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5 Benefits Of Soursop For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

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5 Benefits Of Soursop For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of soursop for the diet may be widely known. The use of soursop is a natural and traditional way that can be applied to reduce weight. Soursop has a unique shape with serrations around the skin colored green and soft when ripe.

Soursop is now easily found in traditional markets and supermarkets. Soursop can be used as a variety of processed drinks, one of which is soursop juice. Soursop has a vitamin and fiber content that is very beneficial to the body. Soursop fruit can provide a satiety effect long enough this is due to the fiber content contained therein.

Various benefits of soursop can be felt directly or slowly. Unlike the benefits of coffee for the brain, soursop also serves to keep the body ions to prevent dehydration or lack of fluids. In addition, soursop can also be useful to increase endurance and reduce the risk of cancer, maintain cholesterol levels, maintain healthy digestion, control blood sugar, maintain normal blood pressure, boost the immune system, help the wound healing process, ward off free radicals.

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Some of the benefits of soursop fruit for the diet include, are:

1. Rich Fiber

The content of fiber in soursop besides being able to maintain digestive movement in the intestines is also very useful for controlling cholesterol levels in the body. As with the benefits of soursop leaves for diet, fiber content is also able to maintain a longer satiety and can help in maintaining weight in the diet process is done.

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2. Low Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body, where carbohydrate content in soursop fruit tends to be healthier than carbohydrates in soda and cakes that tend to trigger an increase in blood sugar. Different things with the benefits of drinking warm honey before bed, avoiding excess carbohydrate consumption is one way in losing weight, adults need about 300-400 grams of carbohydrates. If in a condition of carbohydrate consumption of the diet can be reduced in amount to half of about 150-200 grams. 1 gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories. As it is known that the level of calories on a cup of soursop juice is about 38 grams. Soursop consumption can be one of interlude consumption needs of carbohydrates.

The Amazing Of Benefits Soursop Fruit For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps
The Amazing Of Benefits Soursop Fruit For a Healthy Diet - Healthy T1ps

3. High Potassium Content

One of the functions of potassium is increasing the increase of metabolism in the body. Unlike the benefits of jackfruit for chicken pox, metabolism is a process done by the body to obtain energy sources. Metabolism is a process from within the body to absorb nutrients derived from food to become energy used in carrying out daily activities. Metabolism plays a role in burning calories into the body and indirectly help the process of weight loss in addition supported by healthy diet and exercise and physical activity of the body.

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4. Contains Water

Water also helps increase metabolism in the body. There is 138 grams of water in a cup of soursop fruit. With high water content, soursop fruit is also able to prevent the occurrence of dehydration. In contrast to the benefits of cucumber and lime, the consumption of adequate amounts of water is also able to maintain and control the intake of food that enters the body because of the condition of the body in full condition.

5. Contains Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help in losing weight. Arizona State University in his study revealed that someone who consumed vitamin C in low amounts was not able to eliminate fat as effectively as people who take vitamin C in sufficient quantities. later in the journal Advances in Pharmacological Sciences found that vitamin C has the ability to lower fasting blood sugar (GDP) so that it can control the Body Mass Index remains at normal limits.

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The following rules of consumption of soursop fruit in order to maintain ideal body weight and support the activity of a healthy diet is to eat it 4 hours before doing sports, in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition by Johnston, CS disclosed that the vitamin C content enough in a person's body can burn fat 30% more when doing sports. So it can be concluded that exercise will be more effective in burning fat when the body is in sufficient vitamin C. But keep in mind that vitamin C content is not used as dietary supplements, but as a supporter of fat burning process of various physical activities performed. May be useful.