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23 Benefits of Cucumbers and Limes are Important to Know

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Top ! 23 Benefits of Cucumbers and Limes For Health are Important to Know - Healthy T1ps

Benefits of cucumber and lime for health and beauty have become public secrets. Various vitamins in both can provide a good enough effect if used as a treatment or skin care. It can be said that cucumber and lime is a natural ingredient that does not contain many side effects and easily found as an alternative to traditional medicine and proven to be able to provide good effects evidenced by the use of such ingredients as one of the cosmetic products.

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is a plant that produces fruits, where this fruit contains plenty of water and enough to hydrate the body to keep from lack of fluids. Cucumber in addition to being eaten directly is also often used as cosmetic and beauty ingredients such as masks although consuming too much cucumber is also not permitted because it can cause leucorrhoea for women. While Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) is a fruit rich in vitamin C and also be one solution in weight loss or a healthy diet.

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The benefits of cucumber and lime are:

1. Lowering and Stabilizing Cholesterol levels

The content of vitamins in cucumber and lemon can lower cholesterol, as we have seen that normal cholesterol levels in the body is less than 200 mg / dL in HDL, LDL and triglycerides. In addition to flavonoid content of vitamins ie hesperidin in lime is also able to reduce and inhibit the production of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Lime is the highest fruit contains flavonoids. You can consume lime or cucumber alternately, consume when you are in high cholesterol condition, do until your cholesterol level back to normal.

2. Increased Body Resistance

Cucumber and lime also act as a source of antioxidants in the body, and rich in vitamin C and high flovanoid content in lime can increase the body's immune system and prevent and fight various diseases and cancer risk. In contrast to the benefits of star fruit This is also due to the liminoid content available in lime able to ward off free radicals in the body so as to reduce the risk of diseases such as leukemia, gastric cancer and colon cancer.

3. Overcoming Uric Acid

The content of vitamins A, B and minerals such as folate, potassium and magnesium in cucumbers can alleviate the pain of astritis while the citric acid content of lime is able to dissolve naturally uric acid levels in the body.

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4. Maintain Good Dental Health and Mouth Smell

The content of water in cucumbers can eliminate the bacteria present in the mouth and gums, just chew the cucumber as usual it should be known also that some diseases caused by bacteria can also be cured with cucumber one of them pyorrea, While the acid and sodium bicarbonate contained in the lime is able to balance pH in the mouth, additionally yellow teeth can also be overcome with lemon because it contains antibacterial that prevent teeth yellow. Use lime juice as a mouthwash or mix with a little salt and apply on all parts of the tooth.

5. Helps Keep Weight Ideal

Weight loss is one of the most common problems experienced by women, actually balanced weight is the best option, which is not too fat or not too thin. Ideal weight will encourage healthy living behavior by consuming a variety of foods containing balanced nutrition. In addition, obesity can also cause some easily attacked diseases such as stroke and heart disease, this is because most of the blood sugar in the body will be high and cholesterol levels are also high. Cucumber has a high fiber and low calorie so cucumber consumption can maintain ideal body weight while lime juice has a function to help facilitate the metabolism in the body and facilitate the digestive tract so that the absorption of energy and food intake into the body smoothly. metabolism itself is a very important chemical process to change the food into the body into energy, megkonsumsi lemon juice every day will help keep the weight remains ideal.
Cucumber And Lime For HEalth
Cucumber And Lime For HEalth

6. Maintain Digestive Health

Lime helps the liver in producing bile and relieve symptoms of abdominal pain and memperlanacar digestive tract carry and process food. Peristaltic movement can be improved by consuming lime, thus facilitating defecation (BAB). The content of fiber in cucumber can facilitate the digestive tract where soluble fiber helps the movement of food and cause digestion smoothly and able to maintain digestive health.

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7. Treating Skin Diseases

Various types of skin diseases are certainly very disturbing, either the most severe disease to the lightest. One skin disease that can reduce the confidence is a panu especially if the panu appear in the face and other open places. Various natural solutions of course in trying to cure him. As it is known that lemon contains a high flavonoid compound in which this compound is a powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants help the body prevent free radicals that attack healthy cells in the body. In general the benefits of fruits In addition to flovanoids, vitamin C content in lime is also able to eliminate the panu. Use lime juice and cmpurkan with sulfur is also able to help eradicate the virus due to acne, and because of keratolitik substance. Spread lime juice and sulfur then wipe on the panu, wait until it dries and then rinse.

8. Relieve Acne Effects

Use cucumber and lemon as a mask. As with the benefits of lime, the content of antioxidants and natural tonic in both can reduce the effects of acne such as black spots, and the scars that leave. Make both as masks do regularly to get maximum results.

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9. Brighten Faces

The normal formation of collagen is aided by adequate vitamin C content, collagen itself is a constituent of the skin. Both are able to remove dead skin cells. Antioxidants and vitamin C contained in lime and cucumber are able to form collagen which is an important element in the skin. You can use a mixture of lime and cucumber mask, wipe it into the face and evenly spread it out, wait until it is dry then rinse with warm water. Appointment of dead skin cells can make the face bright, healthy and toned. Collagen substances are able to maintain healthy skin, minimize wrinkles and function to tighten facial skin.

10. Treating Loss and Dandruff

Hair loss is commonly caused by problems that occur in the roots of the hair. Like the benefits of soursop leaves for hair and skin health Lime contains anti-fungal ingredients that can prevent hair loss also overcome the excessive and disruptive dandruff.

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11. Prevent Parkinson's

Lime contains a unique phytonutrient. It is able to maintain and protect brain cells and prevent the occurrence of Parkinson's disease.

12. Improve Positive Mood

A study says that vitamin C supplementation is able to provide a sense of happiness or good mood in patients than those who are not given vitamin C supplements. Lime is rich in vitamin C so consuming in sufficient quantities can increase the sense of happiness.

13. Reduce Pain During Inflammation

Lime is naturally able to reduce uric acid in the joints, so it can indirectly reduce pain during inflammation.

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14. Overcoming Broken Lips

Lime and cucumber contain vitamin C that can remove dead skin cells on the lip area. Slice the lemon and rub on the lips wait 5 minutes then rinse, use regularly to avoid chapped lips.

15. Maintain the Health of the Heart

The process of detoxifying or eliminating toxins in the body is very important. This function is performed by the liver. citric acid contained in Lime works to maximize the detoxification process by activating the function of enzymes that play a role in bile production, remove toxins in the body and dissolve gout.

16. Control High Blood Pressure

Lime and cucumber contain excellent potassium in the function of reducing high blood pressure.

17. Overcoming dark eye circle

Use a cucumber slice and place it on the eyes before going to sleep, it is very useful to refresh the condition of tired eyes due to dust and daily activities, do regularly to remove dark circles around the eyes.

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18. Removing Blackheads

Lime also serves as a facial treatment, if you experience self-confidence due to blackheads, it can be overcome with lime and cucumber. Use both and make it a natural mask, apply it on face and leave to dry then rinse with warm water.

18. Removing Blackheads

Lime also serves as a facial treatment, if you experience self-confidence due to blackheads, it can be overcome with lime and cucumber. Use both and make it a natural mask, apply it on face and leave to dry then rinse with warm water.

19. Maintaining Heart Health

Cucumber contains potassium, magnesium and fiber where this mineral serves to balance blood in the body. Potassium is an electrolyte that contains a positive charge that is very useful for interacting with sodium in order to control the control of nerves, muscles and heart function.

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20. Reduces Body Odor

Lime contains falvonoid and vitamin C as well as citric acid which has the function of reducing body odor, in contrast to the benefits of lontar fruit use lime like using deodorant use routinely after bathing for body odor is completely lost.

21. Relieve the Sore Throat Effect

If you are in a condition of sore throat, you can consume lime juice and a little mixed honey, consumption 2 times a day, do until the condition improves inflammation

22. Maintaining Kidney Health

As mentioned earlier, Another thing with the benefits of citrus fruit passion fruit contains citric acid which prevents binding to other minerals performed by calcium, consuming lime juice is also able to reduce the symptoms of kidney stone disease.

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23. Overcoming Shortness of Breath

Unlike the benefits of soda for the lungs Vitamin C content can reduce the risk of experiencing shortness of breath. Because basically enough body condition vitamin C content can reduce the symptoms of shortness of breath.

Various benefits cucumber and lime above you can practice because the materials are very easy to find. Use of natural ingredients will reduce the side effects of treatment, keep regular health consultations to prevent more serious symptoms. May be useful.