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25 Home Remedies Cough with phlegm Natural - Healthy T1ps

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Best 25  Home Remedies Cough with phlegm Natural - Healthy T1ps

Natural phlegm cough medicine is an herb that can be made at home by using natural ingredients that have no side effects. Natural phlegm cough medicine proven to have features that are not owned by a drug made from chemicals that cough with phlegm easier and faster cure.

The cause of cough with phlegm

Note that a cough with phlegm on individual setaip different due to different reasons, but can be cured with natural ingredients are the same.

Best 25  Home Remedies Cough with phlegm Natural - Healthy T1ps

1. Smoking
One of the habits and unhealthy lifestyle is smoking. Someone who smokes excessively or smoke over many years can cause throat irritation, There was an accumulation of nicotine, tar or lead generated from the entry of smoke in the channel kerongkongan.Pemumpukan these toxins can turn into phlegm slime and itching. The condition is potentially someone coughing up phlegm.

2. Fatty Foods
Lifestyle eating fast food already is not new news, Society prefers the kind of food that is ordered and eaten. But within these foods have high saturated fat content which can irritate the throat and interfere with breathing. Saturated fats can cause an accumulation of fat due to the thick sputum mixed with other food waste residue that is attached to the wall of the throat channel and potentially causing cough cough.

3. Air pollution / Free Radicals
Free radicals can include dust, Air terkontiminasi various kinds of smoke and so juka into the nasal cavity and mouth may result in cough cough. Free radicals tend to carry small particles of bacteria carried on the wind and air.

4. Sugar-made
It is undeniable that minuamn are sold in the market like the whole society. Nmun need to know if the drinks are refreshing and sweet that contains artificial sweeteners higher can cause increases in blood sugar levels as well as irritate the walls of the throat which can cause hoarseness, throat is easy to feel dry, Arise itching then came the phlegm makes one disease cough.

5. The use of medicines
Chemical substances on the drug but can injure the stomach wall and interfere with the performance of kidney and liver could actually injure the respiratory tract cavity to the throat. If taking drugs in the long term there will be residual from the inherent chemical and settles on the throat channel which can be the initial formation of slimy phlegm and difficult to remove. Phlegm causes someone to be suffering from a prolonged cough with phlegm.

6. As a result of microorganisms and Mushrooms
All types of microorganisms, including mold growth can attack the throat and can lead to itching and phlegm mucus trigger cough illness. Mushrooms can remain and breed in the throat due to the migration of microorganisms from water or a meal that has been entered kerongga terkontiminasi mushrooms and then the throat or mouth can also be caused because someone who does not brush their teeth every night before bed.

7. Affected Gastroesophageal Reflux
Gastroesophageal reflux is a reaction due to excess stomach acid Yag incoming meenyebabkan upward into the esophagus and burning heat effect. The condition can cause stomach acid into the sputum and attached to the walls of esophagus. Almbung acid will accumulate any food passing throats, and facilitate the proliferation of germs, bacteria and even viruses that undergo decomposition will cause coughing up phlegm.

8. Allergic Reactions
In some people will suffer from the emergence of allergic reactions throat caused by the spread of pollen from plants and amsuk in the mouth or nose that causes deterioration kekebalanm body that ultimately facilitate the entry of the flu and symptoms hoarse. If it is not immediately anticipated the use of natural productive cough medicine then someone develops a cough with phlegm that itch. Decreased immunity of the body can also be triggered due to fatigue remarkable accompaniment
lack of water intake.

9. Because of recurrent disease
A person who has a disease that often come and go as asthma, acute bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary statement, then it can certainly be suffering from cough with phlegm were also raised sinks.

10. Lack of sleep in the long term
Too often sleep late or have become daily habits that will make the esophagus attacked by dehydration. Kurag sleep causes the body lacks the cells darh red and body fluids that the culprit reduction in body resistance causes coughing up phlegm easily arise.

Treatment of cough with phlegm naturally

Mix traditional materials that exist around us become productive cough medicine proven natural lebioh secure safe and will not cause adverse effects in the future, This is because in peracikannya not require the slightest chemicals.

1. Leaves starfruit vegetable
Leaves belimbiung vegetables boiled to the size of water 3 cups then enter Kencur then added temugiring, leaves inggu and lime juice, Wait until boiling and leaving water one glass can be a cure cough with phlegm naturally potent in reducing the frequency of fluid phlegm, Agar sputum easy issued when someone is coughing.

2. Leaves pare
The leaves of bitter melon can be used as a cough medicine phlegm natural, safe and effective cure productive cough in adults with ways grind until smooth while added enough water then squeeze the water. These herbs can be taken twice a day.

3. Eucalyptus leaves
Take 10 grams of eucalyptus leaves and cici then boil with 2 cups airv size, Wait until the boiling water and leave the water into half a glass. Drink this concoction sederhan 2 times a day. Leaves Kayuputih including cough medicine phlegm rapid natural gatl dilute phlegm and relieve itchy throat disaluran.

4. White radish and honey
Creating potions productive cough can naturally also use vegetables white radish that can be blended and and strain the juice and add pure honey as desired and drink three times a day until the cough with phlegm healed.

5. Leaves sembung
Take a handful of Daum sembung then wash thoroughly kemudaian boil 2 cups airv size and tubnggu to cook, leaving only one glass of water. Stew sembung a productive cough medicine natural sangta amouh and quickly to address the irritation and itching of the throat due to phlegm mengental.Minumlah while the cooking water is still warm so that properties can be felt to the fullest.

6. Cabe Java and honey
3 Puree the chilies Java and brewed with hot water one glass of small sizes and filter then add honey to taste. Drink this unique herb twice a day that sputum becomes liquid and easily removed.

7. cardamom seeds
Cardamom seeds are seeds of herbal plants that have long been known as a natural productive cough medicine because of cardamom has the ability to cure diseases associated with throat include coughing. Brewed cardamom seeds with boiling water with the size of a small glass and then drink it while the water is still warm 3 times a day until the itching and pain in the throat due to cough bnerdahak healed. If diligent memgkonsumsi herb cardamom seeds is the frequency of cough can be easily appeased.

8.Akar inverse goat
Take the inverse root of goats and boil together slices of red onion and grated ginger in a small saucepan of water size. After boiling then remove the pan and then wait until the really cold water. Strain the water and then drink three times a day morning afternoon and evening before bed. This natural phlegm cough medicine can menyembuhakn pain in the throat, Relieve itchy throat and thins mucus diarea faster so that the next dikeesokan sputum can be expelled through coughing.

9. The yolk

Egg yolks can be used as a cough medicine phlegm naturally that the egg yolk is added water and forest honey lime juice and stir until evenly and ready to drink. Drink 2 times a day for memnperbaiki inflammation of the throat channel due to phlegm that is difficult to remove.

10.Daun mint
Mint leaves can be boiled, cool and then strain the water and then taken twice a day. Mint leaves worthy productive cough medicine because it is very effective natural cure throat disorders such as respiratory tract infections, relieve inflammation, eliminate bronchitis and relieve itching where all the complaints that sometimes accompanies coughing up phlegm.

Useful addition to eye health turns out carrots can cure throat disorders including coughing up phlegm in children. Blenderlah carrots and make it as juice for children with a cough with phlegm. Beta-carotene in carrots is converted into vitamin A tall can help relieve itching due to cough up phlegm and is able to facilitate sputum to be issued.

12.Kacang Almond and butter
A mix of almonds and butter turned out to be a natural cough medicine phlegm special for children and adults because it can reduce the frequency of phlegm because it is easily removed. Take 10 grains of almonds and soak up to 12 hours. Then after that blend together butter by means of ground and make pasta. Consuming peanut paste almod and butter can be used as an alternative to cure stone phlegm.

The wine has expectorant properties that is able to thin the mucus buildup in the channel throat quickly. Wine memiiki high antioxidant substances to menpoercepat healing of wounds to the throat due to cough up phlegm.

14.Jeruk lemon and ketchup
Lemon and ketchup is a medicinal herb cough phlegm natural hereditary trusted and fastest in treating the disease cough, including cough with phlegm. Cmpurlah crimped soy sauce and lemon juice in a sterile tablespoon. Stir gently with a clean finger then drink. This delicious herb can be taken 3 times a day for cough soon disappear.

15.Kunyit and honey
Parutlah kumyit then squeeze the juice and add honey to taste and drink it twice a day. Did you know that turmeric can cure inflammation and block the activity of bacteria normally present in the sputum. Turmeric and honey has healing properties inflammation or pain around the windpipe due to coughing. Turmeric and honey same as having an anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant.

16.Lada black or white and honey
Choose black or white pepper in powder form. Feedback and brewed with hot water. Pakialah glasses are medium-sized and stir until evenly then strain the water. After that you can add pure honey according to taste. Black or white pepper are combined with honey is a natural phlegm cough medicine that is able to dilute sputum thickens and relatively fast in healing iriatasi dikerongkongan due to cough cough.

17.Daun tamarind and sweet sage leaves
Boil tamarind leaves with the leaves of sweet saga. After boiling then remove the pan and wait for the water to cool. After that strain the water and drink three times a day in order to cough up phlegm can be quickly alleviated and cured. Medicinal herb cough with phlegm Almi can be consumed by children, Teens, Adults and the elderly.

18. Inhale steam and salt water gargle

Breathe repeatedly steam from the hot water which had previously been placed in the basin. Do it for approximately 10 minutes and then gargle with salt water. This action looks too trivial but productive cough medicine exceptional natural properties that can cure a dry cough and phlegm. Hot steam is inhaled and the effects of salt in the oral cavity is able to control the phlegm that accumulate in the airways so easily removed.

19.Bunga roses
Take 10 grams of roses in any color and make it pasty and mix sugar cubes team that previously had been smoothed and then enter a little honey. Drink this natural phlegm cough medicine twice a day so that the disease can be cured quickly cough up phlegm.

20.Jahe and kencur
Parutlah ginger grater dann kencur then brewed with hot water and stir. Then add honey and lime juice so that the flavor and the benefits are maximized. Medicine cough with phlegm naturally very tasty it can treat pain or inflammation of the throat area and control sputum prevent curdling again and ready to be issued quickly.

21.Teh ginger
Slice ginger into pieces and then enter the small pot containing brewed tea, not tea bags. Boil with 3 cups of water using a dose and wait until the water remains for one glass only. Before drinking add honey to taste. Ginger tea is able to cure cough with phlegm is berathap without any more pain in the throat.

22.Belimbing vegetable (starfruit)
Take some sayurv carambola or starfruit then puree and squeeze the juice. Starfruit vegetable water is then added with fennel and palm sugar that had previously been crushed. Stir until evenly and then strain the juice. Take the medication experienced cough with phlegm is 2 to 3 times a day so easily diluted sputum and issued shortly after the cough.

23. Betel green

Boil green betel leaf the size of water two glasses of water and boil until leaving half a glass. Filtered water for drinking selagia then the water is still warm. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory strong can prevent mucus becomes thick and heal the pain in the throat due to frequent coughing. Betel leaves are not only known as the king of the drug whitish just for women but can be made into a productive cough medicine naturally very potent in treating cough.

24.Jeruk lime, salt and honey
Squeeze the lemon juice and add a little boiled water and then inserted a little salt and honey to taste. Stir until evenly then you are ready to drink. Drink three times a day in order to quickly productive cough can be cured.

25. basil
Basil is a natural productive cough medicine which can be used as traditional medicine for children and adults. Previous Basil leaves are washed first, then boiled with water 3 cups size. Boil until cooked, leaving only one glass of water. After that drink while warm. Basil leaves can relieve itching, pain when swallowing, fever cough Preventing and cleaning the walls of the throat and hoarse voice Fixing became clear back because of basil leaves can protect the throat from the attack of bacteria in sputum and phlegm accelerate to pass.