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Health Benefits Of Lemon For Treat Cough

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Top ! 4 Benefits of Lemon to Treat Cough - Healthy T1ps

 There are many types of citrus fruits with different flavors and sizes, ranging from oranges with a very sweet taste to oranges with a very sour taste. Not only is it different if you look at the benefits of sunkist oranges to diet and maintain weight, there are also oranges with the size of an adult's thumb up to the size of a basketball. Orange itself is a type of fruit that many people consume and one type of citrus fruit that is currently being sought by many people is lemon, is one kind of citrus species that has the character of bright yellow color and has a very sour taste exceeds the oranges we usually consume type of tangerine or sweet orange.

Usually lemon is used as a flavoring agent and aroma adder to add acidity to the salad dishes and various dishes because it's very sour taste, besides in the world of lemon cake is usually used as a decorator to make food more beautiful and interesting of course aiming for the dish much-loved. Not only plays an important role in the world of culinary, the distinctive aroma of lemon fruit makes this one fruit is widely used as a base material in the manufacture of various products of household needs.

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By most industries they even make it into products such as shampoo, dish soap, deodorizer, to perfume. In addition to the various innovations of cake and beverage menu also has many emerging with lemon-based, such as lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon jam, and for lemon drink has often been used as a flavor enhancer so that drinks become fresher. Not only because it tastes fresh and tasty when added as a cake or drink ingredient different from the benefits of korean pear, lemon has a lot of nutritional content that is good for your body's health.

The Content of Lemon Water Nutrition

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamins C, A, E, and K
  • Folate
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamin
  • Mineral
  • Water
The amount of nutrients in the lemon, there are various benefits that you can get from health to beauty. Among them is by consuming lemon in the morning, you can remove all substances and toxins that settle in your body, besides lemon is also one type of fruit that is very good in support of your diet if you are on a diet. By consuming lemon, the fat and cholesterol that accumulate in your body will disappear more effectively, while one of the benefits of lemon that is currently the subject of many people's conversation. Lemon is very good for those of you who are coughing different with the benefits of green pear, as for the explanation.

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Benefits of Lemon for Cough (Natural Medicine) - Healthy T1ps

1. Relieves Cough
For those of you who cough and in a long time suliit abate, in addition to taking medicine doctor well you can try this one. Drinking warm lemon juice every morning and before bedtime, this will help the healing process cough more quickly. This is because by drinking lemon juice every day, it helps boost your immune system, so cough can heal faster.
Top ! 4 Benefits of Lemon to Treat Cough - Healthy T1ps

2. Relieves Pain
Coughing is sometimes not only disturbing, coughing can also cause pain in the chest. Pain that is simply ignored is certainly not good, to overcome it is actually quite easy. You can make lemon juice and a little honey as a flavor enhancer so as not too sour. Drink while warm and when your cough causes pain. It would be better if added different ginger with the benefits of okra fruit for diabetes, it can also warm your body.

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3. Overcoming Shortness
Coughing not only causes pain, in some people also feel shortness of breath. For those of you who experience it, you do not need to worry because there are so many solutions. One of the traditional ways of making lemon drinks. The trick is very easy, provide lemons that have been washed clean and also add some kinds of spices such as nutmeg, ginger, and lemon grass. Boil boiling water with nutmeg, ginger and lemongrass for 2 minutes then pour it into a glass. After that add the honey and lemon, set it to fit for your tongue and drink while it is warm.

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4. Prevent Coughing
Uncertain and extreme weather can make you susceptible to various diseases such as fever, flu, and cough. Lemon is one type of orange with vitamin C content is very high. This high vitamin C content can increase your body resistance so that you are not susceptible to mild disease, especially cough. As a preventive different from the benefits of meniran leaves for a beautiful face, you can drink warm lemon juice every morning.

Those are the various benefits of the excellent lemon fruit for Treat cough, consume daily to get the benefits. Hopefully the above information useful and add your insight.