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Top 21 Benefits of Ambon Banana Skin For Health and Technology - Healthy T1ps

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Top 21 Benefits of Ambon Banana Skin For Health and Technology - Healthy T1ps

Bananas are arguably the favorite fruit that almost everyone loves. Sweet taste and soft texture and soft, making bananas much in demand from various circles, both from infants and to the elderly. Bananas have many types, ranging from milk bananas that have a small shape, to banana which has a very large shapes. However, among the various types of bananas available, many people love the banana ambon. Bananas that have a sweet taste is a type of banana that many in demand. Ammon banana meat is soft, even the banana ambon this is used for food in infants who are learning to eat other than breast milk. In addition to the meat, it turns out another part of the banana ambon can also be utilized, namely the banana skin of Ambon.

Benefits Skin Pisang Ambon content

After eating bananas, usually banana peel will be discarded because banana peel is not edible. The banana skin taste is also slightly 'sepet' so it is not to be eaten. When in fact, banana skin contains vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, protein, fat and fiber is also very high. Not only the fruit, banana skin is actually also can be used to overcome some health problems that sometimes occur. In addition to the content that can be used to overcome health problems, banana skin can also be used for everyday life.

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Benefits of  Pisang Ambon Skin

After some research, the banana skin of Ambon has several ingredients that can help overcome some health problems. Not only beneficial for health, banana skin is also known to have benefits for daily activities. Some of the benefits of Ambon banana skin include:

Smooth digestion
Top 21 Benefits of Ambon Banana Skin For Health and TechnologyBananas are known as one of the fruit that has a high fiber content. Constipation problems can be overcome by eating a banana, one of them is a banana ambon. Not only the banana meat that has the benefit of overcoming constipation and digestion, it turns out the skin of banana ambon also has fiber content in it. The content of fiber in the banana skin of Ambon is not without benefits, but also can be used to overcome the problem of constipation and digestive problems that occur.

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Heals Wounds
From the research that has been done, banana skin can be effectively used to heal the wounds that occur. The results of the study, the banana skin of Ambon can effectively overcome the wounds that occur. Not only using drugs, banana skin can also accelerate wound healing.

Eliminate Black Spots On Leather
Skin is very sensitive to injuries that occur. Sometimes injuries to the healed skin, will leave a black stain that can reduce the beauty of the skin. There are some creams that can reduce black spots on the skin, but contain chemicals that are sometimes harmful to the body. To replace the black stain removal cream, another way that can be done is by rubbing the banana skin of the ambon on the black stain, then rinse it with warm water. Black stains scars and smallpox can disappear and the skin becomes smooth again.

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Maintaining Neural Health
Ambon banana skin has a variety of nutrients in it, one of them vitamin B. It is known that vitamin B itself is necessary in the body, one of them to help maintain healthy nerves. By taking the banana extract of the ambon, the health of the nerves can be maintained.

Smooth Oxygen Circulation In The Body
Vitamin B can be categorized into many, one of them vitamin B6 or also called pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 is also trekandung in the banana skin of ambon. Where vitamin B6 in the banana skin of this ambon can help smooth the circulation of oxygen in the blood to the entire body. So that oxygen supply to all body organs can be fulfilled.

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Preventing Anemia
Not only to maintain healthy nerves as well as to circulate the oxygen in the body, vitamin B6 in the banana skin of Ambon can also help produce red blood cells. With the production of red blood cells is good, then the body will be healthy and protected from anemia or lack of red blood cells.

Prevent the Development of Cancer Cells
In addition to vitamin B, the banana skin of Amon also has vitamin C content in it. The content of vitamin C in the banana skin of Ammon, can be an antioxidant that prevents the development of cancer cells in the body.

Lowering Blood Pressure
Although it can help the production of red blood cells, but the banana skin of Ambon can also control blood pressure so that blood pressure is not high. The content of vitamin C in the banana skin of ambon can help keep blood pressure balance to remain stable and lower blood pressure high.

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Prevent Premature Aging
The presence of wrinkles become one of the signs that premature aging occurs on the face. Taking care of the face by providing vitamin C both from the inside and outside can prevent premature aging of the skin. Using a banana skin mask of ambon as a precaution against premature aging can also be done to maintain healthy skin.

Preventing Osteoporosis
Not only contained in milk, the banana skin of Ambon also has a calcium content in it. Calcium content in the banana skin of ambon can be useful to maintain bone health so as to prevent bone exposure to osteoporosis.

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Maintaining Dental Health
Not only maintain bone health, but the existing calcium in the banana skin of Ambon can also help maintain healthy teeth. Kalisum in the banana skin of Ambon can help strengthen the teeth, so it can prevent cavities and porous due to lack of calcium.

Maintaining Muscle Health
Ambon banana skin has protein content in it. Protein content in the banana skin of the ambon can help maintain muscle health.

As a Source of Power
In performing various activities, humans need protein as a source of energy for the body. Proteins not only can be found in grains, but also can be found on the banana skin of the ambon.

Keeping the Body Away from Temperature Changes
Fat is not always bad for the body. Provided that the fat content is not excessive, fat can be beneficial in the body. One of them is the fat in the banana skin of Ambon, which can keep the body from changing the temperature of the environment that often rise and fall.

Helps Dissolve Vitamins In The Body
In addition to keeping the body from the temperature changes that occur, the fat content in the banana skin of Ambon can also help dissolve vitamins. So the vitamin can be absorbed properly by the body.

Lowering Cholesterol In The Body
The fiber content in the banana skin of Ambon can not only help launch the digestive system. But it can also lower excess cholesterol levels in the body, so the body can avoid stroke, cancer and also narrowing of blood vessels.

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Can Be Processed To Vinegar
Banana skin of Ambon can be made of various processed materials. One of the products that can be produced from processed banana skin is ambon vinegar. By adding some other ingredients, the banana skin of the ambon can be used as vinegar.

Materials Making Nata Banana Leather Ambon
Not only from coconut, nata can also be made from banana shredded ambon. Adding some ingredients like good bacteria, banana skin of ambon can be made nata which is not less than nata from coconut.

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Cake Making Materials
More precisely, the banana skin of an ambon can be made into powder or flour. Flour from this banana ambon, which then can be used as a material for making some types of cakes, such as sponge cake.

As a Battery Replacement
Ambon banana skin was also has electrical content in it. With proper processing, the banana skin of the ambon can be used as a replacement for batteries and can save energy.

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As Semir Shoes
Shoe polish is a routine thing to do, so that shoes can look clean when used. Not only using shoe polish, cleaning shoes can also use the banana skin of ambon. Not only clean the shoes, banana skin can also help make the shoe also more durable.

Ambon banana peels are usually only considered organic wastes that are easy to decompose and fertilized only. In fact, the banana skin of Ambon has many benefits, both for health, as well as for some activities or daily activities. For that, it never hurts to try to cultivate the banana skin of Ambon, so as not to be a waste that is only awaited to rot to be utilized.