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4 Benefits of Raw Dates For Health and Fertility

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4 Benefits of Raw Dates For Health and Fertility - Healthy T1PS

Although not including local fruit or fruit native to Indonesia, but fruit dates can be very popular in our country. Especially when entering the month of Ramadan, almost in every shop and street corner people peddle fruit that comes from Arabia and North Africa is. The sweet, natural taste and soft texture of the flesh made him popular with others. Not only eaten directly, the flesh of dates is also often processed into various foods and cakes.

In addition to dates that have been matured raw dates or a fruit that is still a lot of youth is consumed even though it is not as sweet and as good as dates that have been cooked. Crude dates are usually smaller in size with fairly hard fruit skin and white flesh. Crude dates are green, yellow, or red. For green or yellow raw dates are usually smaller than the raw red dates.

Although it tastes not so tasty but raw dates are widely consumed because of its benefits are very useful for health. Especially to support the fertility of married couples to quickly get a baby in addition to various other benefits. The benefits of raw dates are supported by diverse nutritional content such as the benefits of iron, chloride, calcium, vitamin A benefits, vitamin C benefits, vitamin K benefits, botosin hormone, fiber benefits, protein benefits, copper and nicotenic acid.

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Raw Dates For Health - Healthy T1ps

So what are the benefits of raw dates or the benefits of young dates for health? Here's the explanation:

1. Improve fertility and vitality

Raw dates are often sought after by married couples who have not yet been blessed with a baby. This is because this famous fruit can help increase fertility and increase vitality. The content of botosinnya hormone will increase peristaltic movement in the uterus and female blood vessels so that a positive effect on the level of fertility. Other natural ingredients that also have similar benefits include the benefits of basil leaves for fertility, the benefits of sprouts for fertility, and the benefits of green beans for fertility.

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2. Prevent uterine bleeding

Raw dates are also well consumed by pregnant mothers because it is useful to prevent the occurrence of uterine bleeding. As is known bleeding that occurs when the pregnancy can endanger the life of the mother and the fetus that it contains so must be prevented and watch out for.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Raw Dates For Health - Healthy T1ps
3. Smooth the birth process

In addition, raw dates are also very good to help smooth the process of childbirth. This is supported by the content of botosin hormone and oxytocin in raw dates. Botosin hormone prevents bleeding and the hormone oxytocin helps smooth muscle in the uterine wall to make it easier and smooth to contract in childbirth. In addition, the benefits of grass fatimah can also be a good alternative to support the birth process.

4. Increasing milk production

Not only until the birth process and even the consumption of raw dates can also increase milk production so that babies get adequate nutrition. This is supported by the hormone oxytocin content found in raw dates. Other natural ingredients that can also be used to increase milk production are the benefits of fenugreek and the benefits of sweet potato leaves.

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That is among the benefits of raw dates are very useful for health, especially for couples who want to have a child soon. In addition to the above benefits there are many more benefits of raw dates for health such as improving memory, good for heart health, prevent oral cancer, good for eye health, and lowering high blood pressure so it is recommended for consumption.