coconut oil has more saturated fat content higher than oil like olive or Canola oil benefits. Lauric acid in coconut oil is believed to be very good for health, it can boost immunity and can protect them from various diseases (see: Benefits of coconut oil).
  • Additionally, coconut oil is a good conditioner for the hair as well. The use of coconut oil on the hair can make hair dry becomes softer and smoother.
  • Coconut oil is also used for massaging the baby. It is believed to be healthy for the baby's skin.

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3. The shell or coconut shell

The hard shell of coconuts can be used as:

  • Charcoal for cooking
  • Craft materials such as carving, spoon, scoop, and others.
  • Coconut shells can also be treated as a cigarette filter
  • Absorbent harmful gases
  • Purify CO2 fermentation results

4. Coconut coir

Utilization coco include:

  • As a scrubber that can be used as a natural cleanser for cleaning the dinner plates, cups and even the floor.
  • Coconut coir is also used as craft materials, such as to make the doll hair, upholstery, pillows, sleeping mats, ropes and industrial materials carpet.
  • As a liquid organic fertilizer. The trick is to soak coconut husks in water for +/- 15 days or until the water soaking into the black. The content of potassium chloride in the soaking water can be used as organic manure.
  • Coconut coir can be used as an organic growing media, namely by means of finely ground up into powder.

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E. Flowers

Coconut flower began to bloom when oil was about 4 to 6 years. These flowers have a yellow color and sweet-scented. Section composed compound interest on a circuit that is protected by bractea. Where are the male flowers are located away from the base and females located in the base of the bouquet.

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The interest part of the coconut can be used as:

Fermented sap of coconut flowers can be used as materials for alcohol and vinegar.
As an ingredient in traditional medicines
As craft materials such as hats, bags, and the sandal straps.
The benefits of coconut trees from the roots to the shoots is indeed very much and it is common knowledge that the coconut tree became one of the plants were very helpful on this earth.