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Top 8 Benefits Watermelon for Stomach Acid Patients - Healthy T1ps

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Top 8 Benefits Watermelon for Stomach Acid Patients - Healthy T1ps

Stomach acid disease is a type of disease caused by the rise of stomach acid into the esophagus. When a person late to eat until 2-3 hours, the stomach acid produced more and more so that it can irritate the stomach mucosa and cause pain around the epigastrium. This irregular eating habit will make the stomach difficult to adapt. Excessive production of stomach acid can cause erosion of the stomach wall so that the wound and feel sore when exposed to acidic substances. When widespread stomach ulcers can risk injuring blood vessels.

Causes of Gastric Acid Increases

  • Psychological conditions or stress prolonged
  • Germ infections (e-colli, salmonella and viruses)
  • Influence of the use of drugs that can cause irritation
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Dietary irregularities

Symptoms of Gastric Acid Increases

Increased production of stomach acid causes these gastritis sufferers to experience symptoms such as: discomfort in the upper gastrointestinal tract, frequent burping, feeling full soon, stomach growling, pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea and vomiting due to a small erosion in the mucous membranes.

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Watermelon For Treat Excess Stomach Acid

Efforts to treat stomach acid diseases include the use of drugs such as antacids, anti histamine, anti-kolergenik, ranitidin, demulcent, etc .. The treatment should be accompanied by changing regular eating habits, choosing less sour and spicy foods, increasing the portion of exercise, avoiding prolonged stress, adequate rest and sleeping position by raising the waist.

Watermelon Benefits for Stomach Acid Patients

As for other alternatives to reduce the emergence of stomach acid disease is by consuming watermelon fruit. Watermelon fruit has the ability to neutralize stomach acid due to several things like:
Top 8 Benefits Watermelon for Stomach Acid Patients - Healthy T1ps
1. Helps maintain acid levels in the stomach to remain normal

Watermelon that has the Latin name Citrullus lanatus has a citrulline compound is an amino acid in the body will become ammonia. This substance which then helps stabilize the amount of stomach acid produced by the body.

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2. Watermelon is a fruit that produces alkali

Eat fruits that can produce alkaline substances both to neutralize excess stomach acid in the body.

3. Good for a healthy diet

Stomach acid disease is often caused by disorderly eating time settings or types of food choices that do not meet balanced nutrition. Unhealthy dietary habits are also one of the triggers of eating disorder and a reduction in some nutritional intake. This can increase the risk of getting gastritis or other gastrointestinal diseases.

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Consuming a watermelon can be the right choice for your healthy diet. Because watermelon can give a long satiety in the body. Watermelon also has a lot of water content that prevents you from dehydration. The content of vitamins can also increase endurance, so despite being on a diet, endurance is maintained.

Some experts, however, think that watermelon is the fruit that should be avoided by stomach acid patients because of its high gas content after being in the stomach, which will trigger the production of excess stomach acid.

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Recommended Foods for Stomach Acid Patients

1. Fruits: papaya, boiled banana, sawo and all fruit other than fruit that contains lots of fiber and produce gas and dried fruit.
2. Vegetables: all vegetables are not much fiber and do not produce gas in the stomach.
3. Vegetable protein: tofu, tempeh, green beans boiled or mashed.
4. Animal protein: fish, liver, beef, chicken eggs, milk.
5. Sources of carbohydrates: rice, potatoes, noodle vermicelli, macaroni, bread, biscuits and starchy.