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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Jicama Water

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11 Benefits of Jicama Water for Body Health - Healthy T1ps

Jicama is one of the most famous tubers in Indonesia. With a very large water content that is in the range of 80% and above make it very often consumed to meet the needs of fluids in the human body. Plants with scientific name Pachyrhizus erosus is not only contain water, but also various kinds of compound substances such as the following:

  • Fiber, to launch the digestive system becomes more optimal.
  • Protein, functions in the process of metabolism and cell regeneration.
  • Fat, as energy reserves.
  • Carbohydrates, as the primary energy source.
  • Vitamin C, for the source of antioxidants, prevent canker sores and maintain healthy skin.
  • Iron, to help transport oxygen in the blood.
  • Calcium, to strengthen bones and teeth and prevent related illnesses.
  • Phosphorus, to support bone health, teeth, brain, and cell metabolism.
  • Flavonoids, which contain antioxidant benefits.
  • Saponin, acts as an anti-microbial.

With the extraordinary content, there are very many benefits that can be obtained if you consume water Jicama . Well, let's see together what are the benefits of water Jicama in the following reviews.

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The Amazing Of Jicama Water For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Prevent Dehydration

The abundant water content in Jicama water is very helpful for you to prevent dehydration. For that, Jicama can be one option to keep body fluids especially when you are undergoing fasting. With Jicama , you can be helped to not be easily thirsty but still dependent on the activities you have.

2. Good for Diet Menu

Because Jicama has a variety of substances that are very unusual, good Jicama consumed as one of your diet menu. Jicama still contains carbohydrates as the main energy source, and it also contains fat but its levels can be said to be very low. For that, it is good because the vitamins and minerals contained can sustain your health and strength while on a diet.

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3. Helping to Treat Ulcer

There is an alkaline content in Jicama that can inhibit the production of stomach acid, so it is good to help patients with ulcers so that not too sore back. However, you also have to consume it with levels that are not excessive because it can trigger stomach irritation and this is dangerous for you.
The Amazing Of Jicama Water For Health - Healthy T1ps
4. Launch the Digestive System

Because Jicama rich in fiber benefits, then Jicama can launch the digestive system by maximizing the performance of organs in digesting and absorbing the juice of the food better. That way, digestion is healthier and the disposal of feces will also be easier and regular.

5. Helps Enzyme Formation in the Body

The iron content present in Jicama is not only used for oxygen transport, but also to activate some kind of enzyme needed by the body. This can help the metabolism process much better because the enzyme is a catalyst or also called process accelerator.

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6. Helps Treat and Prevent Sprue

The content of vitamin C is very high in Jicama will greatly help you in preventing and treating canker sores. Benefits of vitamin C is very good in warding off the disease and will help you avoid the sprue again in the future.

7. Maintain Health Bone and Teeth

The combined benefits of calcium and phosphorus benefits in Jicama is certainly very unusual for bone and teeth health. Benefits can help you to strengthen the bones of teeth so as not easily perforated, but it also can prevent osteoporosis and other bone disorders that usually begin to be felt by the elderly so it is advisable to consume this.

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8. Make Skin Look Healthy

The content of vitamin C seems not only useful to prevent canker sores, but also to make your skin look brighter and healthier. Vitamin C that contains antioxidants also helps the skin to resist against free radicals and other harmful substances from the outside that can damage the skin. With Jicama , the skin can be maintained moisture so that respiration and regeneration of dead skin cells can take place quickly. This can not be separated also from the water content is very abundant, therefore good Jicama to prevent premature aging.

9. Improve Heart Health

Because Jicama has iron that helps transport oxygen, it also affects overall cardiac performance. Blood will become cleaner and avoid the buildup of fat or cholesterol that can make the heart work harder. With the help of Jicama , the heart can become healthier.

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10. Safe to Consume for Diabetes Mellitus

Jicama has a carbohydrate that is not so high that in addition to diet, bengkoang is also relatively safe for people with diabetes mellitus because it does not contain so much glucose.

11. Prevent the occurrence of Kidney Stones

In the presence of fiber and phosphorus, Jicama will help to prevent salt deposits in the excretion system area. Both can launch a urine removal system to prevent salt crystallization from forming kidney stones

So the article about the benefits of water Jicama , may be useful for you!