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4 Benefits of Soy Milk For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

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Top 4 Benefits of Soy Milk For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

Consuming soy milk is no stranger to Indonesian society. Whether male or female, old or young, big or small, villagers and urban dwellers consume much of this milk. Why? Of course because the benefits are very good for the body. One of the benefits of soy milk that can help you lose weight. How come? Well, here's the review.

Soy milk is a milk made from soybeans rich in vegetable protein. In general, every 100 grams of dried soybeans being soy milk contains 3.6% protein; 2.9% carbohydrates; 2.0% fat (40-48% saturated fatty acids and 52-60% are unsaturated fatty acids); 1.3% fiber, and total energy 44 calories / 100gram dry weight of soybean (Nurcahyaningtyas, 2012). Then, what nutritional content of soy milk that has been absorbed above with a diet? To be able to explain the following given the comparison table of nutritional composition for soy milk and cow milk in 100 grams.

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Here is a comparison of the composition between soy milk and cow milk as follows.
Composition of Cow Milk

Calories 41.00 (Kcal)
Top 4 Benefits of Soy Milk For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1psProtein 3.50 (gram)
Fat 2.50 (gram)
Carbohydrate 5.00 (gram)
Calcium 50.00 (mg)
Phosphorus 45.00 (gram)
Iron 0.70 (gram)
Vitamin A 200.00 (SI)
Vitamin B1 0,08 (thiamine) 2.00 (mg)
Vitamin C 61,00 (mg)

Source: Budimarwanti (Composition and Nutrition on Soy Milk)

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Here is a review related nutrient content in soy milk is very instrumental in healthy diet and as follows.

1. Protein

Protein is a very important unity in the cell body. Soy milk contains a high enough protein and is equivalent to cow's milk so that consuming soy milk is able to meet your protein needs daily. Because soy milk is made from plants, the protein it contains is a healthier vegetable protein than animal protein so it is suitable for healthy diet.

Consuming high-protein soy milk is able to make pengkomsumsi longer satiety that can hold the appetite in order not to overeat. In addition, protein is also able to encourage excess fat that will help you to lose weight. Although it has the ability to encourage fat content, the protein can retain muscle mass. For the bodybuilders who want to diet can lack of foods containing high protein one of soy milk.

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2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are organic elements that act as a major energy source, launching digestive system, protein function, and fat metabolism capability. This suggests carbohydrates also help in the healthy diet process. In general, carbohydrates in soy milk are composed of simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Soy milk contains carbohydrate class of oligasakarida consisting of sucrose (sugar), stakiosa and rafinosa that easily dissolve in water so easily digested by the body. In addition, carbohydrates of soy milk also consist of cellulose, pentose, galactose, rafinosa, and insoluble hemicelluloses in the air that pus this section is difficult to digest by the body.

The amount of carbohydrates that are difficult to digest is more easily digested carbohydrates. In addition, the sugar content in soy milk is very low. So, although the table above carbohydrate content in soy milk is high enough, you do not have to worry about getting fat.

Sugar is one type of carbohydrate. In 1 cup of pure soy milk or approximately 200 ml without added sugar contains 1.2 grams of sugar in the form of sucrose. Low sugar in soy milk shows this type of milk is very good to help your diet process.

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3. Fat

Fat is a hydrophobic organic substance that is soluble in air but easily soluble in organic solvents such as ether, benzene and chloroform. One of the functions of fat is the hunger retarder because fat is able to slow the digestive process. The slowing of the digestive process will make you survive to overeat. So, the fat that in fact is always associated with obesity was also beneficial to the diet.

Fat in soy milk comes from plants called vegetable fats. Thus, the content of unsaturated fatty acids is greater than saturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fats are a good type of fat, therefore soy milk is healthy for consumption. In addition to the fat content in soy milk is relatively low, calorie content is also much lower than cow's milk. This shows that soy milk is perfect for your healthy diet.

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4. Fiber

Fiber is a type of mineral that is difficult to digest and difficult to absorb by the body. Fiber food is a mandatory intake for those of you who want to lose weight. Soy milk is a high intake of fiber. In 100 grams of soybean seeds there are insoluble fiber of 10 grams and soluble fiber of 7 grams. Insoluble fiber makes fibrous foods last longer digested so as to produce a feeling of fullness. The soluble fiber helps control blood sugar and cholesterol body. Because the insoluble fiber composition is larger than soluble fiber, soy milk is the right choice to accompany you on a diet.

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Well, some of the above reviews are enough to provide information related to the benefits of soy milk for the diet. So, for those of you who want a healthy diet naturally do not hesitate to consume soy milk regularly. However, you must keep in mind that something overwhelming is not good. So consume soy milk in a normal amount of dosage. In order for your diet is more perfect, balance with regular exercise and consumption of fruits and vegetables. Before you go on a diet with soy milk, it's good to learn in advance if you have a history of allergies to soy. May your diet succeed!