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Top 13 Benefits Of Meat Bulus For Health And Beauty

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Meat Bulus for Beauty - Healthy T1ps

Bulus (Amyda cartilaginea)  has long been known as a cure from various diseases. sincerely forget the animals that have economic value because of the oil even the shell has its own economic value. Bulus oil is commonly used for beauty products while the shell of Bulus is commonly used for home decoration. Not only the oil that has a variety of benefits but in fact the flesh has a variety of benefits for the body. The various benefits of consuming the flesh of bulus is as follows.

Health Benefits of meats Bulus For Women - Healthy T1ps

1. Treating impotence

Bulus is already known for its many benefits. While bulus meat can be used to treat impotence. Since ancient times the meat has been strongly believed to be effective in treating impotence experienced by men. For those of you who are still newlyweds must be somewhat annoyed with your partner who is experiencing impotence. For that you can recommend to your partner to consume bacon to treat illness impotence lust.

2. Treating TB

The content contained in the flesh has the benefit of treating TB. For that for you who have tuberculosis disease you can overcome by eating this meat.

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3. Treating a bloody cough

Bloody cough can be one of the symptoms of various diseases, For that then immediately Check to the doctor When you have a bloody cough. Because with the presence of a bloody cough may be one symptom of a serious illness and need treatment quickly. Consuming meat can also be used to treat your bloody cough.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits of Meat Bulus for Beauty - Healthy T1ps
4. Treating lung disease

Lung is an important organ for the body, For that it is necessary to maintain lung health so as not to get attacked from various kinds of lung diseases. but for those of you who already have lung disease you can treat it by eating this meat.

5. Treating panu or ringworm

Meat bulus is also very effective used to treat various skin diseases including panu and ringworm. Because in this burger meat has a content that can make skin affected by skin diseases such as panu and ringworm completely healed. skin diseases must be overcome quickly so as not to spread to other body parts.

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6. Treating allergic itching

Besides can be used to treat panu and ringworm turns out to eat a good meat can also be used to treat itching because of allergies. Although not including a severe disease But itching because of allergies can interfere with your daily activities. Untuuk it So treat itchy itchy because allergies one of them by consuming the meat bulus.

7. Heals burns

Besides can be used to cure the panu and ringworm and heal itching because allergies turn out the meat can be used to heal the burns. When you have a burn you can treat it using a bulus meat by taking it. By eating the flesh of bulus will accelerate wound healing on burns and can relieve itching that occurs in burns.

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8. Increase body metabolism

A strong body metabolism will keep your body healthy and not susceptible to disease. For it is no doubt that it turns out the meat has a lot of benefits for your body health. In order for your metabolism to stay awake and the body is not susceptible to various diseases then consume this bulus meat.

9. Increase body stamina

In addition can be used or beneficial to increase the body's metabolism turns out the meat can also be used to increase body stamina. Someone with less stamina will be easy to feel tired and sluggish so it will interfere in performing daily activities. For that you can perform daily activities well then consume high meat for your body stamina remain awake and not easily sluggish or feel tired.

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10. Radiate menstrual cycle

Non-current menstrual cycle is very disturbing for women. But for those of you who have a menstrual cycle that is not smooth Do not worry. Because by eating the meat will help your body to smooth your menstrual cycle. Consuming meat can also be useful to reduce pain when you are menstruating.

11. Improve child growth

Child growth is very important to note. Improper child growth will affect his physical and cognitive conditions. For that you can increase your child's growth by consuming this bulus flesh.

12. Overcoming insomnia

Insomnia is very disturbing, someone who always experienced insomnia would feel Easy tired and tired. Insomnia is a difficult sleep disorder for a person. But Did you know that it turns out to consume flesh of bulus can be used to overcome the insomnia you are suffering.

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13. Prevent the occurrence of vertigo

Vertigo can occur because a person experiences excessive fatigue. Vertigo can also occur when a person experiences insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. For that reason because the flesh can be used to overcome insomnia that means that the meat can also be used to overcome vertigo caused by fatigue or lack of sleep.

Those are some of the benefits that you will get when you consume flesh. Besides beneficial to health apparently Bulus also can be used for beauty. Buses can be useful for beauty when the oil is taken. Bulus oil has long been believed to help to care for the skin. Thus, not only the butcher that has many benefits but it turns out the other bulus also has many benefits such as oil on the bulus, shell on the bulus and so forth.