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Benefits Soursop Leaf Men and Women For Fertility - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits Soursop Leaf Men and Women For Fertility - Healthy T1ps

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited moment by a married couple in the world. but sometimes there are some couples who can not quickly get it is not like other couples. to be able to get pregnant sometimes have labored harder and longer is not within a reasonable time. There are many ways that can increase fertility in order to get pregnant and one of them is to use the herbal way. Herbal way this time is much loved by the people because it feels safer and more effective in dealing with various kinds of physical health problems both men and women and both adults and children.

How herbs that you can use to increase fertility is to use the leaves of the soursop. Efficacy of soursop leaves are already widely known by people is very good for health and it turns out one of the properties is to help increase fertility. Soursop leaf is able to overcome various health problems, among others, help you lose weight or diet, overcome cysts, urinary tract infections, the treatment of rheumatism and others.

If you have a soursop plants at home then do not waste the benefits. In addition to accelerating the pregnancy, soursop leaves is also very good for the health of others. even today allegedly circulated the fact that the efficacy of soursop leaf is greater than the soursop fruit itself.

Health Benefits Of Sorsop Leaves :

Providing nutrition and nutrients in the egg and sperm
In the soursop leaves contain nutrients and complete enough nutrients for the body in which the content is also very good for the health of the egg and sperm that can occur when both of them met a good fertilization and eventually turned into a fetus. It is very important for couples who are waiting after a long gestation period has not yet given a pregnancy.

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Good for men
Benefits Soursop Leaf Men and Women For Fertility - Healthy T1psIf a husband and wife relationship is not endowed pregnancy, do not always blame the woman because it could be a man who does not have the quality of sperm cells. Efficacy of soursop leaves for men may still be ha lasing but it is true. Soursop leaf contains minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamins that are needed by the sperm. This is important because only healthier sperm cells are able to fertilize the egg and sperm cells is not good if it could certainly be difficult to fertilize the egg. But unfortunately this is still often overlooked by many people because they feel that men are not likely to have poor sperm and always blame the woman. Enough of you with these myths because it's not true.

Good for women
The benefits of soursop leaves is also very good for women and fertility. If you are currently planning a pregnancy should you consume the herb or herbal medicine made from the leaves of the soursop in order to stimulate a pregnancy more quickly. Consume soursop leaves as an herbal medicine is not harmful to you because it is safe and healthy. soursop leaves can also be launched menstruation for women with menstrual smooth so that it will make pregnancy more easily occur.

That third benefit which can be obtained from the leaves of the soursop to help increase fertility.

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How to make a decoction of the leaves of the soursop :

Once you know what are the benefits of soursop leaves, then maybe you want to know how to process it in order to be consumed. Here is how you can use:

  • 15 leaves of soursop
  • 5 cups water
  • Brown sugar or honey
  • Leaves or lemongrass

  • mixer
  • Filter
  • Pan
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How to make:

  • The first thing you should do is to wash clean all the leaves of the soursop. Try to choose a not too young but not too old.
  • Then boil with 5 cups water to boil and wait until the water is reduced to 2 cups only.
  • If you want to make the taste more friendly with tongue then you can add brown sugar or honey so that it tastes better and also add bay leaves or lemon grass to make more fragrant aroma. Put together with the material when boiling the leaves of the soursop.
  • Once cooked and then let sit until warm and kemudians strain.
  • Drink this concoction soursop leaves regularly every morning and evening in order to get maximum results.

We have also been widely circulated soursop leaf extract on the market with different brands. If you want a more practical then you can buy the soursop leaf extract alone or you can buy in a store that sells a variety of herbs dried herb leaves such as soursop leaves for supplies for your home.

Pregnancy Planning Tips

By using planning a pregnancy, normally the majority of couples will get pregnant after a year of planning. But there are also couples who have to wait longer. Opportunities to get pregnant women ranges from 15-25 percent in each month. pregnancy will occur more quickly if a married couple having sex on a woman's fertile period. Woman's fertile period is the time when the process of ovulation or when the ovary releases an egg in the uterus. Fertile period usually is 14 days after the first day of the menstrual period. The egg can survive 12-24 hours in the womb.
Pregnancy would happen if the egg is fertilized by sperm. Pregnancy will quickly occur if the women in the fertile period or ovulation, but sperm can survive for up to 7 days in the womb, so you do not have to worry if the sex is not on the right of women in fertile period because sperm in the uterus up to 7 days and wait the egg is released. There are several things that affect whether or not pregnancy occurs rapidly, such as:

Frequency of sex
Opportunities for pregnant women would be greater if he is more frequent sex. This is because the chances of pregnancy occurs when a woman is fertile while to know exactly when the fertile time it is very difficult. It is also influenced by other factors such as health, stress and due to the fatigue. So it can not be predicted with certainty when the fertile time actually. Therefore you should have sex more often if you are planning a pregnancy.
Menstrual cycle
Menstrual cycle can also quickly determine whether or not a pregnancy. The normal menstrual cycle is as long as 21 to 35 days, but there are also some women who have irregular menstrual cycle so it will be very difficult to determine when the fertile period. In the case of women have irregular menstrual cycles should consult a physician to address them.

In women who are already in the age of 35 years, the possibility can be more difficult to get pregnant compared to women who are under 35 years old.

Having a healthy body for you and your partner is something that absolutely must be obtained if you want a quick pregnancy come. Always eat nutritious foods, drinking enough water, and regular exercise. Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol because they can make eggs and sperm to be bad quality.