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Benefits Of Drink of Juice Earthworms For Health

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The Amazing Of Health Benefits Of Earthworms For Human - Healthy T1ps

Earthworms have long been widely cultivated, its usefulness is quite astonishing, that is for the supplement of medicine and beauty. Indeed for many people, earthworms are disgusting animals.

However, behind his long and slimy body that many save the benefits. Earthworms are commonly known as soil reversal, bird food, and are used as bait for fishing. It turns out worms are also useful in the medical and health.

Here are the Benefits of Earthworms For Health And Treatment 

1. Typhus Drugs
Wiped soil worms can inhibit the growth of salmonella bacteria, which usually interfere with human digestive thyphosa. Patients may consume boiled earthworms or powder worm capsules with honey. Typhus treatment using earthworms is apparently recognized by pharmacologists.

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2. Diarrhea Drugs
Outbreaks of diarrheal diseases often occur in the community. Well, earthworms become one of the traditional medicine that can be used to cure diarrheal diseases. Earthworms are antibacterial to Escherichia coli and Shigella bacteria that cause diarrhea dysentery.

3. Smooth Blood Circulation
Earthworms contain enzymes that can destroy bad fats in the blood vessels, so that blood circulation becomes more smoothly.  That is the reason why earthworms are often used for the treatment of patients with hypertension and stroke.

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4. Smooth Digestion
Earthworms contain enzymes, catalases, and cellulose that are needed in the body's metabolic processes. Thus, indirectly the worm can make the digestion becomes smoother.

5. Antipiretic
Earthworm extract containing basic nitrogen, which can reduce fever in certain diseases such as typhoid. The use of earthworms to reduce heat is better, than chemicals such as paracetamol that can leave side effects. Research on IPB labs has proven this for treatment.
Benefits Eat Earthworm
Benefits Eat Earthworm 

6. Soothing
Earthworms contain Pheretima which can affect the nervous system. Pheretima will bring calm effect, stop the seizures, and reduce pain so it is ideal for use for toothache, headache, and rheumatism.

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7. Increase Energy
The content of taurine in earthworms can increase fat metabolism, which will be converted into energy. This effect is also beneficial for women who are on a diet.

8. Maintaining Skin Health
Earthworms also contain alpha-tocopherol can maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness. To that end, the raw material of earthworms is supplied by many cosmetic companies.

9. Healing Wounds
This is because the worms contain unsusr arachidonic acid, which can accelerate the growth of new cells.

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Before consumption, earthworms must be processed in the right way. At first the worm's stomach is split, and remove the dirt or dirt from its stomach. After that, washed thoroughly and then boiled.

The decoction of water can also be used as a traditional medicine. But now there is available medicine from earthworms, which can be obtained easily already in the form of capsules, so do not bother to process it. Keep in mind once again, the processing of earthworms must be completely clean, so that no bacterial infection is present in the body of the worm.