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8 Benefits of Melon For Stomach Acid and Digestive Disorders - Healthy T1ps

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8 Benefits of Melon For Stomach Acid and Digestive Disorders - Healthy T1ps

Melon fruit is still one family with watermelon is a type of fruit rich in water with a refreshing sweet taste is very delicious to eat. There are so many nutrients contained in melons such as protein, carbohydrate, water, vitamin B9, C, K, A, B1, B2, B6, beta carotene, iron potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and also phosphorus. As for the content of calories in every 100 grams of melon is also very low that is only about 34 calories so it is suitable consumed as a weight loss fruit. Of the many uses in melon fruit such as improving eye health, cancer solutions, prevent dehydration, treat skin and hair health, boost the immune system and others, there are also some benefits of melon for stomach acid is important for you to know and we will review more the following.

The Amazing Of Health Benefits Melon For Health - Healthy T1ps

1. Improve Digestive Health
In the melon contains very high fiber benefits where this mineral is an important component for bowel movement and maintain digestive health as a whole. Consuming melons regularly can reduce constipation, smooth bow movement and prevent stomach acid back up and can even be used as a solution of colorectal cancer and other gastrointestinal conditions.

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2. Keeping the Stomach PH Balance
Melon is one type of fruit contains potassium is very important to maintain the balance of acidity of the stomach where the melon fruit has a pH of 6.1 so that it becomes one of the low-acid fruits. In the melon also contains magnesium benefits that are essential minerals for stomach acid drugs as well as the benefits of watermelon and cantaloupe.

3. Rich in Antioxidant and Fiber
Melon is a high yield source of antioxidants and fiber so it is very effective to prevent acid reflux by maintaining mucus in the stomach and digestive system. Melons also have cooling properties and high water content that greatly helps the body to lower pH levels.

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4. Overcoming Pain After Eating
When stomach acid rises, then that often happens is the onset of pain after eating, the stomach feels full that causes the feeling of vomiting. In addition can be prevented by eating not too much and do not get sated, melon also become a very good fruit consumed after meals to reduce the pain caused.

5. Overcoming bitterness
Acid out of the stomach can enter the back of the throat causing a bitter taste in the mouth and in chronic cases can cause sufferers to choke. In addition to being overcome with gastric acid suppressants such as H2 blockers, antacids and some other drugs, you can consume melons that are not only good for relieving stomach acid but also eliminating bitter taste in the mouth area.

6. Curing the Cough
Symptoms of respiratory disorders such as chronic cough and wheezing can occur due to a stomach acid-induced heartburn and go into the pulmonary lung. Consuming melon is the best and the best cough solution you can consume at the same time as an ulcer solution which is all due to the rising stomach acid.

7. Relieves Nausea
Nausea that occurs is often associated with stomach acid that usually occurs after eating or even when the stomach is still empty for a long time. This melon fruit can be consumed as an acidic beverage that is also useful to relieve nausea, reduce the discomfort in the abdomen as well as overcome excessive fatigue because the water and carbohydrate in this fruit in addition to many also the benefits of melon for the diet.

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8. Reduce Heartburn
Stomach pains may occur due to lower esophageal sphincter malfunction where the sphincter should be more relaxed allowing food to pass through the esophagus into the stomach which then closes to prevent acid and food in the stomach from returning to the esophagus. The content of water, minerals and vitamins in melon like melon golden benefits is very useful to prevent stomach acid rising back into your throat so it is advisable to be consumed.