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15 Benefits of Black Sugar Cane for Health - Healthy T1ps

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Top 15 Benefits of Black Sugar Cane for Health - Healthy T1ps

Who is not familiar with sugar cane, a plant whose stems can be bitten and sweet. Some of us must have felt the childhood by chewing the cane stalks while sucking the sweetness. The sweet-smelling sugars in our homes are the result of processing from sugar cane. Not only sweet potatoes, but also sugar cane also has a good nutritional content for the body increase in carbohydrates, fatty acids, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B1.

Sugar cane present in some kind of one of them is black sugar cane or Javanese more familiar as sugar cane ireng. This cane is recognizable from stems, flowers, and leaves are purple black or blue dongker. If the stalks are purple and the leaves are green then the cane is not a black sugar cane type. Black sugar cane has a straight and not too big stem. The contents of the stems are usually blacked brown, not white or yellow like sugarcane in general.

Black sugarcane is a rare species and quite difficult to find. It's besides the sweet taste of these plants rich in benefits to treat various types of diseases. The part commonly used as medicine is the stem, root, and flower. Here are some benefits we can get from the consumption of black sugarcane:

Health Benefits Of Black Sugar Cane

1. Overcoming various respiratory diseases

Pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, and asthma are examples of diseases that attack the respiratory tract. This disease is quite dangerous and usually requires treatment long enough so that the patient must undergo treatment and taking drugs for a long time which of course has side effects for health such as kidney disorders. Using natural ingredients such as black cane can help to overcome these diseases in a more natural way and certainly free of side effects. With consumption record correct and appropriate dose.

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2. Overcoming heart disease

The heart is a vital organ that plays a role in the body's function so that if the heart has a disease then the body will experience various disorders. In addition to medical doctors we can also use black sugar cane as an herbal medicine in overcoming heart disease. Way by boiling 3 calluses roots of sugar cane that had been washed clean with 2 glasses of air. Let it boil and wait until half air is left. Then strain and and can be drunk directly. For maximum results drink this concoction 2 times a day.

15 Benefits of Black Sugar Cane for Health - Healthy T1ps
3. Overcoming fever

In addition to using the benefits of paracetamol Angkak and benefits we can also use black sugar cane as a febrifuge to normal body temperature back. The trick is very delicious and easy that is by drinking the juice of cane juice 2 times a day for body temperature down.

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4. Overcoming cough

If during this you use the benefits of mint leaves and pineapple benefits for cough then there are other drugs that can overcome the cough is also very good to drink the air of black cane juice. By drinking the juice of sugar cane regularly and regularly, the cough that disturbs the throat will soon disappear. Or it could be by using the second way. Namely with a smile or heating the old black sugarcane part (which is near the root) into warm ash / heat for approximately 10-15 minutes in skin condition is intact. Try not to burn. After that cane peeled and consumption as usual. Both regularly and regularly for your cough to heal.

5. Overcoming the cold

Colds are a disease commonly known in society but not yet in medicine. The disease is similar to influenza and is usually awakened with a stomach that feels bloated, sneezing, headache, and feverish body. Eating black cane leaves can also be trusted to catch a cold. Way by drinking boiled air 3 pieces of black sugarcane leaves regularly 3 times a day.

6. Clean the teeth naturally

Black sugar cane consumption directly using teeth can help clean teeth. Just take a look after you chew the contents of your sugar cane stem will feel and look cleaner.

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7. Strengthening teeth and gums

In addition, black cane can also be used to strengthen the teeth and gums by drinking a concoction of air juice of black sugar cane added lime and salt. By drinking this herb on a regular basis can help your tooth muscles and gums.

8. Overcoming nosebleeds

Although not a dangerous condition but a nosebleed or bleeding that occurs in the nose should still be wary if it shows symptoms such as lasting too long, occurs in infants under 2 years, too often, and so forth. To overcome nosebleeds naturally we can consume black sugar cane potion. How to boil the black sugar cane that has been cut into small pieces into the water to boil. Add a little sugar of Java and salt. Strain and after cold this herb can be directly consumed to overcome the nosebleed.

9. Overcoming heart palpitations

If your heart often feels pounding without any reason then you can relieve it by eating boiled water from the roots of black sugarcane. How to prepare 3 handheld black sugarcane roots and wash thoroughly. Then boiled with 2 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup. Wait cool then filtered and boiled water cane root can be consumed directly to relieve heart palpitations.

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10. Good for diabetics

During this time we may think sugar cane or black sugar cane is not good for diabetics because it is very sweet so it is feared to increase blood sugar levels diabetics. Actually it is not so because the sweetness in black sugar cane is sweet or natural sugar. In addition, black cane also has antidiabetic properties because the compound sakaran content it has can help overcome diabetes.

In addition to the above benefits are still many other benefits of black sugarcane that we can feel include:

11. Overcome the pain and stiffness in the legs

12. Anti-inflammatory

13. Can act as analgesic

14. Overcoming aches in the joints

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15. As a thirst-relieving drink

Thus some of the benefits of black sugarcane for health and the treatment of some types of diseases. By consuming black sugar cane appropriately and according to the measure then your body will be healthy and protected from various diseases.