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4 Benefits of Eating Durian for Health

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4 Benefits of Eating Durian for Health - Healthy T1ps

Durian is one of the fruits that come from Southeast Asia. This fruit has a durian name which means is a fruit that has a thorn on the outside. As for the content itself is quite soft and solid fruit. Durian fruit itself has two types of fruit color is the color of fruit cream and red fruit color. But the most often encountered is durian fruit that has a cream color.

As for the trunk itself durian fruit can grow about 3 meters looming above the ground. And to cultivate this fruit is quite easy. Only in need of large land far from the crowd. Because of this to avoid danger when durian is being fruitful. It could be that the fruit will fall and hit someone else.

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Durian fruit has the content and good nutrition for health. Well, here are the content contained in the durian fruit, among others:

  • Which carbohydrate carbohydrate benefits is to increase energy in performing daily activities.
  • Protein in which the benefits of protein is to maintain body cells.
  • Magnesium which benefits magnesium is to maintain bone health.
  • Phosphorus where the benefits of phosphorus is to facilitate the formation of proteins in the body.
  • Potassium in which the benefits of potassium is to prevent the occurrence of stroke.
  • Antioxidants where the benefits of antioxidants are to prevent premature aging. Antikosidan can be obtained from various sources of antikosidan such as fruits and vegetables.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Durian For Health -Healthy T1ps

That's some of the nutrients contained in the fruit durian.

While the benefits of eating durian itself was very good for health. The benefits of durian fruit for health include the following:

 The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Durian For Health -Healthy T1ps
1. Energize the digestive system

The benefits of eating the first durian is a healthy digestive system. The digestive system in the body has a role to smooth the food that enters the body. After that filter the nutrients needed by the body of the food. In addition to eating durian other herbal remedies to nourish the digestive system is the benefit of senna leaves /

2. Prevent anemia

The benefit of eating a second durian is to prevent anemia. Anemian is a lack of hemoglobin in the blood that serves to bind oxygen. People with anemia will look pale and tired easily. Eat durian can be one alternative to prevent anemia itself. There are also other herbal benefits for anemia that are the benefits of dates for anemia, the benefits of eggs for anemia and the benefits of guava for anemia.

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3. Nourish the skin

The benefits of eating a third durian is to nourish the skin. Who does not want to have healthy skin. Healthy skin has the characteristics - free characteristics of various skin problems, soft and supple. Healthy skin not only requires care from the outside but also requires care from the inside as routine fruit consumption. Durian fruit contains vitamin c which is useful to increase collagen for the skin.

4. Increase body temperature

The benefit of eating a fourth durian is to increase body temperature. Body temperature plays a role to keep the body from feeling cold when it rains and not feel too hot when the outside air is hot. Durian is useful for increasing body temperature. So eat durian fruit is perfect at night and cold weather.

Well, that's some of the benefits of eating durian. The benefits of eating durian is the same with durian motong benefits for health. There are various types of durian that can be used consumed according to your taste.