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15 Benefits of Jicama For Fast and Safe Diet - Healthy Diet

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Top 15 Benefits of Jicama For Fast and Safe Diet - Healthy Diet

Bengkoang or in English called Jicama is a kind of white tubers are generally in the consumption to be made for rujak and pickled. Plants originating from Tropical America is also often used to refresh the facial area as well as whiten the skin color of the body and face. However, it turns out there are many other benefits of Jicama for body health including for consumption when you are running a diet program.

Content of Jicama Nutrition

In bengkoang contain lots of water and also fiber and high vitamin C content which is needed by the body. In addition, there are many other useful content in Jicama, namely carbohydrate, protein, energy, fiber, vitamin A, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, electrolytes, sodium , Minerals, calcium copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, beta carotene and also lutein.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Jicama Fruit For Healthy Diet

After knowing so much nutrient content in Jicama, then of course one of these tuber types have tremendous benefits to help your diet program run.

Helping Weight Loss Process
In Jicama contains a lot of water, low in calories and high in fiber so it becomes one of the good foods to be consumed during a diet program. In addition, consuming Jicama will also make the stomach feel full longer.

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Nourish the Heart
Like most types of vegetables in general, the high content of water and nutrients and the content of carbohydrate and oligofructose inulin molecules will be very good for maintaining cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels faster.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Jicama Fruit For Healthy DietBy doing this Jicama diet, then the health of arteries can be increased while reducing inflammation that can occur due to some chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and insulin resistance.

Good For Digestion
Fiber and water content is highly recommended for anyone to consume a variety of digestive problems, because Jicama will dehidrasion and provide fiber, essential electrolytes and also nutrients that will help maintain intestinal health.

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Jicama become one of the bulbs are very easily digested because of the high water content as well as natural fibers for digestion.

Improve immunity
As a high prebiotic source, fiber molecules present in Jicama will balance the growth of microbes both inside the colon. From the results of the study, foods containing high prebiotics such as Jicama has an inulin type fructans with protective properties and reduce the risk of colon cancer. Jicama will counteract the effects of toxins and carcinogens in the intestine, reducing the growth of fungi as well as stopping the inflammation so it does not spread further.

Preventing Constipation
Because Jicama can improve digestive health because of its fiber content, so constipation can be lightened and even prevented. Constipation is usually due to lack of fiber content. Jicama which also contains copper is very effective used to prevent constipation so that dirt does not accumulate in the stomach and automatically will make your weight can quickly go down.

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Lower Cholesterol Levels
Benefits of the next Jicama is to lower cholesterol levels by way of fiber binding to cholesterol and prevent the intestines to absorb bile into the body's cholesterol. This cholesterol will be removed from the body by way of the system of excretion.

Maintaining Normal Sugar Levels
Jicama is very good to be a food hunger delay during diet and also for diabetics because it does not have a high sugar content that can cause blood sugar levels to rise. Inulin in Jicama will give a sweet taste and does not contain any calories at all. While the type of carbohydrates contained therein will also not inhibit the body's metabolism.

Strengthens Bones
When you are on a diet that is also offset by exercise, then you need a nutritious intake to nourish your bones. In this Jicama also has a high calcium content and magnesium that will help the body to absorb calcium better.

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Calming Muscle Nerves
The content of magnesium contained in Jicama is also very good for calming the muscle nerves when you exercise and also prevent you from excessive stress. With a more relaxed muscle, it will make you more comfortable while working or exercising.

Increase Mineral Retention
Jicama is also useful for increasing mineral retention so it is very good for consumption of people who are running a natural diet osteoporosis.

Improve Blood Circulation
The content in Jicama is also very good for improving blood circulation as well as adding high levels of iron and copper into the body. Some of these minerals will be used to produce red blood cells, oxygen flowing throughout the body and also keep the cell tissue from damage.

Reduce Appetite
Low calorie foods are very important for you who are running a diet program. High fiber contained in this Jicama will make you full longer and very good to be a snack so that the appetite can be reduced without the need to lose important nutrients from the body.

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High Fiber Source
Jicama is a very high source of fiber and a source of inulin oligofruktosa which is soluble dietary fiber. Inulin itself is an inert carbohydrate that has no calorie content at all, so it is very good to be a food hunger feeder for diabetics and also dieters.

Promotes Good Bacterial Growth
The next benefit of Jicama is to encourage the growth of good bacteria so that immunity can be maintained balance and also keep the intestines always in good health. By increasing the growth of this good bacteria, then all kinds of garbage or impurities in the body such as cholesterol, sugar and fat can be removed from the body easily and your weight can be kept steady.

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Sufficient Iron Supplies
When the body is deficient in iron, it will cause various kinds of dangerous diseases such as a constant cough, anemia and even chronic anemia. In addition, iron is needed for the body's body and muscle growth process. By consuming Jicama regularly as one of diet food, hence daily requirement of iron can be fulfilled at the same time eliminating various symptoms caused by anemia disease like fatigue, lethargy, headache and so forth.

Consuming Jicama regularly will be very good to support the process of weight loss. You can consume this Jicama as a snack feed hungry or processed into food or soup Jicama benefits for the diet you can get with satisfactory results.