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Health Benefits Of Cloves And Cinnamon For Beauty and Healthy

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10 Benefits of Cloves and Cinnamon for Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

 There are many kinds of spices that you can find in Indonesia is different if you see the benefits of rice water for plants, no wonder because Indonesia is one of the spice paradise. Almost all types of spices can be found in various regions in Indonesia. Ranging from the type of spices to tuber spices with the type of fruit. Usually spices sold in the market so one with the type of spice kitchen. In addition to spices such as ginger, galangal and kencur, there are types of spices that are currently sought by many people. That is cloves and cinnamon, this is because cloves and cinnamon is widely used by many people in addition to cooking.

Usually cloves and cinnamon is used as one of the complementary ingredients to make snacks or sweet drinks. Besides cinnamon and cloves are also widely used by people in the manufacture of herbal medicine or beauty products. This is certainly because the cloves and cinnamon has a lot of very good nutrition content. For herbal medicine usually both types of spices are still mixed with some other herbal ingredients.

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As one ingredient of beauty products, cinnamon and cloves have a distinctive aroma and very good as an aroma therapy. Lots of beauty products such as scrubs, handbody, shampoo, to soap. As a union clove itself is one type of spice with the scientific name Syzygium aromaticum while in English commonly referred to as cloves. Clove itself has one important role in the cigarette industry and is usually used as a spicy flavor enhancer in a number of food menus.

In addition to cloves, as for a little review of cinnamon, cinnamon itself is actually one type of tree plant with the scientific name Cinnamomum verum. Called as cinnamon, because it has a sweet aroma of cinnamon and cinnamon is usually more widely used as one of the complementary materials in the manufacture of food or beverages. In the manufacture of own food, cinnamon is usually used as an ingredient in the manufacture of cakes and sweets. While in making their own beverages usually cinnamon is used as an aroma and flavor enhancer.

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Of the many nutritional content in cloves and cinnamon, many people make it as one of the beverages that can be consumed and good for health. Not only for health but also beauty, the way is very easy and practical you just need to make boiled water cinnamon and cloves and consume them on a regular basis. For those of you who are curious about what are the benefits of cinnamon and cloves are different from the benefits of ginger, cinnamon and lemongrass, here we submit a brief description.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves and Cinnamon

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Cloves And Cinnamon For Beauty - Healthy T1ps
Cloves And Cinnamon Benefits

  1. Overcoming Diabetes, The combination of substances in cinnamon and cloves can improve the function of insulin hormone, so it is very good for those of you who have a history of diabetes.
  2. Overcoming Constipation To overcome constipation due to difficult BAB you can drink boiled water clove and cinnamon in the morning, this will help smooth your digestion so it is not constipation again.
  3. Overcoming Diarrhea, The content of substances in cloves and cinnamon can relieve and treat diarrhea is different from the benefits of honey to treat wounds, the way you can drink boiled water and cinnamon clove 3 times a day.
  4. Lose weight, Clove and cinnamon is very good for those of you who want to lose weight, the content of the substances in both spices is able to help the body in the process of burning fat properly.
  5. Menstruating, For women who have problems or disorders associated with the menstrual cycle, you can drink boiled water of cloves and cinnamon periodically to smooth your menstrual cycle.
  6. Cold medicine, Drink boiled water of cloves and cinnamon 3 times a day while warm is different from the benefits of mace flower for the diet, this will treat the flu you are experiencing.
  7. Drugs for Strep throat, Not only able to treat flu alone, clove and cinnamon water is also very good for treating sore throat.
  8. Toothache medicine, The content of the substance in the clove is very good for relieving the pain you feel when toothache.
  9. Whiten Teeth, In addition to treating toothache, clove and cinnamon cooking water can also whiten teeth so you will be more confident.
  10. Fever medicine, To treat fever differently from the benefits of cinnamon to diabetes, the way is very easy and practical. You can drink boiled water clove 3 to 5 times a day.

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Those are the benefits of cloves and cinnamon, consume regularly then you will get the benefits. Hopefully the above information can be useful and increase your insight.