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7 Fasting Benefits For Hypertension Patients

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Top ! 7 Fasting Benefits For Hypertension Patients - Healthy T1ps

Unstable blood pressure either low or high blood pressure equally can interfere with the health of a person's body. Hypertension or high blood pressure to be one type of disease to watch out for caused by blood pressure in the arterial wall is increased. Some of the common symptoms of hypertension include blurred vision, headaches that often occur because of increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, Vertigo that occurs almost daily, bleeding through the nose or known as nosebleeds, sensitive and more irritable to something things, difficulty concentrating and much more. Meanwhile, before the month of Ramadan, the question that often arises about hypertension is allowed and can provide the benefits of fasting or not fasting for people with high blood pressure. But actually, there are so many benefits of fasting for hypertension which is very important for the health especially for people with high blood pressure and some of which we will review in the following article.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Fasting For Health - Healthy t1PS

Maintaining Stability of Blood Pressure
Increased blood pressure generally occurs because of a diet that is not well controlled and also coupled with emotions that are always accompanied by anxiety. When fasting, the body will reduce the production of adrenal hormones cause blood pressure to rise. for that, fasting is very good to lower the habit until blood pressure can return to normal.

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Lowering Cholesterol Levels
In addition to maintaining the stability of blood pressure, fasting is also good done hypertensive patients because it can lower high cholesterol levels. If cholesterol levels accumulate in the blood vessels, then later can lead to buildup of cholesterol deposits so that the risk of hypertension is increasing. In addition, doing regular fasting can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as triglycerides, blood sugar levels and also weight.

Throwing Toxins In The Body
At the time a person is fasting, it will automatically also help remove toxins in the body through sweat, urine and stool. By doing fast, then people with high blood pressure or hypertension can be healthier than before.

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Lose weight
For someone who runs fasting, in a study proved if at the end of fasting a person can lose weight quite a lot and also get a decrease in blood pressure either for systolic blood pressure or upper number and also diastolic or lower numbers. This significant reduction in blood pressure is certainly very beneficial to reduce the risk of organ damage and also prevent the development of heart disease risk.

Reduce Calories In The Body
Many researchers who conclude if the decrease in blood pressure during fasting will also reduce the number of calories in the body. This is what will be very important for people with high blood pressure or hypertension so they can get normal blood pressure at the end of the fasting day is run.

Top ! 7 Fasting Benefits For Hypertension Patients - Healthy T1ps

Cleaning the Digestive Organs
Although during fasting will make a person feel hungry and thirsty throughout the day, but the usefulness of fasting can provide effects such as cleansing the body and also the benefits of detoxification, especially in some digestive organs that also affects the decrease in high blood pressure.

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Blood Flow
Fasting also allows the organ to be healthier as well as blood flow to the body. This will eventually have a positive impact on controlling blood pressure. At the time of fasting, someone will tend to control the food which means can lower the intake of calories into the body with this, then the nutritional balance can be obtained as well as make blood pressure back to normal and under control.

So the reviews we can give about the benefits of fasting for hypertension. In addition, it is better when the meal and break the fast, reduce the salt intake to get the benefits of fasting more leverage at the same time maintain the performance of kidney organs. Increased blood volume that occurs due to blockage due to salt will cause blood pressure increases.