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Health Benefits Of Pear Fruit For Stomach Acid and Digestion - Healthy T1ps

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7 Benefits of Pear Fruits For Stomach Acid and Digestion - Healthy T1ps

Pear becomes one of the fruits that have the highest fiber content of 6 grams for every 1 pear medium size is very powerful to lower high cholesterol. In addition, in pear also contains many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. While the mineral content in the pear include potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and copper. In addition to many health benefits in pear. For those of you who have digestive problems such as stomach acid can also consume this fruit for natural treatment. Here we will give some benefits pear for stomach acid that can add your information.

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Health Benefits Of Pear Fruit For Stomach Acid and Digestion - Healthy T1ps

Contains Vitamins A and C
A study at American universities proves if a variety of foods that are high in antioxidants such as pear is very good to relieve symptoms of gastric acid. The benefits of antioxidants in pears will protect the body from various free radical damage, infection, cellular damage and also maintain digestive health.

Contains Vitamin B6
In the pear also contains vitamin B6 which became one of the important vitamins to reduce symptoms of stomach acid. This pear is very appropriate to be consumed during the diet program stomach acid patients because it can reduce pain and relieve symptoms of stomach acid.

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Fiber Content Difermented For Energy
Bacteria that develop in the colon naturally can ferment for some types of fibers present in pears. Fermentation of this fiber will produce short-chain fatty acids which are then absorbed by intestinal wall cells as well as useful as a source of energy for the colon. This fermentation fiber will also increase the growth of healthy bacteria which is very important to prevent stomach acid. One type of fiber in a pear that is butirat will protect the digestive tract to prevent inflammation such as stomach acid.
The Amazing Of  Health Benefits Of Pear Fruit For Stomach Acid and Digestion - Healthy T1ps

Contains High Fiber
In pear contains very high fibers that will add weight and moisture to be discarded or in other words launch waste disposal and prevent constipation. The benefits of soluble fiber which is one type of fiber in pear is not only good consumed as a diarrhea solution, but also to overcome stomach acid patients.

Prevents Bloating After Eating
Eat pear after eating is also very powerful to prevent stomach feel bloated and begah which is generally also experienced by stomach acid after eating in large quantities, consuming fatty foods, alcohol and some other unhealthy foods so it is advisable to consume this pear after eating for stomach acid patients.

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Overcoming Uncomfortable Mouth
When the stomach acid is rising up to the upper gastrointestinal tract, it will arise an unpleasant taste like acid and bitter in the mouth area. In addition, the area of ​​imbalance can also be painful. Sweet taste and some content in the benefits of green pear is very good to neutralize the discomfort that occurs in the mouth and esophagus at the same time assist in healing stomach acid.

Prevent Heartburn
Heartburn is one thing that you will also experience when stomach acid is rising up to the esophagus. As for the level of heat such as burning and pain will be different from 1 person with other people. To overcome the heartburn ssaat acid up the stomach can also be done easily ie consume this pear with the skin or can also consume cucumber fruit because many also cucumber benefits for stomach acid.

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Efficacy of the pear not only be a diet food and other desserts, but there are also some benefits of pear for stomach acid so it is recommended to be consumed regularly. However, do not be too excessive when consuming because it can cause gas that can only raise your stomach acid.