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Health Benefits Of Salam Fruit Indonesian Plant

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Top 9 Benefits of Salam Fruit For Health - Healthy T1ps

For most people would know with one type of tree this one is different from the benefits of caisim leaves, laurel trees. Laurel tree itself is widely used for people taking leaves and used as one of the complementary spices or kitchen spices. In Indonesia alone bay leaf is better known as one of the mandatory condiments if you want to cook traditional food menu. You can find bay leaves not only in traditional markets but in many stores such as supermarkets are also sold.

And with technological sophistication in the field of food, bay leaves are not only sold in the form of fresh leaves. Already many industries engaged in the field of designing the bay leaf with various packaging. Starting from the bay leaves are dried only until the leaves are shaped powder. It is important for you who love traditional cuisine to always keep the bay leaves dry. This is because the dried laurel leaves last longer if stored instead of fresh bay leaves.

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In addition to the leaves are different from the benefits of ornamental plants from ornamental leaves, it turns out to have many benefits. One part of the tree that is also often used is the fruit of the greeting. In contrast to sala leaves that are often used in the manufacture of traditional dishes, salam fruit can be used as a medicine. This is because basically salam is one of the ingredients in the manufacture of traditional medicines and herbs such as herbs or other herbal remedies. The fruit of the greeting itself is different from other fruit types.

If the fruit is generally easy to find in traditional markets and supermarkets, you can only find the greeting fruit in a particular store. Not everyone sells a greeting, to find it you can directly harvest it from the laurel tree. Scientifically, the laurel tree has the scientific name Syzygium polyanthum and is also known as bay leaf. Not only used in the manufacture of Indonesian cuisine alone, bay leaves are also commonly used as one additional seasoning western cuisine.

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For the greeting itself has a purplish red character, it depends on the type of tree salamnya. The shape is practically very small and clustered in every leaf limb. Generally a mature greeting will be purplish red, and greenish when young. To harvest greetings, only long bamboo blades at the ends. As for the taste of the greetings, because the greeting is sweet and there is a little sour taste while the immature will usually feel bland. And this is the benefits of fruit greetings for your health.

Benefits of Salam Fruit For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Diarrhea Drugs
There are so many diarrhea medications that you can meet at a pharmacy or herbal medicine store, this is certainly related to the type of drug that is distinguished into herbal and chemical remedies. One of the herbal remedies is very effective and has no prolonged side effect ie the fruit of salam. You can treat diarrhea by drinking boiled water greetings 3 times a day.

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2. Drug Inflammation
Inflammation is one mild disease but, if left alone, this will certainly be a serious problem. There are several types of inflammation that can be treated by eating the fruit of greetings ie sore throat and stomach ulcers. For that you can consume fruit greetings directly or boil it first.

3. Diabetes Drugs
To treat diabetes is quite difficult, you should control your diet like a carbo diet and stop eating sweet foods. In addition there is one effective and powerful way that is different from the benefits of drinking olive oil, you can consume fruit greetings regularly. This will help stimulate the hormone insulin in your body.

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4. Medicinal Acid Urat
In addition to treating diabetes, the fruit of the greeting is also able to treat gout. It also helps to overcome the sudden recurrence of uric acid. You only need to drink boiled water regularly.

5. The ulcer drug
Not only able to treat heartburn, it turns out the content of the substance in the fruit of the greeting is also able to overcome and treat stomach pain when your ulcer relapse. This is very effective and certainly has no side effects.

6. Overcoming Cholesterol
The content of the substance in the fruit of the greeting can lower cholesterol levels in your body. This is very beneficial for those of you who often experience elevated levels of cholesterol different from the benefits of leaf series, especially if high cholesterol levels in the body is very difficult to lower.

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7. Drugs Minus Eye
The content of vitamins in the fruit is very high so aside from greeting to maintain eye health or to prevent various disorders and eye diseases, also able to treat the eye minus.
Top 9 Benefits of Salam Fruit For Health - Healthy T1ps
8. Blood Circulation
Greetings will be very beneficial for those of you who often experience tingling to cramp. This could be a sign that the blood circulation in your body is not smooth. You can consume greetings to overcome them.

9. Smooth digestion
By consuming fruit greetings regularly different from the benefits of the leaves of life, this helps you who often experience constipation and difficult bowel movements. Because the fiber in the greetings will launch your digestive system.

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Those are the Health Benefits Of Salam Fruit Indonesian Plant that we can convey, consume the greetings regularly then you will get more benefits. Hopefully the above information can add insight and benefit you.