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Top 13 First Aid Steps When Someone Has a Epilepsy - Healthy T1ps

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Top 13 First Aid Steps When Someone Has a Convulsive Seizure (Epilepsy ) Healthy T1ps

Epilepsy is one of the neurological disease centered in the brain and usually will occur as a symptom of epilepsy seizures are most common in sufferers without a definite cause. The seizures were usually occurs repeatedly and causes in general is the occurrence of excessive electrical bursts in the brain. Due to the risk of brain damage, then you should consider first aid epilepsy relapse is to save people with epilepsy around you.

First Aid For Epileptic Seizures

1. Keep calm
There may be friends or relatives who have epilepsy when traveling together, but do not panic when a seizure occurs. Epileptic seizures wherever you are do not panic in the face. You need to know that staying calm is essential.

2. Giving Something for the Support Head / Body
Epileptic seizures always occur suddenly and the patient can be immediately collapsed unconscious. To make patients safer, please're looking for something soft or soft and put it in the back of the patient's head. Whether it's clothes, pillows or thick fabric just was not a problem; the aim is to not injure his head.

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3. Patients move into large place
Perhaps the place where you were with the patient rather less comfortable and spacious. If so, then immediately move the patient to a much better place, spacious and roomy. This is very important because with this action you just have to help people to move more freely and not limiting.

Top 13 First Aid Steps When Someone Has a Convulsive Seizure (Epilepsy ) Healthy T1ps
4. Loosen clothing Patients
When a seizure occurs and a person have been transferred to a relief, make sure that you loosen clothing of the patient, especially at the collar. This action aims to breathing of the patient can be much more smoothly. Patients also need to breathe better.

If the patient is wearing a shirt, for example, you can release the buttons at the neck and wrists. If the patient also wearing a belt, you need to also loosened so that the patient breathing more smoothly. If breathing smoothly, too smoothly automatic oxygen carried to the brain.

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5. Distanced Dangerous Objects
When you move the patient to another, larger place, check your surroundings as well as whether there would no objects that could endanger the patient. If there are dangerous objects, please put away because it was feared when epilepsy patients can relapse even lose control of himself.

6. Avoid Giving Food / Beverages
Never give food / drinks to people with epilepsy when help. Should not enter anything into the mouth of the patient even though maybe your goal is good. Drinks just white water is prohibited and should not be given even if your intent is to calm down the patient.

7 Avoid Giving Oral wedges
There are some people who when helping people with epilepsy even give a booster mouth in any form to the patient. This should not be done because it was apparently not the right step. Mouth wedge instead it feared could make patient teeth fall out, so avoid this action for the safety of patients.

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8. Tilt Head of Patient Exit Foam
If you find that patients with epilepsy bubbles or excessive saliva from his mouth, do not be too late to panic. You can try to tilt the patient's head on one side. This will greatly help rather than let it constantly removing the foam or saliva.

9. Not Withstand Seizures
When the patient began to spasm, people around them tend to help with halts seizures. It is precisely such actions are wrong and should not restrain movement of seizures. When movement of detained seizures, it is feared this could be at risk of breaking bones when the patient is not careful his salvation.

10. Accompanying remain Patients
Do not leave people with epilepsy when kambung alone because he might feel confused. Accompany the patient until he is fully recovered indeed. If until the patient is injured or perhaps even an advanced attack, do not hesitate to ask for medical help.

11. Duration noted Attacks
Perhaps most people do not realize or forgotten all about this, but note how long the attack took place is important. When the duration of the attack 5 minutes non-stop, you need immediate medical assistance. Or, if you want to quickly just take the patient to the hospital because they feared their bad if too long a seizure.

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12. Giving oxygen after Seizures Loss Supplement
Typically, when epileptic seizures that are not too long and after the patient had no seizures, you need to provide supplemental oxygen. This helps the patient to better breathing and smoothly. With the help of supplementary oxygen is also the oxygen can flow into the brain perfectly.

13. Providing Midazolan or Diazepam
When epileptics have a relapse or seizure at home, especially with seizures quite long, it is always ready diazepam and midazolan. Giving either of the aid will be very helpful in the treatment of epilepsy. You put just enough into the mouth of the patient when a seizure occurs.

That's the important steps in the case of epilepsy first aid you need to heed. In providing help, of course, you should not panic; keep calm and try to perform these steps to save the patient.