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Top 5 Benefits Of Roots for Human - Healthy T1ps

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Roots for Human Live - Healthy T1ps

The One root is part of the plant that is usually located at the base of the plant. Roots is the vegetative part of the plant other than the leaves and stems. The existence of the roots of the plants is very important because it is the main pillar plant roots so that the plant can remain standing upright and grows. There are at least three major functions of the roots of plants, namely:

First, the root as a major anchor in plants that help plants standing tall and upright on the ground. the plant roots will anchor into the ground with powerful that although there are some hurdles for example such as high winds, flooding and the threat of landslides, the plant is able to maintain itself as the root of this. form roots into the ground there are two types of taproot and root fibers. Taproot is a single direct roots deep into the ground with great force while the hairy roots are roots that are not too big but many in number and spread to various parts in the soil. taproot is stronger than root fibers. The trees are strong as teak, Albizia, banyan, and more typically have a taproot. While the root fibers are usually owned only by plants that can not last long as sugarcane, corn, papaya and coconut.
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Second, the next root function is as a tool absorbisi or tools that will absorb all the nutrient elements in the soil. This nutrient elements is a food source for plants. The roots will absorb water, minerals and other substances needed by plants in the soil. roots also have other parts such as the primary root, root secondary and tertiary roots which form only a small fibers. but overall this root is the same function that is looking for food for plants. So if there are no roots of the plant will be impossible to grow and develop.

In the third, the third is the root functions as a storage of food reserves. Yes it was not just any tree food reserves can be produced by the plant, but there are several types of plants that keep it in the root. This is because in the roots are the parenchymal tissue that serves as the photosynthesis of plants and usually produce carbohydrates. Examples of foods that are stored in the roots such as cassava, peanuts Brol, sweet potatoes, carrots and more.

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It turned out that the roots of this very important function for plants yes. So, do not like pulling out the plant if you do not want the plants to die.

Benefits root for humans :

Having previously discussed any benefit to the plant roots then you may be wondering if there are benefits of this plant roots to humans? Surely there dong, see more below.

As caterers
As already mentioned earlier that one of the functions of plants is as a creation of food reserves. Food reserves stored in the roots usually contain more carbohydrates. Roots can perform photosynthesis for their parenchymal tissue of the plant so that it can form the food even though there is in the soil. of course the root of this type are very mengunungkan for human life because human beings can not get food from the roots of this type.

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Roots for Human Live - Healthy T1psExamples of types of roots that are able to provide food for humans include yams, cassava, carrot, ginger, galangal, radishes, sweet potatoes, potatoes and many others. plants that have roots as the food is also very easy to find, especially in Indonesia because Indonesia is already famous for the fertility of the soil, and you can use it to get more groceries for your life and family.

As an herbal medicine
Plant roots can also be used by humans as a medicinal herb. It has been known since ancient times that there is some kind of roots that can heal and cope with various kinds of diseases. Are as follows:

Palm roots, the root of the palm trees that usually niranya used as material for sugar and sweets can be used to treat urinary tract infections and bladder problems. This is because the roots of sugar contains high potassium silicate and so can smooth urination. To process this sugar root you can make herb decoction of the roots of palm that has been known long ago.

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The roots of papaya, almost all parts of the papaya tree has benefits for human health ranging from leaves, fruits, seeds, stems and even roots. Of course, you also must have been familiar with for papaya papaya tree not commonly grown alone in the yard. in the roots of papaya contains potassium, pepayatin, Daram, apalna, TASIN and others were able to eradicate the bad bacteria and intestinal worms that harm the body because they interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food into the body.

pule root, you probably somewhat familiar with the name of tree bark because it was not too familiar. But the roots of the tree bark is very good for the treatment of high blood pressure or hypertension because it contains alkaloids and alkaloids agnalima serpentine. Consumption regularly every morning and evening as much as 100 to 400 mg will lower your blood pressure becomes normal and of course keep you on the various complications of high blood pressure more seriously.

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As the amplifier ground
Well benefits roots this one might have been not well understood by the majority of people. This is evidenced by the many logging is done randomly without regard to environmental health. One of the root function is as a soil reinforcement. root especially on big and strong tree will go into the ground in search of food. But other than that the roots also cling to the soil so that the soil becomes more powerful. If the soil is strong it will avoid the various hazards such as environmental disasters in order not to hold the soil erosion, absorb water so as not to flood, and others. so if it's been a lot of landslides and flooding it could be inferred the existence of the tree today is getting low. Bijaklah from now on always mananam yes tree together for the good of human life.

As the fuel timber
The other benefit that is in the root of the plant is that it can be used as fuel. Yes for trees felled and should be cut down, you can take the roots for use as fuel wood. use root as wood fuel is no different than using the trunk. So you need not worry the result will be different. Instead of using the stem can be used as building materials or furnishings roots only better use instead?

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as a garnish
Maybe you are already familiar with ornaments made from the root. Various ornaments are now widely made from the roots both in small and large sizes either from the taproot or fibers. One type of root that is the root fragrant aroma can even be used as a natural therapy for the room and the sensation will make your body and mind become more relaxed and comfortable.

Similarly, a review of the benefits of root for humans. To benefit from the root of a lot more then you also have to plant more trees. Always wise in the environment will provide immeasurable benefits to you and the life in this world. thanks, may be useful.