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34 Benefits Of Kedondong For Body Health - Healthy T1ps

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34 Benefits Of Spondias dulcis (Kedondong) For Body Health - Healthy T1ps

Spondias dulcis (Kedondong) is a tree-shaped fruit plant that lives in tropical districts. This plant originated from Southeast Asia and South Asia.

Fruit plants derived from anacardiaceae family is composed of various types. The kedondong potential to be grown in Indonesia is the type kedondong kendeng, bangkok, and karimunjawa. Plant named latin Spondias dulcis Forst. This can be used from the fruit, leaves, stems, skin, and roots because it contains compounds saponins, flavonoids, and tannins (Inayati, 2007).

In addition, the meat of kedondong fruit is rich in vitamin C and iron. Each 100 grams of edible kedondong fruit contains 60-85 grams of air, 0.5-9.8 grams of protein, 0.3-1.9 grams of fat, 9-10.5 grams of sucrose, 0.85-3.6 Gram fiber For uncooked or raw raw fruit contains 10% pectin.

The following will discuss one by one the benefits of kedondong (Spondias dulcis) in everyday life.

Soften Meat - According to Morton in research Inayati (2007) we can use the kedondong leaf to soften the meat. Like the way is the boiled leaves along with the meat a lot. Leaves will release a substance capable of breaking and destroying connective tissue in the meat becomes softer.

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Treat Bronchitis - Bronchitis is a disease of the respiratory tract containing with bronchial narrowing. Kedondong can be used to overcome this disease.

Relieve Ulcer Disease - Typical tastes sour, kedondong can cure ulcer disease. Maag usually arise due to irregular eating patterns.

Curing Dysentery - Godokan skin kedondong can be used for the treatment of dysentery. This is similar to that done by BPPT in Inayati research, 2007.
34 Health Benefits of Spondias dulcis (kedondong, buah long long, pomme cythere, cajá-manga, manzana de oro, cajarana, juplon, golden apple) for Health
34 Health Benefits of Spondias dulcis (kedondong, buah long long, pomme cythere, cajá-manga, manzana de oro, cajarana, juplon, golden apple) for Health

Overcoming Diarrhea - Diarrhea is a disease with the characteristics of a stomach heartburn and frequent bowel movements. Kedondong can treat when we suffer from diarrhea.

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Drugs Skin Diseases - Both leaves, flowers, roots, and skin kedondong useful in traditional medicine (Gupta et al., 2010). One of them to treat skin diseases.

Sore Throat and Mouth Infection - This plant leaf infusion can be used to treat sore throat and mouth infection (WHO, 1998).

Overcoming Infertility - Filtrates from the fruit of kedondong can be used to overcome infertility because of its nature that can increase fertility. So for those of you who want to immediately have a child consume leaf filtrate kedondong.

Curing ear inflammation - Reported from a BPPT study expressed by Inayat in his 2007 study, the kedondong leaf can be used to treat ear inflammation in children.

Overcoming Fish Poisoning - If you are exposed to fish poisoning, you can look for the leaf of kedondong and make the filtrate.

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As a cough medicine, part of kedondong that is utilized is the inner skin.
Besides as a cough medicine, this dapam skin can also be used as a medicine when the fever.

Alleviate abdominal pain one of the benefits of the skin extract kedondong.
According to WHO, the inner skin is also used to treat injuries that exist in the mouth and body.

Cataract Drugs - Cataracts are eye diseases due to the incidence of membranes that cover the cornea of ​​the eye so that vision becomes blurred. Fluids extracted from the skin of kedondong can be dripped on the eyes that have cataracts. This cataract is usually experienced by people who are elderly.

Facilitate Labor - Fresh young fruit can help facilitate the birth process so that pregnant women are not too long experience contraction.

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Stopping Bleeding - Shoots from this kedondong plant can be used to stop postpartum hemorrhage.

Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungus - Ethanol extract of crude oil from kedondong as anti bacterial and anti fungus so that suitable to be used to overcome disease caused by bacteria and fungi.

Improve immunity - Vitamin C content useful in this kedondong fruit can to boost immunity.

Maintaining Digestive Health - Good fiber content contained in the fruit kedondong is suitable to be made a fine meal for fiber to maintain digestive health.

Helps Lose Weight - In addition to maintaining digestive health, fiber becomes a mandatory intake for those who are on a diet. Therefore, kedondong also help to lose weight because of fiber content in it.

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As an antioxidant - The flavonoid content in kedondong is an antioxidant capable of capturing free radicals. This substance triggers the growth of cancer cells. In other words kedondong also help treat cancer.

Prevent Aging - The content in kedondong also can prevent premature aging due to the flavonoid substances that are able to regenerate dead skin. In other words, kedondong make your skin more beautiful and healthy.

Overcoming Diabetes and Cholesterol - It turns out kedondong can also be used to overcome diabetes and cholesterol due to the content of flavonoids in it.

Treating Ulcers, Wounds Perih, and Burn - In many parts of the country many are already utilizing kedondong to treat ulcers, wounds that cause pain, and burns (Prihatman, 2004).

Fresh Fruit - Fruit young kedondong have sour taste, while the ripe has a sweet taste that fruit is good to eat well when young and ripe.

Dried Fruit - A ripe mound sliced ​​thin and then dried until dried can be stored for months. This dried fruit can be a delicious meal for a snack.

Jam - To make jam from kedondong, the fruit must be refined first into juice and then cooked with sugar until thickened to resemble butter.

Jelly - Kedondong fruit can be used as raw material to make jelly. This is because the fruit contains pectin kedondong. The requirement of making jelly according to Margono in Malik Ibrahim article is containing pectin, sugar, acid, and pengenyal.

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Juice - Fruit kedondong containing at least 60-85 grams of water per 100 grams thus making it suitable fruit taken its juice besides it can be refreshing thirst.

For young fruit kedondong can be processed rujak.
Both the fruit and the leaves can be used as vegetables and vegetables.

Kedongdong fruit that has a delicious flavor, suitable for use as pickles and sweets.

Apparently even though it is sour, fruit and kedondong leaf can be used also as animal feed.

So many benefits kedondong start from top to bottom. The majority of the use of kedondong as a medicine is for traditional medicines. Although there is a possibility that there is a modern kedondong packaging. Nevertheless, there has been a lot of research done to analyze the content of kedodong and its various benefits. Well, it is clear what are the benefits kedondong? If you have, let's use kedondong best wisely. Regards.