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10 Benefits Of The Guava For All Types Of Disease - Healthy T1ps

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Top ! 10 Benefits Of The Guava For All Types Of Disease - Healthy T1ps

There are so many benefits of yellow guava that has the size of hard, small and many seeds in the middle of the flesh. When young, yellow guava has a light green color and when ripe, the skin of the fruit turns a light yellow light while the meat can be white or red. Guava has been famous for a long time as a high fruit of vitamin C and antioxidants as well as several other types of minerals and vitamins. There are so many benefits of yellow guava that can be used to cure various diseases and some of which we will review in the article below.

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Guava - Healthy T1ps

1. High Source Antioxidant
High vitamin C in yellow guava fruit turns 5 times higher compared with very powerful oranges to boost the immune system. Antioxidants are a major defense substance to counteract free radicals in the body causing various diseases such as heart and cancer. For that it is advisable to consume yellow guava fruit regularly.

2. Lose weight
For those of you who want to lose weight without having to limit the intake of protein, vitamins and fiber, the yellow guava fruit becomes the best solution to lose weight. In this fruit contains protein, vitamins and minerals but does not contain cholesterol at all and carbohydrates are very easy to digest. In addition, the sugar content in guava yellow is also less than the other fruit that is appropriate to be a snack or complementary food.

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3. Improve Vision Function
The yellow guava has excellent high vitamin A benefits to improve vision health. In addition, consuming guava yellow is useful to slow the occurrence of cataracts, macular degeneration and also decreased other vision.

4. Good Consumed Diabetes Patients
Consuming yellow guava is also highly recommended for diabetics because of the high fiber content in this fruit is good to regulate the absorption of sugar in the body. For that, consuming this fruit is very good to prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

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5. Treating Scuvy Disease
Scuvy is a collagen synthesis process and the formation of osteoid in the body. Symptoms of this disease include bruising, bleeding, bleeding gums and easily dated teeth caused due to lack of vitamin C in the body. Benefits of vitamin C in guava yellow 5 times higher than this orange can be consumed to prevent and overcome the scuvy disease.

6. Prevent cancer
The benefits of other yellow guava is its great ability as a cancer solution that inhibits the growth and metastasis of cancer cells such as breast cancer, prostate and oral cancer.

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7. Maintaining Health of Thyroid Gland
The content of copper in guava yellow is very good for regulating thyroid metabolism by controlling the production of hormones and also the organ system so that it can balance the health in various ways.
The Amazing Of Health Benefits Guava - Healthy T1ps
8. Cures Diarrhea and Dysentery
The yellow guava also contains astringents. Consuming raw guava yellow is very good for toothpaste replacement so it can make your mouth healthy and used as diarrhea solution. Guava yellow also has the properties of bases and disinfectants as well as anti-bacterial that can be used to cure dysentery by inhibiting the growth of microbes and remove extra mucus from the intestine.

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9. Treating Constipation
Guava yellow contains high fiber and the seeds can also be consumed which is useful as a laxative. In addition, the yellow guava is also useful for cleansing the intestine as well as an executive system as a whole which is essential for maintaining the digestive system.

10. Maintaining Brain Health
Guava yellow also contains vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 is very good to smooth blood flow as well as stimulate cognitive function. While vitamin B6 in guava yellow is useful to improve brain function and also nerves.

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In addition to some properties above, there are many benefits of yellow guava that can be used for health and also cure various diseases. This fruit is a fruit that is not just delicious and refreshing but also has high nutrients so it is very well consumed regularly.