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5 Benefits Eat Dates After Fasting - Healthy T1ps

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TOP ! 5 Benefits Eat Dates After Fasting - Healthy T1ps

Dates are one of the many fruit found in the holy month of Ramadan. It turns out that dates are not merely a seasonal fruit that appears in a few moments, because dates themselves have many benefits that we can take, such as the benefits of young dates and enjoy especially during fasting. Not only the fruit, it turns out the benefits of coffee seeds for health dates are also very much. The magical benefit of breaking the fast with dates is not ketinggaan and easily we can get. Here's a full explanation of the benefits of breaking the fast with dates.

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Health Benefits Eating Dates when breaking the fast - Healthy T1ps

Maintain bone health
Although many are consumed by various age groups, but in fact dates are more attractive to the elderly. Parents who have entered the age of twilight often suffer from bone and health problems that have decreased and shrunk along with age pertamahan. And eating dates is the answer to the problems experienced by the elderly. Why is that? Because the dates contained a lot of calcium and minerals are very good for the health and strength of your bones.

Not only that, dates also contain magnesium, manganese and selenium which are important components of bone growth and strength. So by eating dates when breaking the fast, then we will feel the benefits on the bones and the elderly can also avoid and fight bone disease such as osteoporosis.

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2. Increase energy

When bepuasa we would need energy intake and also strength to avoid the feeling of weakness and sleepiness due to empty stomach. But by breaking the fast with dates you no longer need to worry about the limp and drowsy as before, because the dates contained natural sugar is very good for energy body. The content of glucose, sucrose and fructose in dates has been shown to effectively increase and increase our energy in a short time.

Health Benefits Eating Dates when breaking the fast - Healthy T1ps
3. Overcoming diarrhea

If you feel excessive abdominal pain and potentially become diarrhea, you should quickly consume dates when breaking the fast. Dates are composed of strong fibers that can overcome daily digestive problems. Pottasium is a well-known ingredient that can control diarrhea and is present in dates. The good fiber in the palm will help the bowel work so as to make the exhaust system smooth and normal.

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4. Curing anemia

Who would have thought if this little fruit proved to have many great benefits for the health of the body. Apparently there are benefits of dates for anemia and can cure the disease because dates contain iron that is high enough. Iron content is what will make anemia no longer come to you.

5. Maintain eye health

No less than other fruits rich in benefits, dates can also be efficacious for eye health. The content of vitamins and nutrients contained in it is already proven to be very good for our eye health. By eating dates when breaking the fast, we will get good benefits of nutrients and vitamins are absorbed by the body during the consumption of dates.

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The above explanation is a small part of the many benefits of magically breaking the fast with dates. Each date also has its own content, such as the benefits of red dates, medications and women you need to know. Or if you do not like the taste, you also can still feel the benefits of water palm water. Because the benefits have been guaranteed and very much for the health of the body, then from now on regular consumption of dates is very good.