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Top 9 Benefits Of Durian for a Healthy Diet

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits  Of Durian for a Healthy Diet That Should Be Known - Healthy T1ps

One fruit that gets the nickname of exotic fruit in the world is a durian with a very delicious taste and distinctive smell. Fruit with the nickname king of fruit is already known around the world because of the pleasure of mesi many people who do not like this fruit. In addition to delicious, durian fruit also has many benefits like other fruit types. In durian contains vitamin A and C as well as some important minerals such as fiber, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, zinc, magnesium, carotene and many more. One of the positive things that can be obtained by consuming durian is the durian benefit for the diet which in the following article we will review it completely.

9 Benefits Of Durians For Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

1. Energy sources
In every 100 grams of durian fruit can meet up to 20% of daily carbohydrate needs of adults who will be used as a source of energy for beraktivtas. With a fairly solid energy levels, then this fruit is good enough in sufficient daily energy needs so you can stay beraktivtas well despite being on a diet.

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2. Excessive Tiredness Prevention
By consuming only the benefits of durian fruit, it was able to add energy instantly so that the body can remain active well as well as overcoming fatigue and prevent you from disease.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits  Of Durian for a Healthy Diet That Should Be Known - Healthy T1ps
3. Maintain Digestive Function
In durian fruit contains excellent high fiber benefits to improve the digestive system such as preventing constipation and constipation. The fiber in durian consisting of soluble and insoluble fiber is also well consumed as a colon cancer solution.

4. Preventing Anemia
When on a diet, the body generally becomes very tired because of lack of nutrients because dieters restrict eating that can also cause anemia. The benefits of iron, folate and also copper in durian is highly recommended for people with anemia who are on a diet because it can prevent various symptoms of anemia that greatly interfere with daily activities.

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4. Source of Antioxidants and Minerals
Durian fruit is also a source of antioxidants and minerals such as vitamin C. The usefulness of this vitamin C is to boost the immune system as well as speed up the wound healing process so it can protect the body from harmful free radicals.

5. Source of Anti Inflammation
Like other types of fruit, durian fruit is also a powerful anti-inflammatory fruit that can reduce some types of diseases such as heart attacks and strokes and overcome various inflammation.

6. Healthy Snack
For those of you who are running a diet program, maintaining a diet is very important to do. One of the healthy snacks that can be consumed is a kind of fruit fruit including a better durian consumed compared with various other snacks.

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7. Potassium Source
Durian becomes one of the high fruit potassium content. These minerals not only become important electrolytes for cells and also body fluids in controlling heart rate and blood pressure but also help your diet program.

8. Fat Free
Durian with a soft texture that is easily digested has a sermonic sugar content such as sucrose and fructose. When you consume durian, it will be converted into energy as well as revitalize the body. In addition, durian fruit also will not interfere with your diet program because it is free from saturated fat content so it will not cause high cholesterol.

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As with other types of fruit, the benefits of durian fruit for the diet can support digestion to be healthier to remove toxins in the body and fat. With this, the process of weight loss can run well while maintaining a healthy body as a whole.