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Top 12 Ways to Overcome Sleep Deprivation Most Secure - Healthy T1ps

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Top 12 Ways to Overcome Sleep Deprivation Most Secure - Healthy T1ps

Lack of sleep can be caused by various factors, both because of staying up late for work, staying up late to play games, stay up late to watch a movie, or indeed because they can not sleep even if he was lying on the bed. There are many things that make a person experience lack of sleep, but is there a way to overcome a lack of sleep probably safe?

Best Ways to Overcome sleep deprivation Most Secure

1. Avoid carbonated beverages Non-Complex

When he realized that the quality of your sleep less, better start to pay attention to daily food intake. During experience lack of sleep, you need to stay away from foods that contain high carbohydrates. Lack of sleep will make all of your activities in the morning-afternoon be slightly delayed.

Therefore, try to keep out non-complex carbohydrate foods and start eating fruits and foods containing high protein. The goal is to keep you feeling fresh because carbohydrates instead it will make it easier when daytime sleepiness. Have breakfast with protein and fruit menu so that your activity is not hampered by sleepiness due to sleep deprivation.

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2. Limiting intake of caffeine

You know that caffeine is contained most of the coffee drinks and caffeine is the content that will keep you awake longer. When a person wants to stay up, usually it will choose to consume coffee because coffee is believed will make them fresh.

Your eyes will continue literate when drinking too much caffeine, so it began to limit their consumption. Drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee will make it easier for you to concentrate on the activity, but it will make it difficult to sleep. If still consume caffeine in excessive amounts, then do not be surprised if you constantly experience lack of sleep because of it.
Top 12 Ways to Overcome Sleep Deprivation Most Secure

3. Turn off the Electronic Equipment

When you want to cope with lack of sleep, then at the time or the hour of sleep, you also need to have shut off electronic devices. Not only television or laptop, make sure that you are not holding the gadget when it's time to sleep. Gadgets such as smartphones would only intimidate you to stay awake and ultimately did so to bed.

Not only tempted to chat with friends or browsing the Internet, but in fact the sound of a dial tone or light emanating from the screen of your mobile phone could be the cause of insomnia later. Instead of finally sleep deprivation continues to be much more serious, you need to stay away from electronic equipment when it is already late and indeed the hour to rest.

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4. Tidy up the Bedroom

Believe it or not, lack of sleep not only be caused by mostly staying up all alone. Living room and bedroom are less organized and tidy can also make the owner of the room becomes difficult to sleep and finally experiencing insomnia. Tidy up the bed and a desk / work you would fall apart.

If there is a project that would not finished, you should move first in order not to make kepikiran. Seeing the project could be a cause of stress when you start getting ready for bed. When the rooms are neat and clean, automatically the mind also will be farthest from the positive sense of stress. By doing so, the relaxation easier and avoid disturbance of mind.

5. Substitution Air

The cramped sleeping space could also be the reason why your lack of sleep. Clean air in the room will always make the owner feel relaxed and can always be fast asleep. That is why it is very important to replace the air periodically by opening the bedroom window.

Let the room air that has changed with the dirty air from the outside is still in fresh condition. If it is possible, no matter well when you want to use special tools to clean the air in the room. You can try to do this routinely and regularly in order to keep fresh air in the room and make it comfortable.

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6. Move the clock

The existence of a wall clock, particularly large, is installed in order that we can easily know the time. It's just that this would be a barrier to sleep that makes some people less sleep over it. A wall clock can also be a confounding factor a person's sleep, so pay attention also to this.

Examples of cases where a wall clock can be a nuisance to sleep is when the clock is made of a material that easily sparkles. The reflection of light can disrupt our sleep time and even clock with second sound might be very annoying. This is instead of supporting us for a quick sleep can even be added to the sense of stress while trying to sleep.

7. Trying to Keep Life Fair

Lack of sleep will be bad for our bodies and do not be surprised if the physical becomes easy stiff, tired and very weak. Concentration could even be down due to limited brain to think and work. However, try to keep the routine you keep running as it should.

It was not easy to concentrate as a whole at a time when lack of sleep in which the eyes must have been tempted to shut. But keep in mind that the body actually has a kind of hours as a regulator when someone move and when they sleep. There are a number of hormones which are then reproduced on both of these hours.

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So essentially, we also need to be smart to take advantage of the release of active hormone whose production remains the case even if it feels super sleepy. Thus adaptation to these conditions will be easier and faster. Try desperately to remain berutinitas ordinary eye even though it is rather difficult invited to compromise.

Sleep 8. Early on Tomorrow

If a few days the name is already experiencing difficulty sleeping and become less sleep, the next day you can decide to sleep early. From the usual time, you better sleep 1 or 1.5 hours early. This will help keep your sleep schedule back to normal and prevent sleep deprivation.

9. Nap moment

Lack of sleep could also be overcome by taking the time to nap between morning and afternoon. If sleepiness is really disturbing that the work actually hampered, then sleepiness can be treated with naps. Sleep at least 30 minutes is very helpful.

Do not think just a minute nap will not help because you need to sleep in a long time. Try it this way because within 20-30 minutes you sleep, the body will return feeling refreshed when you wake up. For 4 hours into the future, you are guaranteed to feel better and was able to concentrate more.

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10. Eating with nature Facilitate Blood Circulation

A person's heart that lack of sleep usually will tick slower in which it also occurs as a soporific effect. This condition will cause narrowing of blood vessels. That is why it is important to eat the right foods or beverages that can improve blood circulation.

Try to enjoy a bowl of food with a spicy flavor after breakfast, the food was put pepper, chili or ginger. Not a problem as well if you want to eat a cup of ginger tea; warm ginger tea will help make blood flow more smoothly so it's very sleepy.

When the blood flow is smooth, of course, will be well supplied oxygen through the blood to the brain. When the brain gets enough oxygen, you'll be able to feel fresh and not easily sleepy. You were able to concentrate on the activity that is being done because the brain function better as a normal oxygen supply.

11. Avoid any activity Using Emotions and Mind

Where possible, avoid activities that require you to concentrate a lot, especially as the analysis process. In fact, all activities that rely on creativity and emotions would also be reduced so that not even more sleepy. The brain will become more and more tired because of these activities.

Precisely at a time when lack of sleep, it is advisable to choose a job that requires you to move much. When a lot of moves, automatic blood flow becomes more smoothly, including also flow to the brain. This automatically makes the brain continue to function normally as usual by getting enough oxygen.

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12. Exercising

Regular exercise several times a week will help so that the body does not easily buckled in when lack of sleep. Lack of exercise is actually even make you easy limp and lethargic when lack of sleep little. Jogging is a type of exercise that is recommended because it is better not to exercise a heavy-weight.

That series of how to resolve the most effective sleep deprivation can try your practice. See for yourself the effectiveness and need not worry anymore when you lack sleep but still have to support the daily bustle.